Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 117: Coming Right Up...Sheriff

Twigs let out a giggle as she entered the en-suite bathroom of her boyfriend’s mansion in Beverly Hills with the very talented man hot on her heels. Briefly glancing flirtatiously over her shoulder at the older of the two, she flashed him a sexy smile as she pulled her robe off one smooth shoulder, tantalizingly baring her tan skin to his brown hungry eyes. Seth’s eyes seemed to fill with desire as he halted in mid-step in delay, so he could stare at her exposed flesh. Twigs couldn’t help herself from giggling again at how easily it was to affect him and before he could have time to collect himself again her hips began to sway from side to side in a sensual dance that she hoped would entice him even further. “What’s wrong, my love? See something you like?”

Before Seth could say anything, his girlfriend ditched him to seductively dance her way towards his awaiting shower. It was new the way he reacted when Twigs would break into a random but sultry dance. He always behaved this way when he caught her tangoing in sight of him, just like a lovesick virgin that’s never been in the same room alone with the opposite sex but had always been yearning for the day to come.

Stumbling forward a bit, Seth’s brown eyes watched her dance a moment longer before her smooth sexy moves made him so hard he was certain he resembled a hungry wolf ready to pounce on its innocent unbeknownst meal.

Not being able to stand by and enjoy the sexy dance Twigs was too distracted with to remember his presence anymore, Seth let out a growl and strode the rest of the way towards her. “Come here, you!”

Unprepared, Twigs let out a squeal that melted into a warm giggle when Seth hauled her up into the air and into his arms. “SETH!” Her hands reached out to grip onto his shoulder for balance. He had her body held up high enough on his chest to where he could lean over and kiss the front of her closed robe that whiffed of her favorite jasmine scented perfume. She openly grinned down at the man whose face was buried in her only article of clothing and cradled both his head and his cowboy hat in her arms. “Oh, my poor baby, was my dancing becoming too much for you?”

Seth let out a grunt as he nuzzled his face from side to side in her soft robe, breathing in her scent deeply. If he had to choose one aroma of all the aromas in the whole world to smell forever, it’s be hers. The trace of jasmines was a scent that calmed him down these days and made him feel warm and relaxed as if he was back in his comfortable home with all the cares in the world unnecessary.

When the time stretched of him taking in her scent and warmth became too awkwardly long, Seth lowered her back down onto her feet again. “I love the way you smell.”

“The jasmine, you mean?” Twigs reminded him with a grin, her hands sliding down to his chest. There was so much love in her eyes for Seth MacFarlane she wondered how she hadn’t gone blind from the all-consuming power of it all.

“Yeah, that. It’s become my favorite scent now.” Seth informed with her a smirk, his hands sliding from her waist down over her two firm buttocks that he proceeded to knead in each hand. His dick twitched in a painful reminder of its urgency for release because it was on the verge of combusting on its own from the long delay.

“I wonder why.” Twigs teased him with a soft laugh as both of her hands slid down to the front of his costume’s vest and began to undo the three buttons holding it together. “Didn’t you say something about a shower earlier?”

Seth nodded with a grin, his hands hiked up her short robe all the way over her bare behind, so he could touch her with skin to skin contact. “Yes, I do believe I’m in need of one of those right now.”

“Coming right up…” Twigs reached up on her tip toe and grabbed his black cowboy hat off of his head and placed it on top of her wet dark curls that she had gathered up in a low bun when she got out of the shower. “…Sheriff.”

Together, the couple worked off his Halloween costume, and the many accessories that came along with it including the fake guns, holster, hat, bandana and tie. Once he was down to his briefs he handled removing those on his own while Twigs untied her robe and tossed it off of her body to reveal her clean bare flesh no longer smear in gold. Once they both were naked, they entered the shower together and took turns lazily washing each other’s body.

“Seth, I told you, I already took a shower. You don’t need to wash my hair.” Twigs reminded him after she spotted her boyfriend squirt some of her shampoo into the palm of his hand.

