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To Caress My Day

Chapter 11: Do You Want Some Advice?

The next two weeks Seth spent all his time at home working, video chatting, calling, texting, and emailing the executive producers, developers, cast members, writers, editors, and pretty much everyone working on his series. The second week was spent on the American Dad series. Avery took this opportunity to drive off for ‘business’ reasons in those two weeks for large portions of the days. Avery was surprised Seth never objected to her departure, or complained when she’d come home at odd hours of the night. In those weeks, Seth didn’t pay attention to anything but his work which was just fine with her. The more haunted he became over Twigs, the longer he would keep working to drive her away from his mind. Ever since that night at the club, all Seth could smell was his pixie. It was like her scent was forever stuck into nostrils. His hands got sweaty when he remembers that they were once around her waist, and his stomach was beginning to ache with the fluttering hordes of butterflies whenever he thought of her. Seth was also disappointed with himself. He went to that club with the plan to get her off his mind…somehow. Deep inside he was beginning to think that he only went to that club to be around her, see her in the flesh and listen to the sound of her soft voice. Seth spent two weeks in denial of that very idea, and buried himself into work. Several times, Seth would take a break and pace to the office in his home. He was trying to resist hunting down Neon Jungle, just so he could get the chance of maybe seeing Twigs again. Luckily for him the sound of his cellphone ringing was enough to break his mind away from his desperation.

“Hello, Seth Macfarlane speaking.” Seth informed the caller, running his fingers through his unruly hair.

“Hey Seth, I’m going to be home late so I don’t want you waiting up for me or anything.” A woman replied on the other end. Seth frowned in confusion when he struggled to recognize the owner of the voice. Pulling the phone away from his ear, Seth checked to see who this caller was. The caller ID said Avery Jenkins.

Seth stood there in awe for a minute, not listening to the rest of Avery’s words before she said goodbye. How did he not recognized his own girlfriend’s voice? They been around each other for four years, that’s long enough to recognize each other’s voice. Oh man, I’m losing it, Seth mentally cried. Clutching onto his ebony hair, Seth sat down and tried to focus on the sound of Mrs. Guadalupe vacuuming in the next room. He needed to clear his head and concentrate. The last time that he saw Twigs, she was performing onstage like a sexy siren trying to seduce him. The crowd may not have seen the way she looked into his eyes, but he did. She wanted him. It couldn’t have been anything else but desire, he was certain of that. Seth recognize the same exact look because it was mirrored on his face too.

He had to come to terms with it.

Seth Macfarlane wanted Twigs, and he was finding it extremely hard not to hunt her down and pound her into the nearest mattress.

“Jesus Christ, I’m with Avery!” Seth cried out, looking in complete disarray as he paced back and forth clutching his hair with both hands. There was no way he was going to track her down again, no way!

It didn’t take long for Seth to finally break down and do a quick research on where Neon Jungle would be performing tonight. Seth kept telling himself that he was simply curious as to where their concert was and not as to where Twigs could be spending her evening. When he found the information of their show, he simply stared down at it. He was going to go, he knew that he was. He could keep walking around telling himself that she didn’t matter or that she wasn’t on his mind, but the reality is, that she was everywhere in his head. Now that he knew where she could possibly be, he became desperate. Seth was almost like a drug addict trying to resist the temptation to go out and get high again. He clenched and unclenched is fists, and bit his bottom lip as he fought an epic mental battle about whether he should go or not.

After what seemed like a millisecond, he ran for the stairs.

This club wasn’t a mile long walk like the last club Neon Jungle performed at, and it also wasn’t underground. This club was much like any normal club except with a smaller stage where the customers sometimes play karaoke. On the stage tonight was Amira, Jess, Shereen and Asami, singing a slow song. The girls each had a clear view of who entered the club, and immediately tried to contain their excitement when Seth Macfarlane walked in. Twigs was sitting at the bar and was facing the stage, when she saw Neon Jungle’s excited waves and smiles to someone behind her. Twigs was curious to see who they were so happy to see so she quickly glanced over to the front of the club to see if Simone had walked in. None of the old timer customers seemed to recognize Seth Macfarlane except for Twigs. Her brown eyes had widen when she caught sight of the man that had entered the club. Could it really be him? Seth waved at Neon Jungle, flashing them his signature smile that always made Twigs want to bite her lower lip in response, before he caught sight of his pixie. The place wasn’t big so he was able to find her easily, and he was so happy he did. Twigs gave him a shy smile and a small wave that melted the autumn chill off of him. He gave her a gentle smile as he walked toward her rather slowly.

