Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 127: A Present Waiting...

On the 15th of November, Simone and Twigs were on a plane to California for Los Angeles unbeknownst to Seth. Twigs was pondering on whether or not she should notify him of her trip across the sea to visit him but opted against it. She wanted to surprise him when Derek, who was the only one aware of her plans, drove them up into Seth's garage.

Unfortunately, her surprise didn’t go as planned. Seth wasn’t home when Derek drove both her and Simone into the garage, closed its massive door, and allowed them out of his vehicle. Simone accepted Derek’s help out of the back seat and removed her coat from over her head where she had used it to shield her identity from skulking paparazzi. “Okay so…there’s no car in here or out in the driveway which, I don't about y'all, but it makes me question if Seth is even home right now?”

“Apparently not.” Derek answered as he helped Twigs out of the car next. “He must have unexpectedly gone back into work again. He’s been doing that a lot since Tahliah went back to the UK last.”

“Seriously? Man, that sucks! I was so looking forward to surprising him.” Twigs whined with a pout. “I guess I should have predicted this since he’s a workaholic and everything.”

Simone turned to face her roommate. “Look, I got a few minutes to spare before I gotta go if you wanna wander around the place for a while together.”

Twigs smiled at her, her mood brightening up at the idea. “That sounds better than hanging around here by myself.” She straighten her arm and bent it in an offering to Simone. “Shall we, Milady?”


“Goddamn, I forgot how fucking huge his place is!” Simone murmured in awe as they stared out the windows to Seth's backyard where his pool and tennis court was. “I mean, he’s got a fucking tennis court! What does he even need that for?”

Twigs giggled as her roommate held onto her arm. “He’s thinking about using that for his sister’s next Halloween party.”

“Sounds like a good deal.” Simone agreed before reaching into her pocket for her phone to check the time. She'd been doing that off and on for the past few minutes since they started the tour. “Well, looks like times up for me. I have other places I gotta head off to now or I'll be late.”

“And where was that again? I don’t want you wandering all over Los Angeles on your own, this is a foreign country to us, remember?” Twigs questioned like an overprotective mother. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Simone to not go exploring unfamiliar territories alone, it’s that she didn’t trust anyone else with her best friend’s safety. Simone was precious to her, and she'd hate to lose her so soon.

“To the hotel where my band mates are staying.” Simone reminded her with an amused smile as she patted Twig's arm lightly. “That also means Lauren Bennett, who you told me you approved of to be worthy as my friend, remember?”

“I remember.” Twigs smiled as she led her back through the living room and to the garage where Derek was ending the last of his few calls on his cellphone.

“Will you be able to meet them, my other band mates, I mean?” Simone asked her. “Not tonight, but like maybe later on in the weekend?”

Twigs nod as Derek helped himself into the driver’s seat and started his car. “I believe I can try and make some time to in my schedule.”

“Sweet! Thank you, love!” Simone leaned forward to give her a quick hug and kiss before departing from her to duck into the car and close the door behind her.

Twigs hurried back into the house, so Derek could open the garage door without any cameras getting a shot of her. If there was any wandering cameraman outside the property, they couldn't catch her if she was secured within the house…but still she wanted to see her friend go and so she cracked open the door leading into the garage a bit and observed Simone depart to see her GRL band mates.

Now all there was left to do after Derek's car was out of sight was to wait for her boyfriend to return from work at FOX studios…and find something sexy to wear to surprise him in. Luckily for her by the time she was dressed the part and had planned everything, Seth’s Maserati could be heard roaring up the driveway. Out of time, Twigs quickly scurried into sultry position on the couch before he could step through the front door.

Seth strolled into his home none the wiser that there was a present waiting for him. That was until he entered the living room and tripped over his own two feet about four steps the moment he glanced up to see the woman he loved draped on his couch in nothing but a set of sexy heels, and in a see-through black lace panty and bra set. The single elastic bands of the everyday underwear that gripped the hips were separated into three thin black bandages that were similar to the ones beneath the bra that crossed each other in a sexy style that made Seth’s blood run hot straight down to his groin. His jaw immediately dropped at the delicious sight. “H-Holy shit…”

Twigs wore a sensual smile on her ruby red lips as her head rested on her hand with her tousled ebony curls on beautiful display. It took everything to keep from laughing at his speechless reaction. “Good evening, Mr. MacFarlane.”

Her tone. My god, her tone was so sexy Seth was losing some of the strength in his body as if she’d cut him deep and left him to bleed dry. Suddenly, the keys in his hands were too heavy hold and went tumbling out of his limp hand and onto the hardwood floor beside his feet. “…holy shit…”

This time Twigs couldn’t hold back her giggles and slowly lifted herself up on the couch, her heels now planting themselves closed in front of her. Her curls fell a little past her shoulder as she placed both of her hands on the couch behind her and leaned back. “Well? Aren’t you going to come in and greet your guest?”

Seth only managed at weak nod as his brown eyes remained glue on her half-naked form. With as much strength as he had left, he shuffled one foot forward a short step and then the other. He was beginning to feel confident again until his lover decided to slowly spread her legs open to reveal what he thought would be a sheer view of her womanhood guarded with black lace. But that’s not what he saw. There was no thin black lace hiding anything from him. Her underwear was crotchless, and her womanhood was glistening like a diamond in preparation for his appraisal.

“SHIT!” Seth practically fell this time from being caught off guard but managed to catch himself midway before he could hit the ground. His body felt too drained to lift himself back up, as if she had somehow drugged him with something from all the way across the room on the couch. He was hot all over, and his erection had to have ripped his jeans by the seams by now. Despite all this, his eyes refused to sway from the sight of her sex exposed to him as his chest rose and fell like a hungry grizzly bear ready to chase it's prey down.

Twigs giggled again before sitting up to reach her hands out to him. “Poor baby, come here. I’ll make you feel better.”

On a quarter tank of gas, Seth forced his heavy body towards her. He swore he could hear the holy orchestra of heaven when he finally felt her hands make contact with his body. Sadly, her firm pressure on his lower stomach was not there to ease his pain like she had promised, but to halt him in his conquest to seek relief of the ailment in his pants any further. “Tahliah…?”

“You never answered my question before you almost fell.” Twigs told him with a teasing smile on her lips, her head tilted back to watch his face contort from confusion to pain. “How was your day, my love?”

“Huh? I…wha…uh..yes?” Seth stumbled to answer, not recalling anything that happen that day at the moment.

Never answered her question, what question, he wondered to himself as he stared down at her in a panic. Had she had asked him something right before he almost fell? If so he hadn’t heard it because all of his focus was on her exposed sex glistening in the sunlight spilling into his living room.

Twigs let out a soft laugh that must have sounded so damn sexy to her boyfriend’s ear because his entire body shuddered beneath her palm. His eyes were begging her to let him enter her body, and she was almost tempted to grant him his greatest desire. Only…she wasn’t quite ready yet to stop torturing him.

Her brown eyes broke their contact in order to stay true to her plan. If she didn't, he’d win the battle. Instead she lowered them to his erection and decided that this was where she’d begin.