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To Caress My Day

Chapter 102: The Very Air I Breathe

“OH MY GOD, THAT’S WHO!” Jillian shouted in relief before pointing a finger at Twigs with a victorious grin on her face. “You’re that marionette backup dancer in ‘Price Tag’ by Jessie J!”

Finally caught up with them, Jillian’s co-worker managed to gasp out an added comment to that before bending over to catch her breath. “And the very same female dancer with the grills in her mouth with the super thick brows in ‘Do it like a Dude’ too!”

“Exactly, Debra!” Jillian cheered with excitement, clapping her hands. “She is!”

“Look, I’m not this marionette dancer, or some lady who wears grills. I’ve never been in a music video!” Twigs argued back as politely as she could, trying to hide that their allegations were really getting to her because they were, indeed, the truth. Twigs had been the exact dancers they were claiming that she was in those music videos for Jessie J back in 2010. “Now, if you’ll excuse us we need to be getting home.” She tried to direct Seth to walk around them with her with a soft nudge, but the girls were quick to step forward again and box her in, each throwing out questions at the same time about Jessie J. Twigs chose to ignore their questions, and tried to talk over them instead to shut them up, but they were too far into their fangirling mode they wouldn’t even stop to breath.

“Alright, alright, that’s enough ladies!” Seth ordered with a loud voice, not at all meaning to be aggressive as he pushed his way in-between them and his girlfriend. He held his hands up as a sign of peace, but remained standing in their way like an impenetrable wall. “You two need to back up, and leaving my friend here alone!, She has asked you politely to excuse her, and that’s exactly what you two should be doing.” With Jillian and Debra’s attention now averted to him, he could see that they were listening to his every word with shame in their big youthful eyes. He gestured with his head for them to scram. “Now, get on back to work, or else you’ll two wake up tomorrow without a job.”

“W-We’re sorry. Honestly, we didn’t mean to.” A remorseful Debra and Jillian whispered as they backed up before turning around, and running back towards the restaurant without a second glance.

“C’mon, Pixie, let’s get out of here.” Seth whispered to her as he held out his hand to her. Twigs took it, finding her knight in shining armor particularly sexy when he tries to rescue her. She allowed him to open her door for it, and close it before he slipped into the driver’s seat and got his rented car started. They headed on down the road back to his mansion in silence for the first few minutes. “Are you okay, Tahliah?”

Twigs gave him a sincere smile, and nodded reassuringly. “Yes, Seth. I’m perfectly fine, thanks to you.”

Seth went silent again until she heard him grumble beneath his breath. “…probably gonna get ahold of the owner tomorrow and get their little asses fired to rectify our messed-up date.”

Taken aback by his threat on those naïve innocent girls, Twigs quickly reached out to place her hand on his thigh to calm him. “Seth, baby, I’m perfectly fine. I promise. Yes, I do admit I was taken by surprise that they had recognized me from music videos I did back in the day, but that was only because I truly didn’t think anyone in America would recognize me here.”

And just like that, Seth was back to his old happy smiling self again. He chuckled beside her with his eyes still on the road. “Oh come on, Tahliah. Anyone would recognize you at first glance after seeing that gorgeous face of yours grace across their screens.”

Twigs playfully rolled her eyes and smiled. “Seth, I’m being serious right now.”

“Hey, I’m being serious too!” Seth retaliated with that sexy smile still on his face. Soon after, they fell back into a peaceful silence before he spoke again. “So, are you recognized often for being a video girl?”

She gave him a shrug. “Every once in a while back in the UK, sure, but not so much outside of there.”

“Well, I guess it’s safe to say that I won’t be the only one in this relationship that’s going to be wearing prosthetics around here.” Seth teased her with a proud look on his face as they reached a red light. Twigs burst out laughing, and smacked him lightly in the arm for his remark. “Hey!” He laughed back before leaning over the center console to steal a kiss from her lips that she gladly returned.

When they arrived at his mansion, Twigs had gone straight upstairs to take a shower while Seth called the genius behind his facial prosthetic to help take his disguise off so he wouldn’t rip it into pieces. He had struggled with it by himself at first before resorting on calling for help. Luckily for him, they guy was in the same neighborhood and came by to assist him before walking back out the door with his wallet two times thicker than when he first entered. Once he was back to his old self again, Seth headed upstairs to jump into the now empty shower. He figured when he stepped out of the bathroom that Twigs would be in her pajamas and in bed already, but that wasn’t the case when he took only two steps into the bedroom and got ambushed in the dark. Twigs took him by surprise and had came out of nowhere to jump up against his body. His towel that he’d secured around his waist fell to the floor, leaving him completely naked. By the darkness of the room and how hot she was against him, Seth knew that she wasn’t in an innocent playful mood, but a sexual one. He tilted his head to await her kiss.

