Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 119: Blinded By Flashing Bulbs

Twigs and her boyfriend Seth were presently in her shower at her London apartment washing soap suds off each other. After getting the call about an opening part in another music video opportunity, Twigs thought it would be diverting to practice her expected routine via phone in her living room…with her boyfriend. Though he wasn’t a gifted dancer like she, Seth MacFarlane was a good sport about it. If his ghastly dancing didn’t make her double over with laughter, his jokes and comical remarks did. Twigs hardly got through the first part of her performance without collapsing in a fit of laughter followed by several lengthy breaks to recollect herself before starting up again. Even with her part in the music video being a short, arduous one, it took half a day it seemed for the couple to get through her routine completely without a single misstep…well, her at least. Seth was truly a lost cause when it came to professional dancing, but he was still perfect despite that in her eyes.

With warm water cascading down her body from the shower head behind her, Twigs glanced up to her boyfriend’s drenched upturned face and grinned. “You did a pretty god job out there, Mr. MacFarlane, for someone who doesn’t dance.”

Seth shrugged with an honest smile on his lips, his arms wrapped loosely around her slick hips. “Thank you. At first, I didn’t think there was a point in giving that routine my all, but eventually I began to realize that at some point in my life I’m gonna find myself in a situation where shaking my ass and dropping it like it’s hot to the floor will be necessary in my future tribulations.”

Throwing back her head, Twigs nearly howled with laughter as she lifted her hand from where it rested on his chest to smack him instead with it. “Jesus, Seth! Really? You really think that’s something that’ll be necessary to do one day?”

“Why not?” Seth asked her as he pulled her closer to his naked body and leaned down to kiss her bare shoulder beneath the spray of water. Of course, as always with them, something as simple as kissing the shoulder became the grazing of his teeth along her smooth damp skin, and then the sensual drag of his tongue. Their conversation was soon obliterated from his mind as his now splayed hands massaged her hips for a short moment before sliding around then down to cup her firm behind.

With a gasp, Twigs closed her eyes and immediately succumbed to the power he had on her body. Her hands slid up his chest to glide over his broad shoulders while she lifted herself up on her tiptoes to press her breasts against his skin.

Seth had stayed with her in her apartment with Simone for three days and today was his last day there before he had to fly back to the states again. Every moment they had left was spent with each other, and when Simone came around, Seth was happy to have her around which touched Twig’s heart. He moved so right in her apartment as if he’d always belonged there. It honestly made her wish he could remain there for a bit longer, so she and Simone could both revel in his company more. Perhaps if she asked him now, he’d agree to extend his stay. As she felt his lips trail along her shoulders towards her neck, Twigs tried to get his attention. “Seth…”

“Hmm?” Seth murmured, nibbling on the smooth spot where her shoulder and neck met. His hands continued to rub her buttocks in each hold, pulling her hips further towards his erected cock.

It took a lot of effort on her part to pull back far enough to look up at him, but Twigs forced herself to do so. “Seth, c-can you stay in the UK with me just a bit longer? I’m not ready to see you go just yet.”

Seth’s hands stilled on her behind as he looked down into her big brown pixie eyes skeptically. He wasn’t sure if she recalled that he had to be in the airport that day anymore, or if she thought he was leaving her the following day. “Tahliah, I have to fly back to the states later on today, don’t you remember?”

Twigs let out an immature whine you’d expect from a teenage girl and not a grown woman. Her hands tightened on his shoulders in desperation to keep him imprisoned there in her apartment forever…if that were even possible with her strength. “But I don’t want you to! I want you stay here with me if only for a few more days, please?”

Knowing that her request was impossible for her to ask of him, she leaned over, so her forehead was resting against his chest in defeat. “I’m sorry. I just…I just miss you when you’re away.”

Seth let out a sigh of dismay from hearing the sadness in her voice, wishing her to be her happy self again. His hands had abandoned groping her behind to run up and down her back to try and appease her while he quickly devised a solution. After a few moments passed, he cleared his throat and looked down at her with a resolution in mind. “How about I make a few phone calls and see what I can reschedule? I can’t promise anything concrete right now, but I can at least try and see if I can lengthen my stay here with you by possibly moving things around.”

“Really!?” Twigs squealed elatedly, lifting her beautiful face up to gaze at him adoringly while her hands flew up to cup his cheeks. “Oh Seth, I love you so much! Thank you so much for this!”

With the intention of rewarding him for agreeing to try and reschedule his meetings instead of just dismissing her feelings in total, Twig’s hands slid down his slick body. When her hands reached his steel-like cock, her fingers curled around him. “But for now, let’s focus on getting this cleaned as well, shall we?”