His pixie was just as he remembered her: red full lips, several gold earrings in her ear, a little gold septum ring in her nose, her brown eyes big and innocent. Her long black curls was in a half up and half down style. He couldn’t believe his luck that she was here with Neon Jungle once again. He tried to hide his excitement that she was physically here instead of a haunting memory plaguing him to come find her instead of burying himself into working on another episode with his team. But before he would allow himself to fall into those pixie eyes again, Seth focused on remembering that he had decided in the car that he was there to get her out of his mind once and for all and not fraternize. He meant it this time, once and for all!

Unfortunately, now that he was here right in front of her, he couldn’t quite recall why the idea to come here to get over her, was a good one. I mean, even as he was simply walking over to her he could feel the power she had over him melt every one of his negative rambles out of his mind, leaving only her and his sick obsession of what he wanted to do to her. But he was here now, so there was no going back. He had to go through with this and be strong.

Twigs was so relieved she hadn’t been drinking something or else she would have choked at the sight of Seth. He looked incredible, immaculate, and just straight up sinful. She was tempted to make the sign of the cross real quick before coming to the conclusion that no God can save her from her sinful need for him. Taking a few deep breathes, and sending a quick prayer to God anyway, Twigs turned in her seat to greet her crush.

“Hello Tahliah, I’m glad we meet again.” Seth said once he reached her, hold out his hand for her hand while trying hard to wipe the smile from his face. He was finding it difficult to resist smiling whenever he was around her. He couldn’t help it. He felt relaxed and happy being in her presence. In seconds, those feelings began to evolve into the lustful stage where all he really wanted to do was to touch her skin.

Twigs was also having an inner struggle of her own to not ‘accidently’ brush her fingers over his just to feel his skin against hers again. Her first inner struggle was way too inappropriate to do in any public place such as where they currently were, so she opt for the innocent brushing of the fingers instead. God, she knows she’s said it before, but she didn’t think she’d see him again this time around! What were the odds? The first time they met was a surprise, the second time was luck, but the third time was starting to seem like fate, as Simone would say. Could this be fate trying to tell her something? Perhaps for once she should just stop letting her shyness get the better of her and try and calm down so she can have a normal conversation with this guy. Who knows where it may lead them.

“It’s wonderful to see you too.” Twigs softly spoke, placing her soft ring adorned hand in his much stronger and larger hand, not noticing her friends on stage each sharing secret smug looks as they sang to the crowd. Instantly, Seth and Twigs both felt their body temperatures rise up, and the electric spark tingle through their touching skin. Once again, everything memory of Avery disappeared from Seth’s mind, while Twigs focused on not turning to putty at the mere touch of their fingers against one another. In a matter of seconds, they forced themselves to let go of each other’s hand.

“What brings you to the club on this cozy night?” Twigs asked as he took a seat next to her at the bar.

“Honestly, I don’t know. I was working and all of sudden I just knew I had to get out of there. For people that know me, it’s a crazy thing for me to do. So, are you performing tonight?” Seth changed the subject, really hoping that she would say yes. Her last performance was unbelievable, and Seth was so grateful for the dark purple stage lights because he was definitely sporting a boner. After her performance he had to take some time to talk it down before he came to congratulate her.

To his dismay, his pixie shook her head. “No, not tonight. I wanted to relax and support my girls.”

“Are you sure, you don’t want to send all these patrons home with something to dream about?” Seth teased, placing his arm on the bar as he watch her blush.

“Oh no, I’m still kind of recovering from my last performance, thank you very much.” Twigs replied, biting her lower lip. Seth’s eyes snapped down to stare at her red lips by that small action alone, but he forced himself to continue to speak, trying to appear unaffected by her features.

“You were incredible then and you’ll be incredible now, if not better. Do you want a tip?” Seth offered, leaning a little bit closer to her, not enough for Twigs to take notice.

“You mean advice? Do you sing too?” Twigs had no idea if he could sing, but she would love to hear so if he could. Perhaps she’ll look him up on the internet later and listen to him sing, instead of staring at dozens of pictures of him with random blonde babes on Google. She had wondered plenty of time if he could he be dating one of them? It’s strange to think that she’s never researched on his relationship status when she was clearly smitten by him. It was probably because she didn’t want to know the awful truth that he’s most likely taken by some starlet, or maybe it was because she knew he was out of her league anyway so it didn’t matter how she felt about him.

“A little.” Seth shrugged, sticking his hands in his pocket as they both lean against the bar.

“Sure, I would love some advice.” Twigs softly accepted, her red lips in a constant smile and her eyes twinkling in delight.

“Always remember this, be the best artist that you can be. That’s what I tell myself when I’m heading off for work every morning or if I find myself doubting that I’m not good enough for what I do. You can’t always be perfect, but you can always give it your best. Despite what everyone says, I think that matter the most in the end.”