“Yeah yeah, I heard you.” Seth assured her as he put the bottle back and reached out to work the product into her hair, concentrating mainly on her scalp.

“Then why mmm…” Twigs moaned softly, loving a good scalp massage from yours truly. “Then why are you washing my hair?”

“Because like you said, YOU washed your hair, not I.” Seth clarified, watching her face soften with a sleepy smile. Twigs was beautiful this way, naked and relax while he was tending to her. “After tonight, it’s the least I can do to repay you for all the awkwardly social circles you’ve been through.”

With her eyes closed, Twigs gave him a beaming smile. “Is that so? You pamper me for meeting your sister at her Halloween Party?”

“Among other things, but yeah.” Seth nodded, despite her eyes being shut. Once he was done he slipped his hands out of her dark curls and guided her towards the spray of the shower with his hands placed on her shoulders. “Here, time to wash all that off.”

Trusting him, Twigs allowed him to guide her much like he’s had before. As hilarious as the man was in real life, he had never tried to pull a cruel trick such as assuring her to open her eyes to the stingy attack of shampoo. Maybe he did that with other women before her, she didn’t know. All she knew was that he would never treat her in that kind of way.

As the water cascaded over her slender body, she felt Seth’s hands massaging the shampoo from hair until it was safe enough to guide her back out. “Conditioner time?”

“Oh, you know it.” Seth confirmed, now squirting said bottle in the palm of his hands, particularly a bigger dollop than the shampoo. “Time to detangle.”

“I can do that for you if you don’t want to, baby. I don’t mind.” Twigs assured him in case he didn’t want to deal with what little loose shed hair that would get caught on him during the detangling process.

Seth frowned at the thought. “No, Pixie, I don’t mind either. I like detangling your curls.”

With a shrug, Twigs let him work the conditioner in her hair and then finger detangle the knots and shed hair from her head that got trapped in her curls. When he was done with that, he once again led her under the spray and washed the product off. When they would have stepped out of the shower and dried themselves off, the couple decided to rewash themselves again before the cold water chased them on out from beneath the shower head.

Seth dried himself off first as quick as he could, so he could take care of Twigs next before she could finish. She allowed him to dry the last of her body when he nudged her towel out of the way and once he was done he abruptly he lifted her up into his arms with a grin and began to carry her towards the bedroom. “Milady.”

Twigs frowned suspiciously at him but couldn’t keep herself from smiling as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Okay…what are you up to now, Mr. MacFarlane?”

“Showing you part 2 of my appreciation for all you’ve done for me tonight.” Seth answered her with a look of deep love within his eyes. He entered the dark bedroom and walked over to the bed where he gently climbed on his knees with her still firmly in his arms. He stopped once he reached the center and then shifted so he was lying on his back with his head propped on one of the pillows. Still, Twigs was in his arms.

“Baby, what are we doing?” Twigs asked him curiously before he lifted her up over his head and then maneuvered her onto her knees where his head now sat between them. She stared down at him with wide eyes. She couldn’t remember a time if she had ever sat on his face while he ate her out before. “Seth…”

“Take control, Tahliah, and use me to cum.” Seth informed her in a sexy husky whisper that had the juices between her legs damn near dripping onto his face. “I want you to be selfish about this, don’t think about my wellbeing at all. Just focus on you…and drenching my face with the aftermath.”

“God, your request sounds so sexy and tempting all at the same goddamn time.” Twigs softly moaned, closing her eyes to the pleasure that his voice alone could give her. Her entire body shivered and thrummed with it.

Seth reached up to place his hands on the outer part of her thighs, giving her an impatient tug downwards so she’d hurry up and sit on his face already. “Just do it, Pixie. I gotta taste you now, and it’s about time you fed it to me.”

How could she deny that request? With a mute nod in the dark, Twigs began to lower herself down onto his face. The ecstasy his mouth created the moment it touched her sent her reeling up to escape the shattering intensity, but his grip on her thighs kept her prisoner. With a sharp cry, her hands shot out to hold onto his bedframe in desperation as her hips began to ride his face towards her first of a series of many orgasms tonight.