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To Caress My Day

Chapter 128: Spellbound

Putting her plans into action, Twigs reached out to touch her beloved Seth who was still deeply moved by her unscheduled visit to his California home donned in a see-through lingerie set that was also crotchless. He had already been taken aback when he first saw her draped across his couch awaiting his arrival and had almost tumbled over when she had sat up and spread her legs for him. His reaction was comical to her, but now that he was in reachable distant, all the laughter dissipated only to be replaced with a desire to touch him again. The palm of her hand made contacted with the huge bulge in his pants that...had oddly either broke through the zipper wide open during its inflation or was already damaged before. Her other hand soon joined in on meandering over his erection, feeling the strength of it through his pants and relishing the heat seeping from it and into the palms of her hands. “I can see you’ve endured another long hard day at work, didn’t you love?”

Seth couldn’t fathom what she was saying as he fought to keep his moans at bay and so he gave her a mute nod of understanding. At this point any sound that came out of his mouth would certainly sound too desperate if he let him ring throughout his living room, and so he gritted his teeth and kept his mouth clamped shut. Though it was truly a strenuous task on his part to resist an outburst slipping out what with her hands molding and stroking over his length like it was some precious ancient artifact newly discovered, but he managed it almost successfully. There were soft groans that grumbled past his lips but other than he was mostly silent, his body occasionally trembling beneath her small hands as his own reach out to touch the soft ends of her dark curls.

Wishing to take this reunion to another area of the room that her boyfriend preferred, Twigs gracefully stood up and took one of his hands in hers. She walked around him and with a tug led him to one corner of the room. With a naughty smile on her face, Twigs listened to his clumsy steps echo behind her as she led him to his piano. Halting at the piano bench, she turned to lean against his side, her other hand splaying itself on his chest. “Play something for me, Seth.”

“P-Play something?” Seth repeated, perplexed by her strange request as he automatically stepped between the piano and the bench, his eyes now on his favorite instrument. He had to admit when he had arrived home and found his girlfriend draped over his couch like a half-naked snack, he was under the impression that they were about to get it on. Now, he wasn’t quite sure what was going on anymore. Why did she want him to play his piano when they could make music together…with their bodily fluids?

“Yes, baby.” Twigs answered with a nod as she moved behind him to place her hands on his shoulders and pressed him downwards until he obeyed her and sat on his bench. “You play the most beautiful music...”

Seth sat there in silence for a moment, at first in hesitation of what she could be up to and then because he was sifting through his mind for a simple tune that even with half a brain working he’d be able to perform masterfully. He needed to prepare himself for her next attack which he was certain would come soon enough. Lifting his hands, he placed them on the polished keys and began to play.

“So talented.” Twigs complimented him in a sultry tone as she watched him for a long time, enthralled by his gift. She wanting him to feel complacent enough to forget she was even there. When she felt he was in that moment, she walked him around him, issuing a pre-warning. “Keep playing, baby.”

Seth parted his lips to ask her why, his brows furrowed in intense concentration that was usually impenetrable to everything around him but was now about to be tested. Completely unprepared, Seth felt a slight push on his arm that only seemed to add more and more pressure. With a frown, he quickly glanced to his left to see it was Twig’s trying to nudge his arm aside to let her in. Expertly, Seth managed to maneuver his arm out of the way to allow her entry and return back onto the keys in no time without ruining a singe note. He was proud about that impressive save but could now only see Twig’s lingerie behind staring right at him, her slender form blocking any sight of the keys. That didn't alarm in the least, however, because he had this song already memorized to where he could perform it with his eyes closed if he wanted to.

Then again, that profound skill was much easier to implement when there wasn't an image of his lover half-naked in lingerie. Deciding to accept defeat and hand her her victory, Seth tilted his head up and inform her he was gonna cease from playing, but Twigs was one step ahead of him as always. She turned around to face him and slowly straddled him on his piano bench. Seth immediately let out a groan when her weight applied pressure on his erection while at the same time she lowered her breast so close to his face he swore he could taste the sweetness of her nipples as her bra cups brushed over his lips. The little sex siren made herself comfortable on his lap with a egotistical smile on her face that was demanding to be wiped away with a ravishing kiss. Unbeknownst to him, his fingers faltered across the keys before coming to an abrupt end.

“Oh no, Seth, you stopped playing.” Twigs teased him with a feigned pout, her arms wrapped securely around his neck. “Please, play me something else. I love hearing how talented you are.”