Seth opened his mouth to voice his agreement but was cut off when she got right down to washing his genitals. The way she touched him felt too arousing to be considered a polite offer of help. Looking down, he watched her small dainty hands soap up his member and ball sac with soap, lathering them clean before stepping aside to allow the spray of water from the shower head to wash him clean for her. He was too rock hard with desire to think of anything else but returning the favor. “Not so fast.” Reaching out for her, he imprisoned her in the hold of one arm before reaching down to slip his fingers between her legs.

Twig’s eyes fell shut as he touched her gingerly between her folds. His caress also felt too sensual and calculating to be considered a mutual favor. She licked her lips and rested her head lazily against his chest while lifting her foot along the rim of the tub to spread her legs further. “Mmm, Seth. I love the way you touch me…I can feel it all over me…and already inside me…”

“Goddamnit, Tahliah…” Seth whispered to her, her words making his entire body shudder with an intense need for her. He let out a moan when he felt her hand once again close around his cock. He looked down to catch sight of her brown eyes looking up at him, now holding him captive. They stared down at one another as their hands teased each other for a few minutes longer before applying more pressure. As the water washed the last soap from their bodies, the couple raced together towards their awaiting orgasm with her hand pumping his cum to the surface and his fingers thrusting her to pour all over his hand. Once the last of their orgasm wracked through their bodies, they both gathered close to the shower head to clean themselves off a second time before turning the water off and exiting the tub. Twigs led him out into the wall and into her bedroom.

Simone’s guitar riff could be heard in her own room. Being accepted into a girl’s band that already had the platform to go big inspired Simone to lock herself away and created even more music than before. She wanted to hone her skills in as many areas of music as she could and right now she was starting with perfecting her writing skills. Twigs couldn’t be prouder of her and made sure to tell her every time she saw her. Lifting her head from where she had been clasping her bra back on, Twigs caught sight of Seth using one of her brushes that she used to create a nice sleek pulled back style on his own hair. She smiled at the sight of him completely dressed and making himself at home in her room and with her things. It was an adorable sight that warmed her heart to the point where she almost forgot she was even hungry. “Hey, handsome, do you want to make a stop at the bakery for lunch before you go? It’s one of the best in town, or at least claims to be.”

Still mentally and physically thrumming in the throes of his orgasm, Seth gave her a nod of agreement, completely forgetting that the two of them couldn’t be seen in public because of who he was. “Absolutely, my Pixie.” He shared a look of doubt with her in the mirror. “But just so you know, when it comes to being the best in town, I’ll be the judge of that, okay?”

Snorting at his silly remark, Twigs playfully rolled her eyes, having also forgetting that their relationship was meant to be kept a secret from the outside world. She shook her head at him while wondering to herself just how many bakeries in London he’s taken the time to actually eat from. “Yes, your highness.”

While she and Seth were on their way to the front door, Twigs poked her head into Simone’s bedroom very quickly. “Hey, superstar! Me and Seth are headed to lunch at the bakery spot in the plaza. I’ll be back soon.”

“You’re never home soon when Seth comes into town, so save it!” Simone teased playfully, pride swelling in her heart at the idea of being referred to as a superstar. She lowered her guitar to blow her roommate a kiss. “Have fun and continue to practice safe sex. The last thing we need is me spending all my superstar money on raising your damn kid when Seth finally leaves you for some Hollywood starlet!”

“Oh whatever!” Twigs laughed. “You got to make some music first before I get to popping out any babies anytime soon anyway, so you better hop to it. Love you!” She shut the door before Simone could retaliate with her own insult. Hurrying down the hall, Twigs met Seth at the door and made sure to answer his awaiting kiss passionately. “Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“No need. You can keep me waiting as long as you want when it comes to our little songstress in there.” Seth assured her with a nod towards Simone’s room. He opened the door for her and the two headed off down the hall towards the stairwell of the apartment, unbeknownst of what was waiting for them outside. They were too caught up in their own kisses, touching and flirtatious whispers to recall what came along to being famous.

Twigs was the first to open the front door and was immediately shocked at seeing the paparazzi shrouding her boyfriend’s car. It took one surprised gasp from her to catch their attention and immediately she was blinded by flashing bulbs from cameras going off. With another gasp of surprise, she nearly lost her footing as she stumbled backwards from the crowd outside.

“Tahliah!” Seth called, reaching out to grab ahold of her waist and haul her back inside because stepping out any further would have cause him to be seen as well. He made sure the door was closed and locked securely behind them as the cameras continued to go off minutes after they were safely back inside. His attention was solely on his girlfriend who he was certain the paparazzi got a damn good look at.