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To Caress My Day

Chapter 115: A Different Kind of Beauty

Seth wasn’t satisfied with leaving that guest bedroom until Twigs had two more orgasms before he too came himself a second time, only then did they exit. Now back to his previous mission, Seth guided his girlfriend through the rest of his house to another door that led outside onto his backyard patio that housed his pool and trailed off to his tennis court.

He hadn’t meant to keep his sister, Rachel, and her husband, Spencer, waiting outside for them for so long, but he had found it difficult to keep his hands off his love when he finally got to see her in her Halloween costume. As they got close to the couple who were closely whispering and giggling to each other, Seth instantly felt Twig’s grip on his hand tighten. He could feel her heart pounding like a drum at the prospect of meeting his little sister, and so he stopped in his tracks and turned to look down at her curiously. “You okay?”

Twigs shook her head, choosing not to lie. She was terrified! Right there in the flesh was Seth MacFarlane’s sister, his blood related sister who was most likely one of the few people in his life that had the power to persuade Seth whether or not she was the right woman for him! This whole scenario was utterly surreal she could hardly breathe in that moment. “No! Seth, I’m…I’m not so sure if I can do this. I mean, what if she doesn’t like me?”

“Then she can kiss my ass about it!” Seth encouraged her firmly. “As long as you’re not cheating on me, being a horrible bitch to her for no reason, or stealing money from my bank account I don’t care how she feels about you. I know you, and you’re the greatest treasure this planet will ever have to offer me.” He looked her tiny form up and down before giving her a teasing smirk. “And I’m the luckiest man alive to call you mine…even if it’s only in secret.

“Oh…” Twigs was so touched by his speech she was struck speechless. Placing a hand over her stirred, but still racing heart, she finally allowed Seth to lead her over to meet the first family member he’s ever introduced her to. His romantic confession still resonated within her soul and gave her the courage to take the next few steps she needed to make this meeting happen without the gut-wrenching fear. Hell, at this point, Seth could lead her to a 35ft drop off a cliffside and she’s still be too deeply moved to realize her impending doom before it was too late.

“Rachel, Spencer.” Seth greeted as they finally came to their destination and now stood before the couple, hands clasped together in unity. “Sorry to keep you guys waiting, I got a tiny bit distracted for a moment there.”

“It’s about freaking time, you dick.” Rachel exclaimed good-humoredly as she and her husband stood up simultaneously to face her brother, not yet noticing the small woman by his side or the fact that they were holding hands. “Did you forget that I said it was getting chilly out here earlier? Chilly means cold, in case you didn’t know!” She ignored her brother’s eyeroll as her eyes drifted off to the woman at his side. Glancing down, she noticed that her brother was holding her hand which only made her assume that they must be involved romantically in some way. Never having an issue with her brother’s choices usually, Rachel flashed her a friendly smile but addressed her brother when she next spoke. “And who is your friend here, Seth? I don’t think we’ve had to the chance to meet before tonight.”

“This…” Seth began as he let go of his girlfriend’s hand to nudge her a bit forward, so everyone was now looking solely at her. “…beautiful talented woman is someone very special to me and someone that I am currently madly in love with all my heart and soul.” He chuckled when Twigs covered her face from embarrassment of his description of her. He wasn’t going to hesitate at all when it came to declaring his feelings for her to his sister, and now he was aware that his girlfriend had been caught off guard by that because she hadn’t been expecting that kind of introduction from him.

“Is that right?” Rachel rhetorically asked in surprise, a beaming smile on her face as she looked Seth’s unexpected love interest over. Her brother wasn’t new to dating that was definitely true, but he also wasn’t the type to use that special word ‘love’ lightly. If he was in love, then he was in love…but still, Rachel had a dozen of questions to ask about this random woman suddenly being his love. He hadn’t ever mentioned that he was dating again after he and Avery broke up a while ago. “Well, it’s nice to meet you all of a sudden! My name is Rachel, Seth’s sister, and this is my husband Spencer.”

Twigs stood there silently for a moment though she did send them what Seth thought was a beautiful smile. She felt her boyfriend nudge her from behind, and so she peeked up at him to see him gesture the Halloween mask she still had on that concealed her identity. At first, she wasn’t sure why he was drawing attention to it before she realized he was telling her to take it off so they could see her face. Her eyes filled with doubt as she looked at him, but he merely gave her a handsome smile and encouraging nod. Taking a deep breath, she took her mask off to reveal her face. “Hi, my name is Tahliah Debrett Barnett…b-but I’m also known by my stage name FKA Twigs.”

