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To Caress My Day

Chapter 104: Everyone Loves Spam!

Seth couldn’t believe his ears, and was staring at his girlfriend in disbelief. Did she really just agree to attend his sister’s Halloween party that he was hosting here, in California, at his mansion? “Really!? I mean, I did hear you right just now…right? You’ll go to the party?”

Her boyfriend’s incredulity made her roll her eyes in amusement before she gave him the nod of confirmation he was seeking for. “Yes, you, silly man, I’ll go to this Halloween party your hosting.”

A Cheshire grin split across his face at his victory. Seth had truly thought it would have taken him much longer, and with more groveling to get her to accept his invitation, and yet she had done so with only the slightest amount of nudging. He couldn’t believe she said yes, though her answer was still ringing in his ears repeatedly as evidence. Feeling so appreciated, lucky, and in love with this woman, Seth reached out to cup the back of her head, and yank her lips to his. His arm came around her to drag her body along with his as he leaned back down onto the couch with her on top of him. The couple moaned together in what was meant to be a simple make out session to celebrate his win, but as it always went when it came to the two of them, it turned into a long heavier display of affection that included the art of dry humping. The air around them became thick and heavy with their passion as they moaned in equal pleasure. Breaking the kiss, Twigs placed both of her palms on either side of his head to prop herself up over him, her hips still grinding down against his to keep their desire roaring. They were both too lost in each other to notice anything else, until Seth reached up to pull one of her breasts out of the silk coral bra top that went with the shorts she wore. The nipple was already hard, and straining for him, but instead of putting it in his mouth like he always did, he reached out and groped her breast in the palm of his hand. Twigs threw her head back, and let out a gasp of his name. Her eyes halfway opened to see herself filling his large hand perfectly before Seth sat up to kiss down the side of her neck using his tongue, and then made his way down to the breast that was still cupped in his hand. When he reached it, he withdrew his hand away and suckled the small dark nipple into the warmth of his mouth with a deep groan. Crying out, Twig’s fingers dived into the dark strands of his hair as she arched her back to feed more of her breast into his mouth. Seth’s hands raced up and down her back as he suckled from her. Parting her lips, Twigs struggled to speak without stammering. “S-Seth…baby, I…I s-still need to fi-find a c-costume…”

From where his face was nestled between her breast, Seth gave her a quick nod before drawing back from her nipple only far enough to run his tongue over the outer rim of it. “In a minute…” He ran his teeth over her areola first, then would lick it, and suck on her nipple before repeating the process. Seth wanted to take his time sampling her nipple to his heart’s content. It was even more enjoyable with the soft moans, and whines Twigs would make whenever he paid tribute to them.

By the time he switched his pattern to simply sucking on her, and occasionally kissing her nipple, Twigs was in desperate need of him to fulfill her ache for him. Her fingers were digging into his shoulders, and she was certain her panties were drenched by now. She had been teetering on the edge of an orgasm for far too long, and needed to feel some kind of release. “N-No more, baby. I-I’m already soaking w-wet for you a-and in n-need of you to fill m-me again, baby p-please! Don’t make me wait…”

“Fuck…” Seth groaned after he pulled his mouth off of her chest. His hands dived down to unbuckle his belt as fast he could while still brushing his mouth over her raw nipple. While fishing for his cock, Twigs got up off of Seth to discard her shorts, and underwear, giving him the time to shift so that he was now sitting properly on the couch. The sight of her smooth womanhood damn near made him burst right there in his hands, but he held back. His eyes remained glued on her soft mound until she lowered it down onto his cock causing him to fall into a deep sea of pleasure so intense his eyes snapped shut. His hands came up to grab ahold of her hips as his head fell back against the couch cushion.

Crying out again as her first orgasm blossomed and soared throughout the farthest reaches of her body, Twigs reached behind him to grip down on the couch for dear life as her world became black behind her eyelids, and her entire body convulsed with the electrifying pleasure of it. Her lips parted as she let out a string of loud moans before falling into heavy pants for air. As much as she wanted to sag against him and call it a day, she also knew that the knowledge of his seeds coating her inner walls would make her soul truly satiated. Taking a deep breath, Twigs pulled herself together, and immediately began to ride his cock in a fast, hard pace. Neither one of them needed a slow coupling right now, what they needed instead was a quick mating that resulted in both equal explosive orgasms. She gritted her teeth as she selfishly dominated his body, and loved that he was allowing her to do so without a second thought. “F-Fuck, Seth!”

