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To Caress My Day

Chapter 101: From The Video

Seth chuckled at her sexy remark about saving her dessert later at his place and picked up his fork and knife. “Well, in that case, we better hurry up and dig in so as not to waste any more time!” The couple delved into their meals and, trying to be as inconspicuous as they could, scarfed down their meals. When the waiter came to take their empty plates, Seth could tell he surprised Twigs by ordering dessert for the two to share. Once they were alone again, he reached out to take his girlfriend’s hand and lift the back of it to his lips, his brown eyes now focused solely on her. “As much as I prefer the taste of you over any sweet delicacy this restaurant can provide me, I strangely want to add even more pain and torture to my already erected cock before the evening is over with. Call me a masochist, I suppose.”

“That’s fine with me.” Twigs giggled as she rested her cheek on her other hand and stared at him as he carried on with littering tiny kisses to her soft hand. When their desserts arrived, he wouldn’t allow her fork to touch it. She watched with interest as he picked up a fork, and cut the first slice. Raising an eyebrow at his selfishness, she suspected that the reason he didn’t want to her to touch it first was because he wanted the first bite all to himself, but then he surprised her by offering the first bite to her instead. She smiled softly at his thoughtfulness. “Oh, for me? Well, thank you very much, kind sir.”

Seth purposely took his time feeding her not just the first bite, but also the second, and then the third. In fact, he didn’t order this dessert for them at all, but for her instead. As his intense eyes watched her take every bite, chew and then swallow, he would whisper out certain instructions in such a husky voice he could tell it was arousing her simply by the look in her eyes and the slight movements of her body. “Take your time, Tahliah, and keep your eyes on mine.” He examined the way her full lips part to allow the strawberry cheesecake to enter her mouth before it closed after it. She would chew, and each time he’d have to tell her to hang back. “No, slower, Pixie. Savor the flavor on your tongue like you see me do when I make you watch me drink between your legs.” Obediently, she’d chew more slowly, but when it came down to swallowing… “Close your eyes first, that’s it. Now, swallow. All of it, yes. Don’t leave a trace of that delicacy on your tongue.” Often throughout the meal she’d get come whip cream on her lips, but Seth would always forbid her from wiping it away with a napkin by placing a hand over hers. “No, don’t. That’s for me to take…not you.” The moment when the cake was all done and some more whip cream had gathered around the corners of her mouth, Seth finally took that opportunity to lean over and lick her lips clean of any evidence of the cheesecake.

Twigs fought back a moan as she jerked her head forward to place several kisses on his mouth, though he never responded to either of them because he was too busy cleaning her up with the tip of his tongue. Twigs hadn’t realized until then that she had rather enjoyed his random little game so much she’d often feign forgetfulness just hear him speak to her in that low husky voice that made her body shiver, her nipples harden beneath her dress, and the area between her legs dampen. When he was done with licking all the cream away he finally took her into his arm, and inappropriately kissed her so passionately she wantonly draped one of her legs over his. If it hadn’t been for their table blocking such a sight the staffers would have either stopped in their tracks to have a double take to confirm if what they thought they had saw was actually what they had saw, or would have run off to complain to their manager about two customers that were damn near close to dry humping in one of their booths. When it became clear that they weren’t going to stop until he was inside her again, Twigs was forced to be the one to pull away from him and scoot back a little to give them some needed space. “N-No, we ca-” Her eyes suddenly widened at the waitress, Rosa, standing in front of the table with flushed cheeks and the same wide owl eyes at her own. They had clearly been caught.

“F-Forgive me for interrupting, b-but did you two want a separate check, or d-did you want more dessert?” Rose asked them, stammering over her words as she glanced between the older man with his shirt half-way unbutton and the woman’s dress that had unknowingly been unzipped down the side. “I-I can wait if you want.”

Seth opened his mouth before Twigs could ask for two checks. “One check, and make it fast.”

Rosa nodded before leaving, leaving Twigs to narrow her eyes at him. “Se-”

“Please, none of that tonight, my love.” Seth interrupted her as he took her hand in his and kissed the palm of it, his eyes glued on hers. “No talks about paying for yourself when it was I that wanted to take you out on a date, okay?”

