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To Caress My Day

Chapter 106: Another Risk Among Billions

Twigs was back in the United Kingdom again, and across the sea from the one man in this world she loved the most. She entered her apartment with a somber sighv from missing him already and also wondering to herself if she was going to suffer with jetlag that night or be spared from it. That bodily disruption alone was one of the reasons that made traveling between California and London all the time a hassle to deal with. Sometimes even the jetlag was out of this world and would keep her bedridden for a day or two! But still, for Seth MacFarlane, she’d suffer that condition every day for the rest of her life happily just so long as she got to call him her…even in secret.

From the open kitchen in their apartment, Simone had turned around from preparing a snack and some tea on the counter when she heard the front door open to see her roommate walk in from her trip to California. She shot her a smile and called out a warm greeting to her. “Hey, beautiful! How was your flight to see your beloved Romeo?”

Startled, Twigs had jumped a bit at the sound of her roommate’s voice breaking through to her deep thoughts and looked up to see Simone there with a smile, and a plate of crackers and cheese with slices of ham. She too beamed right back at her. “Hi!” She turned towards the kitchen instead of her bedroom and placed her bag on the floor by the table before walking around it to give Simone a hug. “My flight was fine, as always. I missed you though! How’ve you been since I’ve been gone?”

“Oh, you know, trying to survive without you.” Simone wisecracked as she hugged her tightly before letting her go to take a seat at the kitchen table. “And I missed you too, honey, while I suffered here all by my lonesome. But enough about my misery, how was your trip with Mr. Billionaire Lover Boy?”

Twigs took the seat next to her with a smile on her face as she reminiscence of the time she spent with her boyfriend in the States. “Amazing, like always!” She sighed heavenly to herself as she rested her chin on her hand. “I swear every minute I spend around that man just keeps making my life better and better. Like life is greatly worthwhile whenever he blesses me with his attention, short or long.”

Simone merely smiled at her in happiness, not at all jealous that her friend has found a love that seemed so pure and yet all-consuming. “Aw, that sounds romantic, girl!” She reached out to place a supportive hand over hers, and leaned over to tease her. “So, tell me, how is our talented Seth doing these days when you’re not breaking his back riding him like a bull?”

Letting out a gasp, Twigs reached over to playfully smack a laughing Simone’s arm. “You nasty bitch!” She couldn’t help but snicker too before deciding to recollect herself, so she could speak. “But seriously, I already told you how he was. I said he was amazing remember?”

“No, you said that about the trip, not the man!” Simone playfully argued before leaning back in her seat and popping a cracker with ham and cheese in her mouth. She chewed for a moment while Twigs made her own little mini sandwich next. “You know, Tahliah Barnett, I’m actually very happy for you. Seriously! I don’t know why but it just makes me so damn happy to see you THIS happy in your life.”

“Aw, thanks Simone, that actually means a lot to me.” Twigs expressed with genuine sincerity as she reached out to take her hand in hers.

“It better.” Simone joked as she pointed a finger at a now giggling Twigs. “So, anyway, when do you plan on seeing that handsome gentleman next?”

Twigs good mood sunk a bit at the reminder that the next time she would see her boyfriend might just be around his sister’s Halloween Party that he’s hosting at his mansion in Beverly hills. Even though she had agreed to attend and meet his baby sister, she was still unsure about the introduction because of all the ways it could possibly go wrong. “Actually…the next time I’m meant to go back there is to come to a Halloween Party he’s hosting at his mansion in Beverly Hills.”

Simone’s brown eyes enlarged as a grin spread across her incredulous face. “You’re gonna go to HIS party at his mansion?! Oh my god, that’s exciting!” She raved before mumbling more to herself as she sipped some of her warm tea. “A Halloween party actually sounds like a lot of fun about right now.”

“Well, I’m glad you feel that way.” Twigs smiled at her as made herself another mini sandwich cracker. “Because Seth has officially invited you and Neon Jungle to come on over too.”

As if Simone’s eyes could get any bigger. “Seriously!? He invited me?” She was clearly in disbelief over this, and it was written on her face as she looked about the kitchen as if to find the answers. “Well, damn, I’m surprised he even thought of me in the first place.”

