Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 107: Order These Bad Boys

Twigs gave Simone a warm smile, before rolling her eyes to herself. “Seth chose a sexy Egyptian Queen costume for me to wear for his Halloween party, but I kept it PG-13 for my own sake.”

“Ooo nice!” Simone praised before her own mind began to ponder over which of the many kinds of costumes out there she should wear to the party. “Hmm, what do you think I should go as this spooky party of his?”

“Is that your way of saying you’re going with me?” Twigs asked her with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, yeah!” Simone concurred. “I mean, of course I’ll have to scrounge up some money together to afford a plane ticket, but I’m sure there’s loose change somewhere between the couch cushions in the living room.”

Twigs interjected Simone before she could go and check the plush furniture for coins. “Actually, you don’t have to worry about all that. Seth already bought all the tickets for you guys to come too.”

Simone was clearly stunned by this revelation as she stood frozen for a moment before sinking back into her chair to stare in awe at Twigs. “Seriously!? Even our girls Neon Jungle?”

Twigs nodded, a look of disbelief in her own eyes though she had witness her boyfriend purchasing the very same tickets they spoke of herself. “Oh yeah, even them.”

“Wow...that’s so nice of him to do!” Simone replied in amazement, her voice trailing off before she glanced at her roommate. “So, do the girls know about this too then?”

“No, not yet. You’re actually the first person I’ve told so far.” Twigs informed her.

Simone frowned a bit. “Wait a minute, how does he even know they’ll be available to show up at his party? They’re out there making legitimate music, as in THEY’RE legitimate now.”

“I have no idea to be honest.” Twigs shrugged, shaking her head to herself. “I was actually thinking the same thing myself at the time he bought the tickets, but no matter what I couldn’t talk him out of buying them no matter how hard I tried.”

“Oh, I see.” Simone replied in response.

“Yeah.” Twigs once again rested her cheek on her hand, staring down at the table top wistfully. “I’ve noticed he likes to throw his money whenever it comes down to me.” She shook her head to herself again before dropping the subject to glance up at Simone. “So, do you know if Neon Jungle are back in town yet?”

Simone could see that the fact Seth spends his money recklessly on Twigs bothered her a bit, and so she decided not to go into that subject in case it would only add more fuel to an unnecessary fire. Twigs and Seth had finally got back together and were as happy as ever. The last thing Simone wanted was for Twigs to fall apart again because she opened her big mouth and caused them to have a fallout. Moving on with the subject too, Simone flashed her roommate a knowing smile and nodded. “I already invited them over the minute I heard your plane landed. In fact…” She glanced up over Twigs’s head to check the clock on the wall behind her. “They should be here any minu-”

Knock Knock Knock

A knock sounded on the door before a round of muffle laughter broke out on the other side of the apartment door. Simone and Twigs simultaneously burst out in laughter as well soon after hearing their friends. The talented dancer jumped up from her chair and hurried to the door first, ditching her coat along the way. She pulled open the door with a grin and was ecstatic to see her friends again after what felt like months. “Hey, you guys!”

“GIRL, YOU’RE BACK!” Amira cheered first before the rest joined along. All at once, she and the rest of Neon Jungle attempted charged over the threshold of the doorway only to close in on each other too tightly and quickly got stuck in the doorway before any of them could fully make it inside the apartment. Wiggling around, they each fought to get inside first so they could embrace their dear friend Twigs. “Would yall back the hell up!? I’m trying to hug my girl here!”

“You first!” Shereen barked out rather playfully, finally this silly predicament they were in funny.

Twigs stood there laughing until they managed to finally work through their mess and bless her with their loving hugs. “Oh you guys, I’ve missed you so much!” She flattered them before stepping back and gesturing for them to come in. “Let’s head on into the living room.”

Simone was there to meet all of Neon Jungle and gave them each a hug too. When they got settled and Twigs returned from locking the front door, Simone dropped the exciting news first. “So, my ladies, it turns out Twigs has some news about a bomb ass party that’s coming up real soon!”

“Ooo, a party?” Jess repeated with excitement as she looked between Simone and Twigs.

“Yeah.” Twigs confirmed with a nod, nervous butterflies beginning to take flight at the thought of attending it. “Seth is hosting a Halloween party at his mansion in Beverly Hills, and he invited every single one of us to come too.”

Asami’s eyes enlarged in shock. “Whoa, wait, are you serious?! He wants us to come too?!”

“No offense at all, but…why does he wants us to come too? I mean…” Amira trailed off.

Simone leaned over from her seat on the couch and blathered out. “it’s because he wants to introduce our beloved Twigs here to his little sister, Rachel. As you all can imagine Twigs is nervous as hell over that, and so he wants us to come and keep her company in the meantime while he hosts his grand party.”

Shereen nodded in agreement. “Well, in that case I’d love to go!”

“I second that!” Jess approved with a grin.

“Technically, we should be available around the Halloween time, so we can definitely attend.” Amira suspected.

“Wonderful!” Twigs cheered with relief before they all joined in.

Asami decided to cut it short before the cheers of excitement could get out of hand. “Hold on, that’s all good and all that we’re going, but…what the hell are we gonna wear to said party?”


A few minutes later, Simone had dragged out her laptop from her bedroom and was currently sitting on the floor in front of the couch, leaning her back against her. Crowded around her was her roommate Twigs and close friends Neon Jungle. Every one of them were studying the laptop screen closely as Simone scrolled through a website filled with costumes. “See anything you guys like?”

“I want to be the Vampire!” Asami announced before anyone else could stake their claim on it.

“I suppose with my dreads I can be the Witch Doctor.” Simone shrugged nonchalantly. “Nothing else would seem to match up with my style on here anyway.”

Jess tapped a finger to her chin in thought, her eyes narrowed on the screen. “I don’t know what I should be…I don’t see anything really popping on here.”

Not having anything better to do because her costume was already picked out by her boyfriend, Twigs decided to lend her a hand. “Well, if you want you can be the Imperial Roman to my Egyptian Queen?”

“Oh my god, yes! I can totally see it, Jess!” Asami encouraged excitedly. “You’d look so damn beautiful in that dress!”

Everyone else in the room verbally agreed as well, prompting Jess to be the Imperial Roman. “Alright, I’ll take your words for it.”

“Now the big question is…” Amira interrupted. “Should I be a Pirate or Steampunk?”

Shereen pouted. “Those are the last two best costumes. Damn, I don’t see me being steampunk working out all that well.” She thought about the opting for being a Pirate.” You know what? If you decide to be the steampunk, I’ll be the Pirate.”

“Cool, I think I can rock the Steampunk look.” Amira agreed then glanced at the others. “So, are we all good now?” Everyone nodded, giving Simone the go ahead to add the last two costumes to the cart. “Okay then, let’s order these bad boys and steal the spotlights at that party.”