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To Caress My Day

Chapter 114: Just Let It Be

Seth guided Twigs further into his Halloween decor home with a firm hand on her lower back to where there was more privacy for them to be alone. He kept his hand dangerously low on the small of her back to silently give her the sense of where his mind was currently thinking of. When he spoke, his voice was low and husky, practically dripping with desire for her. “Having fun so far tonight, Pixie?”

“Y-Yes…” Twigs confirmed though her inquisitive eyes were darting around the hallway they were strolling through. This corridor led to a few of his many guest rooms…so, why were they headed in this direction? Was it to finally meet his sister, Rachel, in one of these rooms? If not, she thought she’d point it out to him where they were going. “Seth, where are we going to exactly? We’re in the guest hallway.”

“Well, originally my plan was to lead you outside to the pool, so I can surprise my sister with my sexy talented girlfriend, but now…” He glances down at her with a powerful look lust in his eyes that spoke straight to her groin, making it ache with need. “Now, it’s about finding an empty room where we can be completely alone together.”

“Alone? But Set-” Twigs let out a gasp when she felt his hand slide down to firmly grasp onto her ass to yank her slender body up against his much taller frame. It felt good being pressed up against him so intimately after so long that she had to fight off a moan to keep it from echoing down the hall and being heard by others. They were still at a party - a party her horny boyfriend was supposed to be hosting by the way - and for all they know someone else could be nearby.

Seth lowered his head to growl an order in her ear, his voice thick and heavy with sexual hunger. He wasn’t going to allow her to talk him out of this. Their coming together was going to happen tonight, it was inevitable. Instead of waiting for later, Seth was planning on getting it sooner. “DON’T…try and stop this, Tahliah. Just let it be.”

“O-Okay…” Twigs obediently whispered, not having a choice in letting him take control of the situation and dominate her. Like a match to a flame, her body became alight for him without her consent, but that’s how it’s always been with him. He knew how to make her want him like a madwoman without even trying.

“Good.” Sufficed that she’d behave herself, Seth continued to lead her into one of the guest rooms furthest away from where the party was being held in the living room of his home. He held the door open for her to enter the room first before closing and locking the door behind them, so no one could try to enter and disturb them.

When he turned around to face her and stepped forward with intention of touching her, Twigs immediately stepped back from him with her hands out to ward him off and her eyes wide with panic. “No, wait, don’t!” She squeaked. His face turned into a frown of confusion but before he could ask her what was wrong, she was already explaining it to him. “I kind of took my costume theme a little too far tonight and covered myself in this semi-sheer gold body lotion that’ll come off on anything that touches it.”

“You did what!?” Seth exclaimed before looking her over again in search for a sign that she did cover her skin in some gold body paint that would make her forbidden to touch. As clear as day in the light of the lamp, he saw it, and it made him groan with frustration to see the golden woman he loved looking so damn tempting across the room from him. “Oh, come on! Why the hell did you do that!?”

Twigs wasn’t the least bit terrified by his anger because she recognized it as sexual frustration. She was highly tickled by this and giggled at him. “It was the girl’s idea, not me! They talked me into putting it on because they found the image of you getting cock-blocked by it because you wouldn’t be able to touch me without it getting on you hilarious.”

“And after I paid for their damn plane tickets.” Seth grumbled to himself as he glared at his stunning golden girlfriend in disappointment. “Fine, you guys win!”

“That easily, huh?” Twigs teased him with a smile as she reached up to remove the fake golden collar around her neck, revealing beneath bare flesh that hadn’t been tainted with sheer gold body paint. She watched as his eyes widen in awe and delight at this discovery before she sensually pulled down the black strap of her dress from her left shoulder, so she could tug her dress down far enough to reveal one breast cupped in a strapless bra. Her boyfriend was practically becoming unhinged as she gave him a sexy wink.

Seth shook his head and wolfishly smiled as he strode over to her. “You teasing slut…”

Twig opens her mouth to toss a playful insult back at him but he silenced her before she could by lifting her up in the air and then placing her down on the dresser behind her. She lowers her eyes to watch him slide his hands up her bare thighs beneath her black dress to find the elastic band of her thong and then pull it down her legs, all the while staring up into her eyes like a man heavily possessed by lust. Twigs reached out with the intention of gripping onto his shoulders in anticipation but stopped halfway. She was still covered in gold which meant she couldn’t touch anything or else it’ll transfer onto it. If Seth got covered in gold people might put two and two together and find out he was messing around with her. Twigs couldn’t let that happen, and so her hands remained hovering in the air over him, itching to make contact. She let out a whine of frustration because she was having to reframe herself from exploring his body to her own pleasure and quietly begged for mercy. “Seth, no! Please, stop! T-This isn’t fair, I can’t touch you back!”