With a deep groan, Seth reached up and grabbed a handful of her black curls, and tugged her head down to rest on his shoulder so he could bury his face in her hair. She smelled of Jasmine which was now his favorite scent. Through her many curls, Seth’s hand found the back of her neck, and curled around it while his arm encircled her waist. He held her tight as he began to jerk his hips upwards, thrusting straight into her with thick solid strokes. And just like that, Twigs melted into his arms like butter once again, and cried out as her second orgasm racked her body a second time. Seth wasn’t too far behind her, and felt himself spill inside of her at the urging of her inner muscles milking him dry. “Yes, baby, just like t-that!”

The two of them rode out their orgasms in a lazy uneven pace before they called it quits, and relaxed against each other in silence to catch their breaths. It was Seth that eventually broke their moment of peace. “So…what were you saying about a costume?”

Despite being drain of energy, Twigs burst out into a fit of laughter in the crook of his neck. She was fueled even more so when she felt his chest begin to shake with laughter beneath her. After the couple got ahold of themselves, they journeyed upstairs to the bathroom to clean themselves up, and search through her phone for a Halloween costume for her. Seth kept gravitating to sexy little outfits that were obviously meant to show off tits, ass and even more skin. It was something she wouldn’t mind wearing for HIM, but not in front of a group of his colleagues, and friends. In the off chance she met them in the future as Tahliah Barnett she didn’t want their memory of her breasts, or her bare ass hanging out of her costume to be the first thing that comes to their minds. Hoping to thwart him off, and to mess around with him in the process, Twigs tried to convince him that a human size can of Spam was the costume for her, and that she was genuinely interested in wearing it for the Halloween party. “C’mon, baby, everyone loves Spam!”

“And I said over my dead body, Pixie!” Seth refused to allow HIS girlfriend to walk around his Halloween party as a can of Spam, and opted for the first sexy costume on the website they were on which just so happen to be Egyptian themed. “How about this one instead? It’s much more your style than a can of pork, and ham.”

“Okay, I’ll give you that much. I do agree with the theme of it, but that particular costume, no!” Twigs dismissed with a scroll of her finger over the website, looking beyond that costume. “I don’t want to be sexy, Seth.”

“But I want you to be sex!” Seth whined childishly as he rolled over onto his back, and stared up at his ceiling. “I want to look across the room, and feel like I’m going under cardiac arrest every time I see you…and at the same time hide a boner from everybody attending. It’ll make things exciting.”

Twigs rolled her eyes and giggled in amusement at his odd request. “Oh alright, I’ll try to find something that’ll please the both of us…oh wait, look at this one!”

Seth rolled himself back over, and looked over her shoulder at the costume she had clicked on. He narrowed his eyes as he analyzed it for a long time. “Hmm, I guess that’ll have to suffice me for now.”

“Whatever, Seth.” Twigs teased before placing it into the cart, and sitting up to grab her wallet on the nightstand. As soon as she got ahold of it, and turned back towards the bed, Seth had his own card out, and was already putting in his information. “Wait, what are you doing?”

“I’m gonna order it for you, Pixie.” Seth answered her without halting in the process.

Twigs sat next to him with her eyes narrowed in on the side of his head. Her arms were now crossed over her chest. “You know you can’t keep doing this kind of stuff for me, Seth.”

“What stuff?” Seth finally looked up at her now that the purchased had gone through. He could now see she wasn’t happy about what he had just done. Turning himself sideways to face her, his brows furrowed as he studied her face. “What did I do?”

“Buy me a Halloween costume that I could have bought for myself.” Twigs reminded with a wave of her hand towards her phone.

Seth glanced at the phone for a second before lifting his eyes to her again, this time with a playful light of amusement in his eye. “Baby, of course, I can buy a costume for you. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially when it’s a costume that’s more for me than it is for you.”

If Twigs hadn’t known Seth that well, she would have continued this disagreement on, but because she did, her tough exterior broke, and she softly laughed at his meaning. “Fuck you.” She playfully hit him on the chest when he sat himself up, but then he captured her lips into a loving kiss that made her toes curl. Twigs allowed him to make her tingle all over with his lips before she broke the kiss to smile up at him. “So, are you happy now knowing that I’m going to your special party?”

Seth only had time to give her a confident nod before the grin on his face began to fade. He had just remembered for the billionth time again that this party wasn’t his, but his sister’s which meant she was going to be attending too, and with the two of them there they could finally meet. But Twigs wouldn’t appreciate a surprise meeting like that, and he knew it. She had to know what he had planned for that evening. No way was he going to take the risk in upsetting her with a surprise meeting with his baby sister. He was going to be 100% honest with her, no matter what!

The smile on Seth’s face disappearing made Twig’s heart stop in her chest. Her smile fell as well as she studied his eyes. He was thinking about something, something important. She watched as he pulled away from her, and rubbed the back of his neck, all the while avoiding her eyes. What was going on with him now? “Seth…baby, what’s wrong?”
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