Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 124: Chaos Igniting

“SETH!? WHERE?” Everyone else heard Twig’s cry out from the kitchen where she had followed behind Simone to help grab some glasses needed to celebrate Neon Jungle’s second video release in the UK with a bottle of cheap Champagne. In the blink of an eye, she teleported from the kitchen to living room and was currently thrusting Neon Jungle out of her way, so she could get a front row seat to the television that had filmed her boyfriend, Seth MacFarlane, at a red-carpet event in California.

“Jesus, woman! Chill the hell out, would you?” Jess taunted her with a laugh as she scooted herself out of harm’s way before she could get shoved again.

“Yeah, you love obsessed bitch!” Amira seconded, being the first out of everyone in the room to acknowledge her deep level of feelings for her boyfriend.

Shereen leaned over to Amira and murmured to her with a teasing smile curving her lips. “And oh my god is she IN LOVE with him or what?!”

“I’ve never seen her so hooked up on a guy like this before.” Asami admitted as she too leaned over to join in on whispering. “I mean she’s loved before with her previous boyfriends, yeah sure, but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen her ‘in love’ with any of them the same way she is with Seth.”

“True, it makes you think she’s never actually been in love at all from the very beginning with those guys.” Simone seconded as she took a seat by them with the now opened champagne bottle. She had deserted the glasses much like Twigs had back in the kitchen and instead took a swig straight from the bottle before passing it along to Shereen sitting next to her as they all watched their close friend ogled at her boyfriend on the TV screen as he posed about on the red-carpet alone in a nice fitting suit.

That was until a woman in an elegant light blue dress graced across the screen beside him and linked her arms through his without warning. Twig’s heart dropped in her chest as she gaped at HER man and this woman from the side, not quite getting a good look at who she was and what she was doing attending this function on the arm of her man because of the ridiculous side view camera angle! She could tell by the wrinkles on the outer corners of Seth’s eyes over the mystery woman’s glossy brunette head that he was smiling in her refined company. Jess and everyone alongside her all stopped smiling at this random woman with her arm linked through their best friend’s secret boyfriend’s arm. “Oh shit…”

“No, he better fucking not have!” Amira seethed with anger as her eyes narrowed into a murderous glare that was aimed directly on Seth’s handsome figure in his black suit.

Twigs could barely hear their whispers behind her as she scrutinized desperately as Seth walked away from their camera view with this woman still attach to his arm on the red carpet. Occasionally, the couple would stop, and he’d place his hand on her back every time they turned to face the next round of paparazzi determined to shoot pictures of them together.

Dazed and also trying to keep her emotions at bay in front of her friends, at least until she could find a moment to be alone, Twigs continued to watch as the cameraman that was filming from this ridiculous angle down the red carpet kept Seth and his mystery woman captured in his lens from the side and not from the front where the woman’s identity could finally be revealed to her, because from what little Twigs could gather from afar she had pale skin, and brown hair that coincidentally was made into a updo with a side fringe that just so happened to drape in the direction the cameraman was shooting them at. Twig’s hands tightened into fists on her lap as she fought back her sorrow-filled tears while being deafened by the pounding of her own heart in her ears. A tiny voice repeatedly chanting in her head was struggling to be heard from a faraway distance saying Seth wouldn’t cheat on her in an effort to convince her she wasn’t seeing what she was clearly seeing.

Not being able to just sit back and keep silent about this scandal unfolding before their eyes anymore, Amira angrily blurted out. “Who the hell is this Cinderella looking bitch right here!? Does anybody fucking know?”

No one responded with an answer, not even Twigs who merely shook her head and stuttered over an incomplete response. “I-I…”

Just when Twigs was certain she couldn’t hold herself together much longer and would ultimately end up breaking down in front of her closest loved ones, the show switched to another cameraman who was filming the couple from the FRONT and evidently revealed the mystery woman’s identity for everyone in the room the see. Twigs damn near screamed with relief when she recognized Seth’s sister, Rachel, on his arm at the same time an little bar popped up too late for Twig’s liking that introduced their names for viewers to see. “Oh my god!”

“YOU GOTTA BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!” Jess shouted passionately with rage as she shot up to her feet to glare red hot at the television screen where Seth and Rachel were moving along down the carpet.

