Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 121: A Girl Crush

Before Twigs could receive the text message Seth had sent her from the table close by in the very same café they first met, her waitress, Sara, came by with a small plate in her hand. “Here you go, miss.” Placing the fragile china down, Twigs glanced down and saw a red heart shaped cookie sitting in the center. “It’s from our famous customer, Mr. MacFarlane. He believes it’ll help pick your mood up.”

Twigs couldn’t help but beam down at the considerate gift her boyfriend had sent her personally unlike the rest of his enamored fans within the café who only got one free item off the menu of their choice for free. Seth had deliberately requested a specific treat for her without her knowledge. Raising her eyes to a smiling Sara, Twigs gave her a grateful nod of appreciation. “Thank you very much, sweetie. And please be sure to thank this famous customer for me for I am not familiar with him.”

“Will do, miss! Please enjoy your meal and call me if you need anything at all.” With a nod, Sara fast walked to her next table of customers that were eyeing Seth from afar in awestruck.

Twigs lifted her warm brown eyes to peek up over at Seth who was covertly smirking to himself while sparing her a few short glances. It was challenging for her to soften her lips from her mirrored grin, so she lowered her eyes and bit her bottom lip to cease. Awakening her phone again, she read the text message Seth had sent her last just in time for another one to pop up.

Hurry up and finish your breakfast, woman! Just kidding. I’m sending Derek on over here though so he could come pick you up and drop you off at my place before I go.

With a nod of amused compliancy, Twigs typed back her response.

Yeah yeah, keep your shirt on, buddy!

Across from her table, Seth too busy working on getting ahold of his employee Derek at the same time his breakfast arrived right in front of him. He flashed his waiter an agile smile and then got started with consuming his meal while talking to Derek. “Hey, man! I need a favor from you real quick.”

“Just tell me where she is and where you need her to be.” Derek replied, already aware of what Seth’s favor was about. It only ever had to do with Twigs.

“The café I met her in.” Seth answered, giving him her current location then informing him where the drop her off. “And my mansion.”

“You got it. See you then.” Derek said before hanging up.

By the time his car pulled up to the curb and his horn honked three times, Twigs and Seth were both finished eating. Assembling her things together, she spared Seth a short passing smile when she strode passed his table and slipped out of the little café. Seth already informed her via text message that he’d leave a few minutes after her to not appear suspicious and then would meet her at his place. Opening the back door of Derek’s car, Twigs scooted on in and closed the door behind her. “Afternoon, Derek! How has your day been going so far?”

“Pretty good.” Derek shared as he hastily surged back into traffic. “What about you?”

“Amazing, as always!” Twigs delighted with excitement as she snuggled deeper into her coat.

“I’m glad to hear that.” Derek genuinely conveyed as they came up to a red light. “And if you don’t mind me sharing so passed due, I’m also glad to see that you and Seth are back to the way you use to be after that whole Rebecca fiasco.”

Twigs flinched before going tense all over. The memories came crashing back to her so fast her heart began to ache. It only took her recalling just how their relationship was saved after all that drama did she finally loosen up again. Letting out a soft sigh, she softly smiled to herself in alleviation that she and Seth were still together after all that suffering. “I’m glad too, Derek…that had gotten very terrifying for a moment there.”

“I bet it did.” Derek assured her solemnly. “Seth told me everything about what happened that night somewhat recently but only after he was certain you had forgiven him for it. I was completely shocked to hear that Rebecca had behaved in such a manner.”

“Yeah?” Twigs baited him in harmlessly, suddenly wishing to know his take on the young college woman. She already knew Seth’s feelings about Rebecca, and her own as well, but no other person in their inner circle. Inquisitively, she wanted to know Derek’s assessment about her.

“Absolutely! I mean, yeah, we all knew she had a girl crush on Seth and everything, but we ALL believed it was just an innocent harmless crush that would dissipate with time and age.” Derek explained as they were coming up to the long road that led to Seth’s remote mansion. “Her mother, father, or siblings never showed any concerns with her having an infatuation with Seth either.”

