Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 111: I Got The Part

The day had finally come! It was the week of Seth’s Halloween party in California, and Twigs and Simone were both landing at the airport in Los Angeles for the event as well as attending Simone’s audition to possibly be a part of an all girls band. Seth had been charitable enough to buy Simone’s plane ticket to an opportunity that could lead her to fulfilling her dream and Simone couldn’t be more thankful for his kindness. Much to Seth’s dismay though, Twigs was stubbornly able to pay her own way to California herself due to getting a video girl audition filing in that very same location. She knew her boyfriend loved to buy her things which that was very charming and attentive of him to do, BUT a plane ticket to the states wasn’t exactly considered a small little gift. “Can you believe it that you’re finally here yet?”

“No! But still I’m excited and nervous like hell about this whole thing!” Simone gushed with motivation as she walked arm in arm with Twigs. “I hope it won’t be too hard to find a taxi. I don’t want to be late.”

“You can’t be when your boyfriend is a celebrity.” Twigs grinned at her as they exited the airport where Derek and his car were waiting right in front of the sliding glass doors. “Simone, you’ve met Derek, Seth’s employee, right?”

“And her driver.” Derek pointed out with a nod towards Twigs.

“That too.” Twigs agreed. “Derek, this is my roommate and close friend Simone.”

“Nice to meet you.” Derek greeted her warmly before opening the back door for them. “Shall we head off to the audition? Traffic is only going to get worse from here and Seth will have my ass if your friend Simone is late for her try out.”

“Actually, I have a video gig to go to first.” Twigs abruptly informed him as she and Simone climbed on in. “But after you drop me off you can drop her off. I’m sure she’ll be able to make it in time.”

No problem.” Derek replied as he started the car and began to merge into one of the lanes.

The trio talked amongst themselves, mainly asking after Seth and Odette who were both doing fine. Twigs was dropped off near a coffeeshop, and Simone was driven to her location to audition. Derek waited outside the building until Twigs called him to come pick her up instead. She had been surprisingly accepted into another audition by the lead artist’s manager who found her dance movement and accuracy fascinating. So, by the time Simone jumped into the car and announce her own news, they were already headed to Twig’s second gig. “OH MY GOD, you won’t believe what just happened!”

“Oh, cut it out with that suspense crap and just tell us!” Twigs demanded her playfully.

Simone was practically bursting at the seams with hysteria. “I GOT THE PART!”

“YOU DID!? OH MY GOD THAT’S INCREDIBLE!” Twigs practically screamed. “Tell me what happened, I wanna know every detail!”

“I would, but…” Simone trailed off as the car came to a stop to Twig’s second gig, her enthusiasm simmering down a bit. “It looks like it’s time for you to shake that little booty of yours again.”

“Damn.” Twigs pouted. “I wanted to hear more about your audition.”

Simone’s smile came back as she placed her hand on Twig’s arm. “Hey, how about I tell you all about it when you get off? If you want I can meet you at Seth’s place. Do you think he’ll mind if I surprise him with a visit?”

Twigs shook her head as she got out of the car. “I wouldn’t think so, I was planning to actually surprise him too at home after he got off. If he does get irked though, I’ll gladly get in trouble for you by taking the blame for you being there. Well, until then, I guess.”

“Until then. Have fun!” Simone called out to her before she closed the door.


After Twigs was done with the video set, Derek drove her to Seth’s house without sending a word of notice to Seth. When they entered the garage, she pushed open the door of the compartment she hid within every time she came to his home in California and climbed out. Derek opened the door and informed her that Seth was home early, and that his car was in the driveway. “Was it?” Twigs pouted, hoping she’d get to surprise him before he got home. Now he must know she would come by, considering that Simone had been dropped off first. “Oh well. It’s not that big of a deal. Thank you again for picking me and Simone up, Derek. I’ll see you around, okay? Oh, and be sure to tell Odette I said hi.”

