Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 116: About Time You Were Happy Again

Rachel MacFarlane, Seth’s sister, had met his previous girlfriend of four years, Avery Jenkins before in the past, so she was very familiar with what the woman looked like and what kind of person she was. Out of all the women her big brother collectively dated in his lifetime Avery was actually the most independently successful one even though she naturally shared the many similar traits and features that her brother always found attractive in his type of women.

This Tahliah Debrett woman standing before her did NOT fit any of Seth’s preferences when it came to a romantic partner, so why was he with her? She was a mixed raced young woman with black hair, big brown eyes that were slightly far apart, a small slender nose with a gold septum ring, and a full bow shaped lip. Her brother, Rachel knew, would never have looked Tahliah’s way before, she just wasn’t his type…though there was that time where Seth had a short fling with Tia Mowry once upon a time.

From what Rachel could remember, her brother’s track record has always been light skinned blondes, redheads, and brunettes, nothing at all like this small woman her brother nicknamed Pixie. Personally, Rachel didn’t have a problem with Tahliah at all, how could she when this was their first-time meeting? She just found it surprising her brother was wandering away from his same old swimming hole to explore other bodies of water.

As Seth continued to tell his tale about how he and his current girlfriend met, Rachel noted clearly with suspicion that he completely glossed over his relationship with Avery Jenkins as if it never existed before theirs. She was already aware they broke up somewhat recently a few months ago and everything, but she couldn’t understand why Seth was completely erasing Avery from his life like this when he’s never done that with his previous exes in the past. Yeah sure, Avery left him after four long years of commitment together, but her brother hadn’t exactly been in tears over the separation either so why go to the trouble to hide its very existence from his current girlfriend? “Aw, it’s almost like a lifetime movie, Seth! You never hear love stories like that anymore.”

“I know!” Seth raved, glancing between his sister, her husband and then to his girlfriend at his side. “Anyway, it took a few days apart due to busy work schedules for us to realize that we were in love with each other and the rest is pretty much history.”

Twigs frowned a little to herself that her boyfriend completely left out the reason why they confessed each other’s love and why exactly they had spent a few days apart from each other to begin with. It was solely because she caught him in bed with Rebecca and had immediately assumed they were sleeping together when in fact they hadn’t. Then again, maybe that’s a story best not expressed to a couple that were literally introduced to their clandestine relationship not two seconds ago. Twigs softened her expression back into her previous smile just as Seth turned his head to glance down at her with his warm brown loving eyes. She squeezed his hand in hers as she nodded in agreement to his statement. “Yeah, a beautiful history.

Seth’s smile turned into a grin because of her support before he returned his eyes to his sister. “And we are happily in love with one another.”

Rachel grinned back, genuinely excited for him to have found love. Her brother has been in love before, so he wasn’t at all a stranger to that strong emotion, but…he seemed different with it this time. She could feel his happiness from where she sat with her husband across from them on their own lounger, and it was stronger and more potent than anything she’s ever seen. She believed his every word that he was in love with Tahliah, and she couldn’t be more than happy that he was happy once again because that’s all he’s ever deserved and all she’s ever wanted for him. “Well it’s about time you were happy again.” She teasingly scolded him, making everyone laugh. “No, but seriously, Seth, I’m happy for you. Hopefully this time your relationship will last longer than your previous ones in the past that only lasted less than a year.”

“Trust me, Rach.” Seth began to assure her, placing his right-hand hand over the back of Twig’s hand still clutched in his. “This one is going to last for sure.”

Twigs grinned with joy and infatuation that he would confess such a romantic reply so wholeheartedly. He truly believed their relationship will last the hands of time with all his heart which also gave her the confidence to stand by that belief too. Her hand grasping his tightened, gaining his attention. “It definitely will.”

“Not as long as ours will.” Spencer retaliated in playful competition, making everyone laugh. The conversation eventually steered away to work and such matters. Twigs listened in closely, wanting to know as much as she could about this side of her boyfriend’s family.