“They weren’t bothered at the idea of their child having an interest in an older man?” Twigs queried, curiously tilting her head to the side.

Derek shook his head. “No, not in the least. I think it’s because for two simple reasons. One, Seth is…well, Seth! He’d never cross that kind of line even if Rebecca had invited him over. Number two, her crush on Seth was pretty much like every other young girl’s crush on a heartthrob celebrity, only this heartthrob celebrity lived on the same property as them. Rebecca was always too shy of a little girl to ever approach him so brazenly, even as she got older. According to what I heard about that night, she was drunk as hell.”

“She was.” Twigs confirmed with a nod of certainty. “You could smell the booze seeping off her from outside the bedroom door!” The car decreased in speed and then made a turn into the long driveway of Seth’s property. “And as for an innocent school girl crush, I’m guessing it wasn’t all that harmless as you all must have thought if she’s climbing up into his bed the way she did that night.”

“Yeah, you might be right about that.” Derek agreed as he parked the car in front of the front double doors.

“Thanks for the drive again, Derek.” Twigs expressed with gratitude as she got out of the car with her things. “And I hope to see you soon. Tell Odette I said hi!” She didn’t give him time to respond before eagerly racing over to the mansion doors and hurtling herself on inside. Heading straight for the stairs, she wanted to make herself more…comfortable for the man she loved.

A few minutes later, Seth too came hurtling into the house and was met with Twigs coming at him at the same speed. He only had time to slam the front door shut behind him before reaching out to catch her flying body in the air and hauling her up against him. He stared up at her momentarily with love before slowly easing her back down onto her feet again, giving her slender form time to relish all the hard planes of his body that included the erection he’d been sporting since he hopped into his Maserati. “Eager much, Pixie?”

“You have no idea.” Twigs whispers huskily against his lips as her feet finally touched the ground, her hands sliding over his broad shoulders. “Aren’t you just a little too, Mr. MacFarlane?”

“Ask my painfully hard erection.” Seth answered her with a chuckle. “Which, if I’m not going crazy, is causing my vision to blur.”

Twigs burst out laughing at his silly exaggeration and began to push his jacket off him. “You’re such a drama queen!”

Seth feigned a gasp of offense. “How dare you, woman!” Reaching up, he began to tug her silk crop top up and over her head, revealing her small perky breasts.

It became a battle then of throwing insults in between removing clothes. Twigs was completely naked and Seth only in his briefs when there was a knock on the door behind them. Startled, Twigs let out a gasp and jumped back, her arms wrapping over her breasts. “Who’s that?”

“I have no idea.” Seth growled in frustration at being interrupted. Reaching down, he lifted his coat off the floor and offered it to her to put on, irritated with the idea of having to pull his pants and shirt back on all over again. “Here, wear this. I’ll go see who it is.”

“Okay…” Twigs whispered tentatively in a soft voice as she stepped aside to hide from the view of the doorway.

“Who is it?” Seth impatiently barked as he yanked his door open to…Rebecca!?

“Fuck me.” Seth couldn’t help but curse to himself at the awful timing Rebecca had coming to his house when his girlfriend, Twigs, was hiding nearby out of sight because they had just been ripping their clothes off before she interrupted them. He glared at his door for a second until he managed to soften his eyes into a steely look only then did he stared down at her. It was because she was the daughter of his maid whom he cared for like family that he was attempting to be cordial with her. “Rebecca, what the hell are you doing here?”

Rebecca’s hands shot up in a desperate sign of peace as she took a cautious step back from the angry man. Seth didn’t need to physically hit her for her to already feel his resentment towards her. Hell, his harsh expression alone delivered the blow just as effectively as a slap would. “Whoa, I’m not here to cause any more trouble, Mr. MacFarlane! I promise, I came here to apologize to you face to face for what happened between us a few weeks ago.”