Rachel was taken aback by her face, not just because she was beautiful but because she was a different kind of beauty that her brother hadn’t ever shown an interest in before. She’s always seen him with Caucasian blondes or brunettes with full pouty lips, tiny slender noses, hourglass bodies, and big beautiful eyes with long tresses of hair. This new girlfriend’s hair was ebony curls stretched out and braided with tiny gold beads near the ends. She too had big eyes and a full mouth, but her brown orbs were more far apart, and her mouth was rounder and appeared constantly parted to show off her two front teeth. There was a light dust of freckles on her nose as well. Seth girlfriend was also very petite where the women he usually dated were long legged models. It wasn’t bad that Twigs was different than his usual type, it just came as a surprise to her that he was dating someone that looked so outside of what Hollywood considered to be beautiful. Without a doubt, Seth had dated much prettier women before so Rachel figured there was probably something more to Twigs than her physical features that drew her brother to her. “Stage name, you say?”

“Hell yeah, my Pixie here is a rising artist as we speak! Aint’ that right, baby?” Seth openly bragged with an excited grin as he wrapped his arms around Twig’s waist and tucked her securely into his side. “Her first Ep is about to be released soon.”

“Seriously?” Spencer asked with an interested smile despite the fact he was certain he and his wife had never heard of this young lady before.

“That sounds so exciting!” Rachel raved to them before glancing at Twigs, curious to the hear what kind of voice would come of her little body. “You should sing us something sometime, or better yet, how about we head on inside and you can sing to the whole party here tonight? It’ll be perfect!”

For the first time since before he found his sexy Twigs partying with her friends away in the living room, Seth’s smiled dropped as he barked a loud. “NO!!” Before Twigs could say anything for herself. Everyone jumped at the sound of his booming voice echoing in the night and were now staring at him with worry. Sighing, Seth leaned closer to whisper to his sister and brother in law. “Sorry, it’s just that…we’ve been keeping our relationship under wraps for the past couple of months from the public.”

That explained why Twigs had never mentioned by anyone in the same circle as the Macfarlane siblings before, but still it was very odd he’d keep her a secret from his own sister. Come to think of it, Seth never dated in secret before. He usually doesn’t care if the public saw what he did or whom he dated. Why all of a sudden did he care if they see him with Twigs? Rachel frowned up at her brother and whispered back to him. “Why would you want to hide your relationship from everybody in the first place? It’s strange, you’ve never done anything like that before, Seth.”

“I know.” Seth confirmed with a nod. “It’s just that Tahliah wants to keep her privacy a while longer, and so she doesn’t want everyone to know about us just yet until she’s ready.”

Rachel nodded in understanding. “Well yeah, I can see why you wouldn’t want that, especially seeing all the ugliness that comes with being in the media’s spotlight all the time. I can respect your decision to maintain a secret relationship if that’s’ what you two want, but…” She raised an eyebrow towards Seth. “Does dad know about her yet?”

“Well, no, but…” Seth drawled as his lips stretched into his billion-dollar smile with eyes filled with excitement. “I’m hoping that it’ll become a surprise for him in the upcoming future!”

“Say what?” Twigs said too softly to be heard, her wide eyes staring up at her man. Did he just say she was going to meet his father too?! Twigs couldn’t believe it! She just got through meeting his sister and will now soon be urged to endure another meeting like this with his father the next time? Unfortunately, Seth’s mother had already passed away before Twigs could have a chance to meet her, but his father was still alive and kicking it. What exactly would Seth’s father think of her when she met him? Would he be as accepting of her as his daughter, Rachel, seems to be, or would be he be more of a challenge to win over?

“That’ll be great!” Rachel conceded with mutual excitement before pointing a finger at her brother. “But hey, if you need any help planning that meet up I’ll gladly lend you two a hand. I’d love to see the look on his face when he finds out you’re in love.”

Seth gave her a gracious smile. “We’ll have to think about how we’re gonna set up that meeting first. I don’t have a solid plan yet since I’ve just started thinking about it tonight.”

Spencer gestured behind them to the loungers he and his wife had been sitting on before the others arrived. “Hey, why don’t we all go sit on over there and listen about how you two lovebirds met in the first place?”

“That’s sounds like a great idea, Spence.” Seth concurred. He guided Twigs to the lounger next to Spencer’s and Rachel, so he could rant and rave over the woman he loved. Finally, he’d get to brag about his girlfriend to someone other than Odette, Derek, and his maid who were all sick of tired of hearing of him go on and on about her. Threading his fingers through Twig’s, Seth began their love tale with a dramatic opening. “There I was…single and alone…”