“Oh god…” Seth stuttered to himself as he squeezed his eyes shut and tried to recall a single tune he was just as familiar with as the one before. His memory went from fail, to success, and back to fail again in a full minute brain scan. “Hold on a minute, let me uh…let me think for a few minutes.”

It took him longer than a few minutes, so long in fact Twigs couldn’t help from giggling. “What’s the hold up, baby?”

“I uh…” Seth stammered embarrassingly. “I’m trying to remember how…to play the goddamn piano again.”

Twigs wanted to laugh again but she didn’t. She didn’t wish to make him feel incompetent for completely forgetting how to play an instrument he was known for playing so marvelously. Instead, she sat there with a smile on her face until she felt his shoulders move, signaling that he had extracted a tune from his memory and began to fill the room again with another beautiful melody. With a smile, she closed her eyes and listened to the music, allowing it to paint a magical world within the creativeness of her mind.

Seth watched her close while she was enveloped in the melody. He adored her cute little slender nose with her gold septum ring dangling at the end, and her black thick arched brows above her big brown closed eyes that were far apart. Her lashes were dark and long against her cheeks and her beautiful face as a whole was curtain with long dark curls that shined in the lights in his living room. She had a slight dust of freckles across her nose underneath her foundation that he always found adorable. And her lips, one of his most favorite parts of her, was a full red luscious cupid bow shade that was asking to be kissed. It didn’t help that they were right in reach too.

As he lowered his eyes to gaze down at her while play the piano splendidly with no fault, Twigs slowly opened her eyes to look up at him with a loving smile. She’d felt him gawking at her for some time but didn’t wish to disturb his adoring exploration of her face. Her smile widened when he smiled back softly, his penetrating brown eyes reaching deep within her soul and making her feel warm and giddy with love before they dropped down to her red lips. She could tell he wanted to kiss her but only when he was certain she was ready to accept it, not while she still playing her little game with him. Happily, Twigs leaned over to give him her reassurance in a soft kiss.

His eyes fall shut along with hers as their lips met innocently before he turned his head to slant his mouth back overs hers in a deeper kiss, his hands retracting from the keys again and ending the music to wrap around her waist.

Twigs broke the kiss soon after the music stopped to playfully smile at him with an arched brow. “Seth, why did you stop playing again?”

Ah, now he was beginning to see her game! With an amused chuckle, Seth let her go to place his fingers back on the piano keys behind her to resume back to where he left off. “Forgive me, milady, for your lips had me spellbound.”

“You’re forgiven.” Twigs assured him before leaning forward again. She parted her lips and slanted her mouth over his in very much the same way he had to before to deepen the kiss. Her fingers gripped his shirt as she thrust her tongue into his mouth and met his. A soft moan escaped her as their mouths mated hungrier and hungrier, and she began to grind down on his already aching groin.

Seth continued to play the piano as they made out. It wasn’t all that hard at first until the roughness of their kissing became heavier and shortened their breaths to the point they were panting for air in and out of the gaps of their fusing of their lips. There was also her grinding down on his painfully erected cock, that didn't help much. His hands were practically itching to touch her body again before apply some kind of pressure to his cock to ease his own suffering.

Thankfully, Twigs had lost interest in her little game entirely and dove her fingers into his hair to grip chunks of the short strands as she devoured his lips like a female conqueror staking her male claim. Seth’s fingers began to finally falter, but they were both too busy making out as if they were compensating for their inability to have sex at the moment to take notice. It was only when Twigs tore her mouth for his to whine like a porn star did she have his attention. “S-Seth please! I…I want y-your cock…”

He didn’t need to be told twice. Without asking if he could step out of character from her little sexy game he allowed her to play, Seth lifted her tiny form off of him by her waist and up on top of the piano keys, causing a loud obnoxious blaring sound to echo throughout the long halls. He parted from her loosened hold quickly enough when she had flinched in distraction to the loud sound before she could re-tighten her hold around him again to reached down to unfasten his pants and fish his seeping erection from within its confinement.

Twigs watched him with desperate eyes as he produced his cock from its prison and eagerly reached out to him just in time as he lifted her back up against him only to impale her down onto him. Twigs threw her head back the moment he thrust into her already lubricated sex and cried out his name. “SETH, FUCK!”

With a long satisfied moan, Seth descended back down onto the piano bench. His hands slid down her waist to cup her firm behind in his hands, kneading the supple flesh. “F-Fuck, Pixie…”

“L-Let me…” Twigs whispered in his ear as she gripped a hold of his shoulders and used him to lift herself up his dick before dropping back down with the intention of riding him on his piano bench.