“Oh well.” Seth wasn’t listening to her qualms, he couldn’t. He selfishly bent down to detangle her thong from her golden heels and tossed it over his shoulder without a thought before rising up to look up into her eyes. “This is what you get for putting on that goddamn body paint. You’re gonna suffer for it.” Reaching up, he began carefully maneuvering her black dress down her torso, making sure to avoid the gold pain on her skin. His eyes were staring hard at her breasts in hope that when he pulled down the black material they’d be free of paint, and luck would have it they were. Seth let out a sigh of relief and grinned excitedly at her strapless cupped breasts. The uncomfortable erection already stretching his pants was finally becoming too much to ignore, especially since they’ve been forced apart from spending any time together because of the Halloween decorators coming in and out of his place and his busy work schedule. Reaching down, he hastily undid his pants and fished his cock out of his briefs. “Fuck, I’m so damn hard already it fucking hurts.”

“Hurry, Seth, hurry!” Twigs panted out desperately, her chest rising and falling with hope for more as her hands continue to hover between them.

“Ah, fuck!” Seth let out a loud groan as he thrusted himself into her hot quivering body. Thankfully the dresser made her tall enough to received him perfectly, so he didn’t have to bend down awkwardly or have her dangle halfway off the dresser uncomfortably. His hands gripped tightly onto her hips as he quickly began to move in and out of her, not giving her time to adjust to his size or savor him completely inside her. Her body had no choice but to receive the highest dosage of pleasure instantly instead of getting fed it in small doses before the explosive buildup.

“S-Shit! Seth!” Twigs cried out in pleasure, curling her hands into fists as the strong force of their bodies grinding against each other began to rock the dresser back and forth, hitting the wall with a thud each time. “G-God, I wanna t-touch you!” Twigs cried out in sexual rage as she reached out with one hand to grip the edge of the dresser and with her other hand grasped ahold of a stone statue beside her for support. She arched her back into his body and with a series of moan jerked her hips into his.

Seth attempted to muffle his own loud moans by ripping off her strapless bra and drawing one of her delicious dark nipple into his mouth to suckle on. He shook his head roughly against her supple flesh with a growl and pressed his face further into her breast to smother himself with it while his hips continue to bang against hers.

Twigs let out a cry at how greedily he was suckling on her breasts and making love to her at the same time. She felt so empowered whenever he fed from her body that way that it inspired her to talk dirty to him, completely forgetting she’d promised him once before that she’d never talk that way again after it made him cum uncontrollably too early. “Fuck, I-I wish I could t-touch you baby! I wish I-I could…AHH! I wish I c-could run my hands over y-your naked body. W-Wish I could h-hold your in my hands…w-want it in m-my mout-FUCK!”

Seth tightened his hold as Twigs convulsed through her sudden orgasm and as he fell right into his own. Usually he’d allow her to cum twice, sometimes even three times, before he tended to himself, but he couldn’t, not when she was talking the way she was. He was no stranger to dirty talk, but when Twigs did it it was as if he’d never heard it before. “FUCK, TAHLIAH, FUCK!” He spilled himself into her body but wouldn’t relent on thrusting into her until every drop of pleasure had been tasted and experienced to the fullest. They both panted heavily when it was over. He leaned forward against her and she sagged back against the wall behind her. They took their time collecting their breathes before Seth raised his head and hoarsely whispered. “I really wanna kiss you, Pixie.”

Twigs smiled and opened her brown eyes to look down at him. “I know. They’ll be time for that later.”

Sighing in defeat, Seth raised himself to pull himself out of her body with a soft moan. Twigs mewled in pleasure and didn’t bother to close her legs when he stepped out from between them. His cum and hers dropped down the dresser and onto the carpet from her womanhood, but no one in the room care to acknowledge the mess. All that was on Seth’s mind now was the mission he was supposed to be on before he led Twigs astray into this very room to make love.” Okay, back to our regular schedule programming.” He smiled at the sound of her giggle and strode over to a tissue box to quickly clean his cock off. After that he righted his pants before walking back over to his girlfriend who still sat with her legs open on display. He stared down at what he had done to her with pride like he had conquered an enemy’s kingdom on his own. The sight of his seeds oozing from her body felt like an ownership title that should be respected by every man and woman that passed Twigs by. Savoring the sight to memory, Seth reached out to gently clean her up, taking his time in touching her.

With each touch, Twigs would let out a pleasurable gasp from the sensitivity of their lovemaking and lift her hips against his hands. Like a flip of a switch, she wanted him all over again. Her heavy-lidded eyes stared into his with desire as she bit her lower lip seductively. “S-Seth…please.”

Seth tried to resist the temptation and put his little sister first, but he couldn’t. He was a weak man that was currently getting aroused again. Disappointed with himself for needing to be deep within her body again, Seth let out a curse of defeat. “Sonofabitch!” With very little effort, he wrapped his arms around her and lifted her off the dresser to carry her towards the bed. Placing her down on her feet before him, he spun her so she faced the bed before pushing her down over it. With brutal force, he hiked her dress back up and sheath himself back into her body again.