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To Caress My Day

Chapter 113: Genuine Surprise Present

Seth led his sister, Rachel, and her husband to another area of his home that was more private from the ongoing house party going on in his mansion. He had been expecting his sibling and her family to arrive dressed up as a pumpkin patch trio like they had originally planned to be but was surprised to see them dressed in the 1920s fashion with his niece absent from the party. Rachel wore a champagne flapper dress with the classic tiered fringe along the bustline and strap, and matching platform heels. Her dark hair was swept to the sides in glossy waves with a golden head chain with a champagne diamond in the center and a single tiny pearl drop dangling beneath it. Around her neck were two long pearl necklaces that draped down her chest, matching earrings sets and a multi-stranded bracelet. Her hands were dressed in long champagne satin gloves that were now curving around her husband’s arm as they followed Seth’s lead deeper into his mansion. “So, what’s going on Seth? Where are you taking us, and why is it away from my party I made you have at your house instead of mine?”

“You aren’t planning on murdering us in secrecy now, are you?” Spencer Laudiero, Rachel’s husband, was dressed in the same theme as her. He wore a pinstripe black and white suit with matching pants. In addition, he wore white suspenders and a black button up shirt beneath his jacket, and to add bit of shine he wore two hanging silver chains on his pants. On his head was a white fedora with black band around it, and his tie was a silk white.

“Right in the middle of our party after you just got here? Of course not!” Seth teased, going along with his brother-in law’s joke for a second only to turn genuine the next. “But if you really have to know, I actually have a special surprise set up for my beloved baby sister tonight.”

“You do!?” Rachel exclaimed with excitement, her brown eyes shining behind her brother’s back. “What is it? Tell me, Seth! Don’t keep it a secret anymore.”

But Seth kept his mouth shut as he led the couple outside where the party hadn’t yet gravitated out to. Despite the fact his sister asked him to set up a Halloween party at his place, he decided to pay extra for the decorators to transforms his backyard the same scary way as well. When they were close enough to the pool, Seth spun around to address the topic of her gift with a mutual excitement that mirrored his sister’s too. “Okay, now that we’re far enough from the party-goers I will reveal your present to you, but all in due time. First things first, I need you to wait right here for me while I go back inside to locate your surprise because…for some reason, I didn’t think to bring it out with me.”

Suspicion began to seep into Rachel’s mind as her smile dropped and her hands braced themselves on her hips. “Hold on, this isn’t some kind of a Halloween prank, is it Seth? Cause if it is I don’t have any issue gutting you alive on a silver platter and presenting you for dinner to your guests with a goddamn apple in your mouth if it is!”

Seth held up his hands in a sign of harmless peace. “Whoa, no, no this isn’t a prank, Rachel!” His sister clearly didn’t believe him as she gave him a long hard stare that prompted him to jump the gun and make a vow on their late mother. “Rachel MacFarlane, I swear on our mother’s grave that this isn’t any form of a prank. It’s a genuine surprise present from me to you, and it’ll mean the world to me if you can…see it. Please.”

With a deep sigh, the doubt left Rachel’s mind. She believed him now. Seth wasn’t the type to swear anything on their mother, and so if he was doing it right now he must truly be innocent of any mischievous crime. “Alright, I believe you. We’ll wait right here, but don’t take too long! It’s kind of chilly out here.” She warned him as she took a seat next to her husband on one of the loungers by the pool. Spencer was just taking his jacket off and draped it over her shoulder the moment she sat beside him.

“Won’t be but a second, I promise!” Seth called over his shoulder with a wave, already dashing off back into the house to find his girlfriend to begin the introduction between her and his sister.

Twigs was still inside the mansion in the same corner with Simone having the time of her life. Neon Jungle had arrived, and they were all looking amazing in their cheap Halloween outfits. Amira couldn’t agree more as she joked to the others. “Jesus, have none of these people ever heard of party city?”

It was exactly the place all six of the ladies had done their Halloween shopping. Amira had went with a Steampunk themed costume that consisted of sexy burgundy strapless flared-type of dress with a brown striped corset and two buckles. She wore a short sleeve suede brown bolero jacket with puffy sleeves that closed with a single button at the base of her throat and matching brown fingerless gloves. Around her waist she had a single golden chain that carried her fake pocket watch and had originally arrived with a golden cane but had decided to hand it to a butler to store it safely away elsewhere with the other Halloween props brought in tonight. She kept on her brown suede top hat though with the black leather binding on the rim and the attached goggles on the crown. To top it all off she also bought fake knee-high leather boots that laced up the front and had sprocket accents on them.

