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To Caress My Day

Chapter 109: I Have An Audition!

On the week before Rachel’s Halloween Party, Twigs returned home from spending the day of rehearsing at the same dance studio she had once been banned from but was now allowed access to with her friend Nick. In the distance of her home a guitar was softly playing, signaling that Simone was in her bedroom composing music again.

Twigs hadn’t gotten far through the doorway when her phone began to ring in her bag, prompting her to toss her keys onto a small table by the door where everyone usually dumped their keys, and secured the front door. Once that task was completed, she dug into her bag to retrieve her ringing phone and answer the call. “Hello, Tahliah Barnett speaking, who is this?”

“Oh my god, Twigs!” Asami panted from the other end of the line, clearly out of breath. Yet despite this, she launches off into a rapid unintelligible rant that was impossible to decipher and that took up a lot of oxygen.

Twigs frowned to herself as she tried to keep up with the fast gunfire speed Asami was raving in, but it was useless. She couldn’t fathom a word her dear friend said. As she made her way into the kitchen, she regrettably cut Asami’s tirade off as politely as she could manage. “Sweetie, sweetie SWEETIE! You need to slow down for a minute, okay? I can’t understand a single word you’re saying.”

“Oh…right. My bad. I didn’t mean to get that carried away. Sorry.” Asami replied more calmly now, a hint of embarrassment in her voice. “What I was trying to say was that the second we got back into the studio again with our team we began to advertise Simone around to them, you know, like we promised her we would. We hounded as many people as we could to get them interested in her by showing the videos on our phone that we recorded of her at those random music outing, and when we hung out at your place those few times. Anyway, when none of that shit would work and no one would listen to us we ended up getting pretty desperate to get at least one person to fucking listen to us, even after our manager got so annoyed he threatened to drop us all from their record label! Luckily for us though there was woman visiting one of our producers from the U.S. She was looking for some fresh new talent and humored us into listening to Simone sing.” Asami pause for dramatic effect. “And guess what happened next!?”

“Please tell me it’s something good!” Twigs whined, crossing her fingers and closing her eyes as she sent a wish up to…whatever miracle that would take the time to listen and grant her wish.

“It’s better than just good!” Asami assured her excitedly, barely able to contain herself. “The woman was genuinely interesedt in Simone, and to prove it she watched all the videos we had of her on all four of our phones!”

“Oh my god, are you serious right now!?” Twig’s eyes snapped open in shock and disbelief, her hand coming up to cover her open mouth. From the down the hall, she heard Simone’s guitar stopped playing because her own phone was ringing. The cellular jingle was cut off and soon Simone’s muffled voice answered it, causing Twigs to lift her eyes towards the hallway that led to both of their bedrooms. “She’s really interested in her?”

“Tahliah, I swear on my father’s name that that woman is interested in our baby girl, Simone!” Asami replied, swearing on the life of her late father, whom she loved terribly.

Twigs 100% believed her. Asami wasn’t the type of person to just swear on a dead relative’s name like that, especially not her father. “Holy shit…this is seriously happening right now!”

“You’re damn right it is! That woman wasn’t acting just now, she’s legitimately interested.” Asami announced confidently. “In fact, she asked for Simone’s phone number and we…come to think of it, we kind of gave it to her without Simone’s permission, but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind. The lady left to give her a call a minute ago, so Simone should be getting an answer from her by now…” Her voice began to drawl, as if she was suddenly becoming occupied with something else. “Oh my god! She’s still out there and I think she’s talking to Simone right now!”