“I will.” Derek nodded before opening the driver’s door and sliding in then reaching up to press a button to open the garage door that was built into his car. Once that was done, he was heading off back home.

Twigs entered the house and smiled at the sound of Seth’s voice. She eagerly followed it to find him standing in the kitchen on one side of the island and Simone on the other side. The island was littered with takeout dinner that the two already dug into. “And what are you two talking about?”

Seth’s brown eyes lifted from his fried rice to find hers, and immediately he broke out into his huge billion-dollar smile. “There’s my Pixie!” Stepping around the island, he met her halfway. Reaching out, he yanked her smaller form against his and held her tightly to him as his lips dipped down to smash over hers. He knew she wouldn’t resist his passionate bold kiss because they had company especially since it’s been awhile since they’ve touched each other.

“We were talking about his past episodes of Family Guy.” Simone answered her, despite how deeply lost in each other the couple obviously was. Looking away, Simone continued to make due of her earlier promise to her as she ate. “So, picture this, Twigs. I and a whole bunch of other beautiful talented women from different walks of life were led into this huge room, like the size of a huge dance academy. At a long table across the room were five judges, including the very woman Neon Jungle gave my number too and called me. My mind went completely blank the moment I saw them and I totally forgot what I was gonna sing. But luckily, I had time to remember because there was like 10 girls before me. When it was my turn I got out my guitar and sang the acoustic version of Starship by Nicki Minaj.”

Seth broke the kiss to chuckle and glance at her over his shoulder. “Did you make those funny faces she does when she sings?”

Simone and Twigs laughed at the same time. “No, I didn’t. I was worried if I did they would have totally canceled my ass out of the audition. Only Nicki Minaj can get away with that shit.”

Twigs kept her arms around Seth as she peeked around his tall body to look at her. “So, what did the judge think of your performance?”

“I would say they thought it was pretty good.” Simone recalled with a shrug. “I mean, if you think about it, I passed the audition, so I must have been great to them. Then again just because I passed doesn’t mean I’m part of the girl band per say. It’s just…they mentioned that some of the members of the groups that had already been chosen might not actually stay and so that’s why they’re holding try outs.”

Seth frowned at that and turned around to face her with his arm still around Twig’s waist. “Why is that?”

Simone dropped her voice into a whisper, as if she worried others might hear what she’s about to say. “Some of the dancers told me one of their members just found out she was pregnant and is probably going to keep it.”

“Ah, I see.” Seth nodded before his eyes drift down to Twig’s flat stomach and lingered. He wondered what she’d look like pregnant with his baby. Shaking his head at that crazy out of nowhere thought, Seth changed the subject to another matter. “So, Simone, have you picked out your costume for my Halloween party?”

“Hell, yeah!” Simone answered with excitement, raising a hand and swaying in her seat like she was dancing. “I can’t wait to drop it low on your expensive hardwood floor.”

“Mmm, gross.” Seth playfully cringed as he chuckled. “Are Neon Jungle coming with their costumes as well?”

“They said they’d try and make it.” Simone muffled out with a mouthful of teriyaki chicken.

“Good.” Seth said before his eyes wandered around his home. “Well, it’s gonna be a busy couple of days here. The house still needs to be decorated and all, so you ladies can either keep yourselves out of the house for as long as possible in order not to be seen, or move in with Derek and Odette instead because this shit is gonna go down tomorrow and it’s gonna be chaotic.”

While Twigs pouted over that, Simone gave him a shrug. “I’ll do whatever feels comfortable for you, buddy, it’s the least I could do for all you’ve done for me.”

Seth glanced down at Twigs to see her frowning. “Hey.” He squeezed her a little to get her attention before reminding her. “If you stay it’ll risk our relationship being found out, remember?”

Twigs sighed and tightened her hold on him. “I know. I’ll just miss you, baby, is all.”

“I know.” Seth told her as he hugged her tightly to him and kissed her head. “I’ll miss you too.