Twigs sighed, and nodded in defeat. She hated when he paid for her, it just made her feel sad and poor, and that she might look like a gold digger to others watching. “Fine, but only because you ask me out.” She lifted her eyes back to him and gave him a stern look. “Next time, I’ll pay for myself.”

If that was the case, then it was a next time Seth didn’t ever want to come. He knew Twigs wasn’t made of money like him, and so he didn’t want her to have to pay for anything when they were together. But of course, she could be a bit headstrong sometimes. He gave her a strained smile. “As you wish, my greatest love.”

Rosa came back, and Seth handed her his card. When she returned a final time the couple was standing by their table. Seth took his card and led Twigs out of the restaurant. He spared a glance at Derek and Odette’s table to see them laughing across the table as they shared a chocolate cake together. He gave his employee a friendly nod when he looked in his direction before he stepped out of the door behind Twigs who was tightening her jacket around her. Seth gave her a smile before offering his arm to her. “Care for a short evening stroll?”

Twigs rolled her eyes at him and smiled before taking his arm. “What a gentleman.”

“I know. Aren’t I the best?” Seth joked as they walked down the sidewalk illuminated with street lamps. A man selling flowers was literally on the same block as the restaurant, and the sight of his red roses reminded him of the deep red shade of Twig’s lipstick. That alluring red mouth alone made him stop at the stall and ask for some of the man’s red flowers. The flower man suspected it was for the lady at his side and took the honor of presenting it to her. Twigs was grateful and thanked him warmly before they set off back to his car. “They reminded of me of my favorite lipstick.”

Oh, yeah?” Twigs asked him as she looked up at him with a loving smile. “Do you miss them already?”

‘EXCUSE ME, MA’AM! PLEASE!” A voice called out behind the couple as they set out on a lazy pace back to his rented car.

The duo stopped dead in their tracks when they looked ahead to see a waitress from the restaurant that hadn’t served them running towards them. Seth wrapped a protective arm around Twigs when she held onto his suit jacket. The way the waitress was coming up at them made her anxious. She was tense by the time the woman came to a halt in front of them and bent over to catch her breath. Had Seth’s identity somehow been discovered? Was his clever disguise not at all that clever among this new generation of youthful kids?

Luckily for him, the young lady hadn’t. Her entire attention was on the woman at his side, instead. “I-I’m sorry to come running at you two like this, but I had seen you in the restaurant and could have sworn I’d recognized you from somewhere.” She explained to them before pointing a finger at Twigs. Seth was relieved to that his plan hadn’t failed him, but then again became curious about her interest in his girlfriend. “I spent all night ripping it apart in my mind trying to figure it out, but then I think it came to me right after you left.”

She then looked to Seth and once again pointed at Twigs. “Is she the girl that’s from the video?”

“A-Am I who?” Twigs struggled to say as her entire body froze under the examining stare of one of the waitresses from the restaurant she and Seth had just left from…well, Seth in disguised as Albert Stark. This young lady had just come running out of her own job after them having them both thinking she had seen through Seth’s disguise and recognized the Billion Dollar Man for who he truly was, but no, that wasn’t the reason she had chased them down. It turned out she had recognized Twigs from a music video.

“The girl that’s from the video!” The young lady repeated before cursing under her breath and mumbling to herself. “Crap, I can’t remember who the artist of the song was, but I’m sure I’ve seen your face in the video before.”

Seth opened his mouth to try and politely excuse themselves from the young lady’s company, but Twigs was already on it. She gave a laugh that sounded nervous to him, but to the young girl sounded completely flattered. “Oh no, please, I assure you I’m nobody. Believe it or not I get this kind of attention quite often when I go out.”

“JILLIAN!” A voice called from a distance. They all turned around to see another young girl, this one being a platinum blonde to the other golden blonde. She was waving her arm to grab her friend’s attention with a joker’s grin on her face. “JILLIAN, IT IS HER! I LOOKED IT UP! SHE IS FROM THE JESSIE J MUSIC VIDEOS!”
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