“HE’S A FUCKING DEAD MAN WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON HIM!” Simone seconded, her hands reaching out towards the screen as if she had the power to grab ahold of Seth’s neck in real life and strangle him to death through the television.

“I’M BOUT TO FUCK THAT MOTHERFUCKER UP MY DAMNSELF THE NEXT TIME I SEE HIM!” Amira swore in frustration as she began to pace off her animosity, her eyes avoiding the screen to maintain herself.


“WHERE’S MY DAMN PHONE!” Asami cursed, frantically searching through her oversize purse in search for it. “I’M GETTING ALL OUR ASSES ON THE NEXT PLANE TO CALIFORNIA!”

Twigs spun around so fast from all the chaos igniting behind her she fell over with her hands up to get their attention and simmer them down. She knew exactly what they were thinking. Rachel MacFarlane naturally had the same last name as her brother Seth MacFarlane because she was his sister, but with her friend’s overly busy schedules they probably forgot he even had a sister and instead jumped to the conclusion that Rachel must be his wife he’s kept in secret or something from them. “WHOA, WHOA, EVERYONE CALM THE HELL DOWN!” Twig’s lowered her voice once everyone in the room quieted down and gaped at her in confusion as to why she was so unaffected by all this. “That lady isn’t who you think she is.”

“As in not a fucking wife he’s hasn’t disclosed to us about?” Simone replied with serious doubt.

“Exactly. Rachel MacFarlane is his sister, not his wife. Trust me, I’d know. I’ve met her at the Halloween Party in California, remember?” Twigs reminded them all as they all began to recall the event they all attended together at Seth’s mansion by his invitation.

“Oh, um…well.” Amira said awkwardly as they all slowly sank back down on the couch in humiliation for jumping to conclusions about poor Seth. “That was quite embarrassing.”

Twigs giggled to herself before all their thoughts returned towards the Television screen to watch the last segment of Seth and his sister before it panned off to another Hollywood pair. All the ladies began to unwind back to normal before the subject of Seth was brought up again.

“Hey, Twigs?” Asami called to her curiously. “Do you ever feel paranoid or insecure about Seth being out there in California all the time around those types of Hollywood starlets when you’re here across the sea in the UK unaware of what can be going down?”

“Yeah, how do you really feel about him being surrounded by all those beautiful fake ass hoes in Hollywood industry?” Amira threw in.

“Or working on his shows with him, like that Mila Kunis chick.” Shereen pointed out.

Twigs let out a sigh before turning herself around to face them with her legs crossed. “Well, to be honest, I try not to think about those things because I definitely know it’ll throw me into overdrive! When Seth is here, I savor my moments with him and remind myself that he’s all mine…” She smiled briefly to herself. “Then again I don’t really have to because he’s always doing the reminding for me. Yes, he’s surrounded by beautiful women daily and yes he has a long track record with women that don’t look anything like me, but…I don’t’ know, when we’re together all those doubts gets erased by our love for one another. It truly feels too strong for any of those women to be able to break.”

“Do you think you’ll ever feel comfortable coming out to the public with your relationship?” Simone inquired, resting her chin on her hand.

Twigs winced at that question as she was still unsure of herself about becoming public with Seth. “I don’t know about that, Simone. I mean don’t get me wrong I love that man like no other will ever love him, and I know he feels the same for me. I can actually see a future with him unlike most of the guys I’ve been with and yet…I’m still not sure about letting the world know about us.”

“Okay but…” Jess began a bit nervously. “What would you do if Seth wanted to marry you? Will you go public then?”

Groaning with annoyance that she had no answers to any of their questions, Twigs covered her face temporarily. “Ugh, I don’t know! Why do you have to ask me all these questions I’m unprepared for?”

“Well, if he did ask you to marry him like…today, what would you say?” Amira asked her intrusively.

This question Twigs already had an answer to. She lowered her hands from her face and looked at her friends. “Honestly, I’d say yes in a heartbeat to his proposal.” She then let out a mournful sigh and looked away. “But unfortunately, I can’t realistically react in that way. I must be smart about it and think it through first. When I marry, I want to marry forever, not go through 12 divorces in one lifetime! I can’t go around making such reckless decisions…no matter how much my heart needs me to.”