“Finally.” Twigs breathed seductively right before her soft lips came down to mold over his. Her fingers dived into his wet hair as their tongues met and mated with each other. She could feel that he was naked due to his growing erection, but unlike him, she wasn’t walking around in her birthday suit. Back in the UK, she had purchased a sexy underwear and bra set her roommate convinced her to surprise Seth with. The sound of his groan when his hands rans ran over her made her entire body shiver.

“Oh, fuck, Tahliah. What is this?” Seth asked her in a voice strained from the efforts of trying to keep himself in control. His fingers had found lace, and his mind immediately tried to paint the picture of what she was wearing. “Jesus Christ, what the hell are you up to, woman?”

Twigs let out a giggle before loosening her hold around him, and returning on her feet. She backed away from him so he could see her in the bright moonlight, and performed several sultry poses. She didn’t need the lights on to tell that his eyes was on her, and that his cock was getting harder and harder by the minute. She could literally hear the blood rushing to his third appendage, and lowered her eyes to where she knew it was in the dark. Biting her lower lip, she whispered out to him. “I’m guessing you like what you see?” What she couldn’t see from the dark was his nod of confirmation, if she had, she might have seen him coming straight towards her sooner rather than later. Because she was faster and more fit than him, she was able to dodge his greedy hands before they could get to her, and scrambled across the King size bed onto the other side. She wasn’t afraid of him and what he might do to her, she simply didn’t want him to get his way just yet. Giving him a mischievous smile, she turned around to place her hands flat on the bed and stared at him across the expanse of it. She had a look on her face that meant business. Seth mirrored her exact position from the other side of the bed. “Alright, MacFarlane, this is what you’re gonna do for me.”

“I want you, Tahliah. I need to be back inside you again before I explode from just the sight of you in lace alone!” Seth cut in, needing to express his desire to have, and his frustrations at her avoiding him.

“Oh, don’t worry. You’ll get me…” Twigs promised him. “But only if you do what I say.”

Despite the pain his erection was in, Seth couldn’t help but smirk mischievously at her before giving her an agreeable nod. “Okay, then. Name anything, and I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Good.” Twigs smiled victoriously before issuing her first order. “Lay down in the center of the bed for me.”

With that playful smirk still on his face, he obeyed her command by climbing onto the bed, and laying on his back in the center of it. He turned his head to watch her walk around his bed, showing off the underwear that didn’t hide much of her, before coming around to his side of the bed. Seth couldn’t help but sit up just a bit, and reach out a hand for her to take. He thought she would reject it since she’s in charge, but she took it without a word. He was beginning to wonder if maybe all that dominating talk was just that, talk. Deciding to test that theory he guided her with a hold on her hand to straddle him. She obediently follow and lowered herself down onto his lap. Giving her a smile of relief his hands immediately began to explore her body by running his hands up and down her laced hips. “I thought you were gonna be the boss and call all the shots tonight, Pixie. Though I must admit, that was pretty sexy while it lasted.”

Twigs smiled down at him as her hands ran over his broad shoulders with appreciation. “Shh, relax now, my love, and allow me to do all the dominating work at my own pace.”

“Give me a kiss first.” Seth asked her, reaching up to cup her face in both of his hands. He was grateful when she complied and lowered her mouth to his for a slow drugging open mouth kiss. His entire body shuddered beneath her when she applied more pressure to his mouth, and he immediately answered back.

Finally, Twigs broke the kiss to run her nails down his stomach, watching his muscle tense along the way until she reached the very area where their pelvic areas met. She stopped there, not going any further, but instead going upwards to where her breasts remained cupped in a sensual see-through lace bra. She closed her eyes and moaned as her hands squeezed her breasts through the thin lace. “Oh, Seth. I love you so much, baby. You’re the very air I breathe, the very air that fills my lungs.”

Seth groaned deeply before a hand reached up to cup one of her cheeks again, his thumb stroking possessively. “And I love you more than you could possibly imagine, more than I can put into words.”

Twigs smiled before opening her eyes to look down at him. Already his eyes were heavy with desire, and she loved it. Turning her head towards his hand, she reached out to take his thumb into her mouth. She sucked on it, all the while occasionally flicking her tongue over the pad of his thumb. Her hips slowly grinded down on his, instantly arousing them both even more. Moans began to rise from their lips, and when it all became too much for Twigs to resist she begged Seth to bring her her release. “S-Seth, please. Make love to me, I-I don’t want to wait any longer!”

In a flash, Seth had flipped them over, and went about fulfilling her last order of the night.
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