“I don’t think so. These people looked like they came out of the movies with all their get ups!” Jess agreed with wonder as she watched everyone come and go. She was dressed as an Imperial Roman wearing a white and maroon toga that was layered and cut at an angle but still had the signature empire waistline that was glammed up with a fake gold belt. On her arms she wore fake gold matching armbands that had sheer maroon fabric attached to them much like Twig’s costume design as well. On her neck she wore a fake gold ‘V’ pendant with fake gold Roman earrings and a matching Roman headpiece with her usually free curly hair now bounded back in an accurate Roman hairstyle. Her feet were encased in gold knee high leg wrap sandals.

“Did they just get off shift or something from the film sets because I feel like we just came from a cosplay convention and entered a legitimate movie set. “Shereen complained as she stared in awe at the women wearing actual diamonds around their necks. Tonight, she was a sexy pirate in a high low dress with a corset inspired laced up bodice and red and brown striped tiered skirts. It was held up by two suede shoulder strapped with a similar belt around her waist. Her white cotton ball sleeves were halfway down her arms to reveal more flesh, and after donning on some black fishnets she pulled on black leather knee high heeled boots. On her shoulder sat a fake zombie parrot for added company, and beside her little friend she wore fake gold hoop earrings and coined tiered necklace. To complete the look, she donned on a sword belt and sword as well as a fake brown leather tricorn pirate hat. “Man, I should have picked the other sexy pirate costume when I had the chance…but then again I didn’t want to outshine you losers with my assets.”

“Oh please! Everyone here knows I’m the sexiest out of the bunch.” Asami argued playfully in her vampire costume. She wore a black and red high low Victorian dress with a tiered skirt, sheer sleeves, and red ruffle details. She wore black fishnets with rhinestone seams, and black platform heels. On her neck draped a black choker with matching earrings, and on her fingers, she wore a fake blood red ruby. Other than the traditional fangs, she also wore a tiny top hat in black and red as well and had dyed her hair black, keeping it straight and out to stream down her back.

“Bitch, calm your ass down before you hurt yourself!” Simone objected with a giggle.

“Yeah, I think someone spiked your drink when you weren’t looking.” Twigs teased as she wrapped an arm around Asami’s waist to give her a loving side hug.

As the girls continued to tease their friend, Seth came around the corner and stood at the threshold of the living room, looking for his girlfriend. When he spotted her in the sea of expensive costumes and stunning special effects makeup, he felt his body go hot all over. Even though her costume was a cheap Egyptian inspiration, the woman still looked ravishing to him. Hell, he was certain if she had walked in dressed as that Can of Spam costume she tried to buy before to spite him, his dick would be just as hard as it was right now. Inwardly, he groaned at the sight of her and the need to have her in a room where their love was not only forbidden but also not yet known was almost too hard to resist. As he walked up to her and her group of friends, he tried to rein in control over himself once again because he had promised his little sister he wouldn’t dally on her surprise present, but…he wasn’t extremely horny then like he is now. “Evening ladies, how are you enjoying the party?”

“Ooo damn, Mr. MacFarlane!” Amira playfully flirted as she looked him up and down in surprise.

Simone reacted the same way as she draped an arm around Amira’s shoulder. “I do declare! You looking mighty fine tonight, Sheriff.”

“Here to make an arrest?” Shereen went along with the flirtatious game innocently, batting her eyelashes too dramatically for anyone to take her seriously.

Seth chuckled before his eyes landed on Twigs…and stayed there. “In fact, I am.” He offered his arm to her. “If you’ll excuse us, Tahliah and I have some business to attend to…like the gallows for example.”

Twigs felts her cheeks grow warm behind her mask and smiled up at him as she took his arm. “The gallows…very romantic, Sheriff.”

“Sorry, it’s the first thing that came to mind, I’ve been drinking.” Seth admitted sheepishly.

“You two lovebirds get out of here, we don’t wanna know what’s gonna go on with you two anymore than we already know!” Jess gagged.

“Yeah, if you need us we’ll be hanging out with Sir Derek and his Maid Odette.” Asami informed them as the ladies made their way to the next room to hunt the couple down.

“Okay, I’ll see you guys soon.” Twigs called after them as Seth began to steer her away from the party.