“Oh my god!” Twigs exclaimed in a panic, unsure of what to do. Her feet decided to take control and lead her quickly down the hall to stand in front of Simone’s half-opened bedroom door. Asami continued to prattle in Twig’s ear as she leaned over to peek between the crack of the door to catch sight of Simone’s guitar leaning against the bed and her camera sitting on it’s tripod before the end of her bed. It was clear to her that Simone had been making yet another acoustic music video to post on the internet to get noticed by a record label. Placing her hand on the door, Twigs pushed it open a bit further to locate Simone and spotted her sitting on her bed with her hand placed over her heart and a frightful expression on her face. No longer listening to a single word Asami said, Twigs rudely cut her off and whispered her a quick farewell. “Asami, honey, I’ll call you back later, okay? Love you, bye.” Ending the call, Twigs nervously headed into Simone’s bedroom to walk around her bed and timidly sit right down next to her on the bed.

Simone didn’t acknowledge her roommate’s presence at all, but she was well aware that she was there. On the phone right now was her destiny, and she wasn’t about to put that on hold for nobody. This was what she’s been waiting for for so long, and it’s finally paying off. Nodding incessantly, Simone dropped a billion ‘yes’ responses within the phone call, not knowing what else to say other than that. “Yes, ma’am…uh huh…yes, yes…yes ma’am…yes…thank you so much for calling me, ma’am, I’ll see you then. Okay, bye.”

Twigs watched Simone carefully placed her phone down on her nightstand, but other than that she didn’t move at all. She merely sat there as still as statue staring off into space with that same frightful look still on her face. After a while no response or movement, Twigs became worried and tried to pull her friend out of her state of shock by whispering softly to her. “Simone…what happened?”

Finally pulled out of her reverie, Simone blinked a few times before glancing at Twigs in confusion. “Huh?”

“The call.” Twigs clarified, pointing a finger to her phone on her nightstand. “What happened?”

“Oh.” Simone replied simply before turning her attention back to the spot on the wall she had been spacing out on before. Her voice came out distant and detached. “I…I have an audition.”

Twig’s jaw dropped in shock. Yes, Asami did already tell her Simone was getting a call from a woman interested in her talent, but from the way Twigs saw Simone responding so strangely she figured the woman was put off and had probably lost interest in her. Luckily for Twigs, she was proven wrong. “Wait, what did you just say, girl?! You got an audition!?”

Simone mutely nodded in response. One would think she didn’t care that she was just given an opportunity to reach her dreams, but that was far from the truth. Reality simply hadn’t hit her yet. When it finally began to dawn at her that she had a chance to make it big in the music industry, her breath hitched in her throat, and her brown eyes widened in bewilderment. She snapped her eyes towards Twigs and they began to fill with tears of happiness. “Oh my god…I…I have an audition…”

“Yes!” Twigs nodded, tears of happiness in her own eyes. “You have an audition!”

“I HAVE AN AUDITON!” Simone squealed in exhilaration as her tears finally spilled over.

“YOU HAVE AN AUDITION!” Twigs repeated for the third time in excitement.

Simone threw her arms around her roommate in a rejoicing embrace and continued to chant over and over again that she made it. “I have an audition! I have an audition! I have a fucking audition!”

Once they had finally got all the elation and incredulousness out of their system and their tears were wiped from their cheeks, Twigs began to ask her questions about her appointment. “So, where is this audition going to be taking place at, anyway?”

Just like that, the life in Simone’s eyes died, and a frown pulled her smile upside down all over again. “I-It’s in Los Angeles…California. In the states.”

The sadness filling the once happy room made Twigs frown as well from the weight of it on her shoulders. “What’s wrong, honey? You were just happy .3 second ago. What’s changed since then?”

Simone shook her head to herself as she got up from bed to walk around her room, a look of trouble on her face as she let out a heavily burdened sigh. “I can’t fucking afford a flight to Los Angeles, California right now I’m practically broke as fuck as in there is no money to my goddamn name!” She paused for a minute until an idea came to her that became her only option left to make her dreams come true. Her eyes snapped to Twigs with anticipation that was so desperate it made her roommate flinch in response. “Tahliah, I…I don’t want to have to ask this of you, believe me I don’t!” Simone walked over to Twigs with her palms pressed together in a begging fashion. “But I need you to loan me some money to get to my audition. Please, I’ll anything you want I just need the money fast!”
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