As she did, Rachel studied Twigs while she was occupied. She could tell that there was a beauty to Twigs that went deeper than the surface of her skin, and even beyond that. Her small tiny voice with its lisp British accent was not only adorable but held a power that her brother was currently captivated by. Seth wouldn’t stop looking at Twigs and touching her. It was a sweet and romantic display that made Rachel feel safe about letting this woman take care of her brother when she wasn’t around to look after him. Tahliah didn’t come off at all like she would ever hurt her brother, and that’s all Rachel care about at the moment, that her brother was happy and in good hands.

The couples continued to chat the night away amongst each other before deciding to join the party inside. Not being able to stay by her lover’s side anymore, Twigs reluctantly wandered off to find her friends and party with them instead. The rest of the night for her was spent laughing and dancing with her girls before the clock struck 3AM and the party was over. After saying goodbye to her friends, Twigs snuck up the stairs to Seth’s bedroom to take her costume off and have a shower to remove the golden body paint that had prevented her from coming together with him intimately before.

Seth stayed behind downstairs to see his guests out and have a limo driver sent over for Twig’s friends to go out and continue to have a night on the town if they wished to do so. The ladies were grateful to him and said their goodbyes while energetically dancing out the door, still feeling the effects of the party fever in their system. Once the rest of his guests were gone, Seth was finally able to head upstairs despite the trash scattered all over his place. His main goal was the find his lover who he knew was still somewhere in the house. As he walked into his bedroom, Twigs was coming out of the shower freshly scrubbed in his bathrobe. Seth smiled at the sight of her making herself at home in his bedroom just like old times. “There you are! I knew you were still around.”

Twigs grinned at him as she used a clean towel to soak up the excess water falling from her curls. “Of course, I would be. Why, did you think I would’ve left here like everyone else instead of taking advantage of an empty house alone with my boyfriend?”

“No, I was pretty certain you were here. Just didn’t wasn’t sure which room you’d be in.” Seth clarified before reaching out a hand to her. “Come here.”

Placing the wet towel on one of his dressers, Twigs strolled over to him, taking his outstretched hand and allowing him to lift her up so she could wrap her legs around his waist. She let out a giggle before snatching his cowboy hat off of his head and plopping it on her wet hair. “Howdy, Sheriff.”

Seth snorted as he looked over her freshly cleaned face. “I wanted to thank you again for tonight, you know, for agreeing to meet my sister and everything. I know it must have hard for you to do what with the risks we’d be taking, but I’m glad you saw it through anyway. I couldn’t be prouder or in love with you for taking a huge risk just for me despite going against your judgement.” His eyes trailed over her features as he whispered to her in a voice that sounded droned. “You are truly the most amazing person that has ever graced this planet before, I’d bet my life on it.”

“Oh, baby, you’re so sweet.” Twigs smiled at him for his praise before leaning down and kissing him, her hands reaching up to cup both of his cheeks. “So, do you think your sister likes me yet?”

“Like I said before, if she doesn’t like you it’s not my problem.” Seth repeated, shrugging off the possibility without any concern whatsoever. “It’ll be hers and she’s gonna have to learn to live with it because I’m not getting rid of you for nothing. You’re stuck with me, missy.”

“And I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Twigs assured him as she leaned down to bestow a deep slow lingering kiss on his lips that left them both breathless.

“Mmm.” Seth moans softly the moment she pulled away, his tongue coming out to flick over his lips to collect her taste for savoring. “I’m gonna need a shower before we start anything here.”

Twigs giggled. “Okay, hurry up and take a shower then.”

“I will.” Seth agreed before walking towards his ensuite bathroom with her still wrapped in his hold.

“Hey, wait a minute!” Twigs laughed, trying to pull away from him but his secured grip wouldn’t allow her to get away. “Seth Woodbury MacFarlane, you better stop and let me go right now! I already took a shower, remember?”

Seth slightly pouts at her as he stops walking towards the bathroom doors to complain. “But I’ll be lonely if you don’t join me.”

Twigs couldn’t resist him even if she tried. “Fine, but you need to put me down first.”

“Oh, alright!” Seth sighed before begrudgingly lowering her back down onto her small dainty feet.