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To Caress My Day

Chapter 123: World's Shittiest House Sitters

“I’ve been working on myself and on my patience, but sometimes that shit don’t come too easy. And I see you’ve been trying your best to give me explanations, but words don’t really cut it lately.” Twigs sang long to the music blaring from her phone lying on the table stand in the living room. She had agreed to help Simone on exercising her vocals that day, so she could perfect her ranges and such, but now here she was singing Shy Martin’s song ‘Good Together’ competitively against Simone’s choice of Mya’s ‘Damaged’ for fun. “Remember when our love was precious? We thought what we had was the best, yeah. Now every answers a question. Like every night is one of us is getting aggressive, the other ones acting possessive. Guess it’s the way we do shit now.”

“You could do damage, oh. Ooh, you could do damage. Ooh” Simone sang back in her much slower and sexy R&B choice of song, pointing at her roommate as if she were singing about her has her love interest. She gave her a wink and a playful smile to assure her she was only joking around. “You shut it down, turn it on. Any time you come around. You the body with the brain, the pleasure and the pain. A perfect combination to keep my heart on lock. I could get lost in your love. Can't get enough, I want it all. You the quiet storm roaring over me. Drown me in your rain. Strike me down like you're lightning.”

“You and me we never say we're sorry. Hands around my body. Fucking 'til we're good. Fucking 'til we're good. And we promise we'll do better. Both go down together. Fucking 'til we're good.” Twigs serenaded back with a smile before her body gracefully fell into her own concocted dance moves that fit perfectly with every beat of the song. Despite the fact they weren’t taking this singing competition seriously at all, Twigs was having too much fun to end it and return to tutoring Simone on vocal lessons. In fact, this was a past game she always played with Amira when they were younger, but now that Amira was occupied with being a superstar, Twigs ended up coaching Simone sometime after their relationship became closer when she moved in. Recently Simone has made it into a random out-of-the-blue game ever since she decided she wanted to become a famous musician. “If it isn't love, tell me why do we hurt so good? If it isn't love, tell me why do we hurt so good together? If it isn't love, tell me why do we feel so good? If it isn't love, tell me why do we hurt so good together? So good together.”

Simone waved off Twigs fancy dance moves and instead swayed her hips from side to side and crook her fingers at her as if to beckon her over like a lover would. “Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Boy, you're dangerous. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Like a weapon in the wrong hands, you.” She then twirled in a circle before dancing around towards the open kitchen. “You could do, you could do. You could do damage (ooh). You could do, you could do. You could do damage (do). You could do, you could do. You could do damage. You could do, you could do. You could do damage.”

“We don't do no, we don't do no conversations. We don't talk the way we used to. You act like we're all good sometimes, you know I hate it. 'Cause it's so obvious it ain't true.” Twigs stopped singing before she could reach the chorus again and shot Simone with a mischievous. “J's and the white T, diamond or gold. Tailored three-piece suits are nothing new. Boy, you're just so attractive.”

Across the room, Simone stared at Twigs in feigned shock that she was taking over her damn song, and instead of singing the next line she flipped her off and threw in her own lyric. “Fuck you, you fucking biyatch!” And then got right back to the next correct lyrics as she pulled herself up onto the counter to sit. “Don't need to do the math to know that you a problem. Oh, all night long. I might let you smash 'til we break down. You're the money and the fame. The power and the name. Since you let me taste I ain't never giving it away.”

Before Twigs could get her air back from laughing so hard at Simone’s reception to her sly ways, there was a couple of knocks on their front door that hinder their entertainment. Strolling over to the table stand in the living room, she paused her song just as Simone went off to silence hers as well. “I’ll get it.” Twigs informs her roommate before heading over to the door. She didn’t have to inquire on who their visitors were because she recognized the murmuring voices on the other side before she reached out to unlock the door. With an eager grin, she wrenched the front door open. “Bout time you ladies showed your beautiful faces again!”

“AYYY!” Neon Jungle applauded as they all simultaneously advanced their way into the apartment to embrace Twigs and Simone. They were all delighted to see theirs friends after so long on the road away from home. Don’t get them wrong, they cherished being musicians but it always took them away from the people they loved in process which was the only debacle so far that they’ve experienced in their careers.