“Yeaaah.” Twigs drawled uneasily as she fretfully fiddled with her fingers beneath the table. She felt it was only right to tell Simone the real reason why she was invited to come to California. “Actually, Seth wanted to make sure I felt as comfortable at his party as he could make me, so he decided to invite you all to the party to keep me company because…well, he’s going to introduce me to his little sister, Rachel MacFarlane, there too.”

“WHAT!?” Simone, who had got up to grab some more tea, dropped right back down in her seat to stare disbelievingly at her roommate, her drink now forgotten. “He wants you to meet his sister at his Halloween Party?!”

Twigs nodded in response, then let out small verbal reply. “Y-Yeah.”

A soft smile curved Simone’s lips as she placed a hand over her heart and coos over that thrilling news. “Oh my god, Twigs, that’s so sweet! I’m all touched that he wants to introduce you to his family whom you’ve never met before. This is huge!”

“Yeah, I suppose…” Twigs murmured with a shrug, her eyes downcast to her now abandoned crackers, cheese and ham slices.

Simone was a bit confused by Twig’s uncertainty, and so she decided to probe her about it. “Okaaaay, so why is that not at all touching your sensitive ass, huh? We both know you’d swoon over such a romantic gesture…as well as die of nerves, come to think of it.”

Twigs couldn’t help but smile at being called a ‘sensitive ass’, but didn’t look up from her snacks. “I don’t know, it just…” Finally, she lifted her eyes to lock on Simone’s before leaning forward in her seat to elaborate on what was troubling her. “Look, we started this relationship with the agreement that it would remain a secret from not only the public eye but also to our closet family and friends, right? Well, now all of a sudden, he wants to introduce me to his sister, his full blooded sister!” Twigs sighed to herself and leaned back in her chair again, a pout on her face. “I don’t know, I guess it has me bothered that our secret relationship might get out if I meet her. Think about it, the more people you tell a secret to, it’s bound to get out onto the surface eventually, right?”

“While I’ll admit that’s true…” Simone started out, giving her two cents in it. “But you also have to remember that the moment you two started this secret relationship of yours it was always at risk from getting out, ESPECIALLY when YOU told US about it and HE told HIS maid and THAT Derek guy who drives you around all the time. You’ve basically told people already that had the opportunity to go to the media about it several times, so had he, and so far it hasn’t gotten out yet to the public. So now, he wants to tell his sister, who, if you think about it, is just another ‘risk’ among billions of ‘risks’ currently walking along this earth that could also potentially find out one day and spill your secret. What I’m trying to say here, Twigs, is that every damn body is a risk to take and that’s something you need to get use to if you wanna keep your relationship with Seth a secret.”

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right about that.” Twigs couldn’t help but nod in agreement, her pout falling away to be replaced by furrowed brows as she glanced at Simone. “Do you think I should stop worrying about this? I mean, about my relationship with Seth being found out all the time?”

Simone shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know. I mean, that all really depends on you, really. All I can say is as long as your relationship with him remains a secret from the world it will always be at risk because you never know what’ll happen. I mean think about, at any damn moment me or one of the Neon Jungle girls could get completely drunk and spill all the damn dirt on your relationship with THE Seth MacFarlane at a party or something!” She caught Twig’s eyes widening in alarm and quickly cut in to soothe her. “It hasn’t happened yet, of course, but it can happen! I’m just throwing out an example of how easily it could all far apart if you tell someone a secret.”

Twigs let out a sigh of relief and sagged in her chair. “You’re right. It is that easy for a secret this big and magical to fall apart in the blink of an eye.”

“Let me ask you something.” Simone inquired as she leaned forward on the table. “Does Seth trust his sister, Rachel?”

“Yes, he does.” Twigs nodded.

“And do you trust Seth?” Simone went on.

“With all of my heart.” Twigs answered without hesitation.

Simone smiled and leaned herself back in her chair, her arms outstretched. “There you go, then.” She paused for a minute before curiosity got to her. “So, what are you gonna be at his Halloween Party?”
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