“And what brings you guys on over here today, huh?” Simone asked them warmly, her arms around Shereen and Asami. “Are you guys on some kind of break?”

“No, but we’re so glad you asked.” Jess began before nodding towards Amira to announce the great news.

“As we speak, the video for our second single ‘Trouble’ had been released publicly 10 minutes ago!” Amira declared, throwing up her arms for elated emphasis. “And we thought why not watch it with yalls instead of in the states where we ain’t got no damn friends!”

“Oh my god, are you serious!?” Twigs squealed, jumping up and down in motivation before throwing herself at Amira. “A second video!?”

“You’re damn right!” Shereen confirmed with a jubilated laugh.

Simone immediately broke away from the group celebration to hurry on into the living room with the full intention to watch it. When she turned on the TV then couldn’t find the remote to change the channel, she called out to her roommate. “TWIGS, WHERE THE DAMN REMOTE?!”

“Oh, shit!” Twigs cursed her inattention and dashed into the living room with Neon Jungle close behind her to lend their aid. Soon, the television were on the correct channel that was introducing Neon Jungle’s second music video ever.

In the video, the camera was panning down the road of a peaceful neighborhood. In the distance, there was faint laughter echoing from one of the properties before the camera turned into a driveway with a car that had the word TROUBLE printed on the license plate. From what little you could hear of a faint conversation growing in volume, Amira’s voice brought up the hidden fact that the house they had been occupying had been recently trashed.

As the camera turned even further you could see Neon Jungle sitting outside amongst each other. Asami was on a couch propped out front on the lawn while the others were lounging about on an red orange rug. Asami was claiming that it was ALL of their mess instead of hers alone. Jess asked Asami if she was joking about that before quizzing her if she was aware of how much trouble she was in now because of the state of the home. In the background you could hear the beginning of the song ‘Trouble’ start up as their words became muffled by the beat.

The next scene was of each girl posing in front of a single light that moving over them. The house’s interior was definitely trashed up unlike the outside’s pristine look. The next take was of the girls gathered at the end of the stairs where the singing finally started with them dancing up the stairs as they belted out the chorus. The cameras followed them around the house as they danced and sang like they didn’t have a care in the world and were just having loads of fun. Soon the expected attractive hunks like in almost every music video entered the picture. They were brought over to Neon Jungle’s place, as well as whole random load of adorable puppies, and off they went riding on their bikes, only to come back and trash the house some more again.

“Wow, you guys are just the world’s shittiest house sitters, ain’t you!?” Simone playfully accused them before whacking the nearest one with her pillow which was Asami. “Do you have any idea how much trouble you’re gonna get in for all that damage you’ve done to that fucking house? I mean…who’s house even is that anyways?”

“HEY!” Asami yanked the pillow from Simone’s grasp and vengefully whacked her right on back. “You don’t have to tell me how much damn trouble I’m gonna be in, okay? ‘Trouble looks for me’, remember?”

“Bullshit! When you’re purposely trashing your parents’ house knowing full well they’re gonna kill you for it!” Twigs countered, gesturing to the silly video. “But other than that I fucking love this video because all my babies are in it!”

“Oh you do?” Amira doubted, raising an eyebrow at her. “You could have fooled me with your hating ass comment.”

“Hey it’s like I said before! your beautiful asses are in it, so I adore it!” Twigs swore with a grin before turning to Jess. “You had a lot of energy, girl, and I love those black leather overalls you were wearing!”

“Thanks!” Jess winked. “I kept them, by the way.”

“And Amira…the red lips?” Twigs reminded her best friend with look of suspicious hope.

“You know I wore that shit for you so don’t even ask me.” Amira warned her lightly.

“I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think a toast is in order!” Shereen announced excitedly while doing a drumroll on her thighs with her palms.

“Shereen, you’re a genius!” Simone complimented before lurching up to her feet and rushing into the kitchen at the same time the music video ended, and a news flash started. It was a celebrity red carpet movie premium of a film none of them cared to acknowledge.

That was until Asami recognized one of the many celebrities being presented on said red carpet. Her eyes narrowed as she scrutinized the screen for a minute. “Hold on, is that Seth on the screen?”