Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 129: Welcome Home

With his hands on Twig’s hips, Seth helped his girlfriend arise over his slick cock coated with her essence and then pulled it back down again to re-sheathe himself. He groaned deeply in pleasure as he closed his eyes and leaned his head forward to rest on her shoulder, his grip tightening on her hips every time she sunk down onto him. Her soft moans reverberated in the living room as her hands fisted the material on his shoulders, her head tilted back in focus on her own euphoric pleasure. “God, Seth!”

Their previous game of him maintaining a tune on his piano while she seduced him was put on a permanent pause as they allowed themselves to get lost within the euphoria their bodies craved from each other. Seth knew if she requested for him to pick up where he left off again, he’d obey though he was certain he wouldn’t be able to play the next few keys without messing up. He was glad at she was too preoccupied at the moment to request him to do anything else that didn’t involve enjoying the cozy warmth of her body, the addicting taste of her lips, and her hips driving him repeatedly within her in earnest. The moment her moans sounded off closer together and in a higher pitch, Seth knew Twigs was getting close to climaxing. With his left arm, he securely wrapped it around her waist while his other hand slid around her hips and downwards to cup a handful of her buttock, beckoning her release to come forth to decimate her body with an ecstasy so intense she’d have no choice but to let out a scream. Her felt her cling to him tighter as she got closer and closer to shattering within his arms. “Cum for me, Tahliah.”

Twigs whimpered at his patient whisper in her ears, her lips parting as she panted heavily. She tried resisting his command just to be rebellious but his hand on her behind urging her hip further against his body was too much to defy. Her orgasm came blanketing over her like a tsunami of pleasure and overwhelmed her senses so severely she blacked out with a scream of his name on her lips. “SETH! FUCK!”

Lifting his hips the moment he felt her slacking, Seth proceeded to thrust into her so she could enjoy the last rushing waves of her orgasm. Even after it was done, his hips continued to feed himself into her, maintaining the same level of speed as they had before without easing off from her sensitive state. Her moans were reduced to small cries now and even though she tried to talk around them to asked him to slow down, Seth continued to move into her body even after he rose from his piano bench to stand and lay her down right onto the keys of his piano. The keys once again let out a loud unattractive blaring sound that echoed throughout his living room but neither of them noticed. Familiar with this scenario, Seth continued to make love to her on his instrument again except this time they were on his piano in California, not the one in the UK.

“S-Seth wait...” Twigs moaned out, her puckered nipples on full display for her lover through her see through bra. She was sensitive after her first orgasm, and so the pleasure consuming her body was on some extreme levels of intensity. If he’d only stop for a moment, her body could recover, but Seth didn’t seem in the mood to negotiate as he leaned over to take one of her nipples into his mouth, drawing in the black lacy material along with it. Twigs let out a sharp cry that ended in a small scream when his other hand paid tribute to the other neglected nipple. His mouth suckling on her felt just as good as the very first time. Reaching up, she dove her fingers into his hair and gripped down, holding his head prisoner there. “SETH, P-PLEASE!”

Seth felt her walls clamp around him as his lover let out a scream of release, her body arching off the piano as her second orgasm crashed into her without warning. Feeling his own release stalking towards him from behind, Seth had to bite down and ward the beast off before it could overtake him too soon. No, he wasn’t done with Twigs yet. Still wanting to hear and feel more of her outcries of ecstasy in her most vulnerable and pleasurable state, Seth waited until she rode out this orgasm too before whispering a husky order. “Hold on to me, Pixie…”

Barely conscious and aware, Twigs used what little strength she had left to grip onto his shoulder and tighten her legs around his waist securely before he lifted her off his piano. Her lover had yet to cum. Why was this, you ask? Usually after two orgasms he’d allow his own release but for some reason this time… “S-SHIT, BABY!”

Holding back a grin, Seth launched her up from his cock and back down again so brutally it was a shock to both of their systems. He wasn’t sure if he’d be able to survive making love to her standing up this way, but it’d be fun to try. With his hands gripping each of her buttocks, he urged her up and down his thick hard cock in a speed so fast he knew he’d have her falling apart soon enough.

Twigs couldn’t fight the incoming orgasm on her own. She went from having an army of resistance to now standing alone on the battlefield. There was no stopping this third release as she threw her head back and let out a strangled scream, her walls clamping so tightly around him she was certain he’d be cumming along close behind her, but low and behold, he didn’t!” D-DAMNNIT SETH!”

Seth couldn’t help but laugh at the sound of her frustration that he hadn’t cum yet, but it sounded kind of strained. How he survived that without cumming himself was beyond him! Hell, his insistent on making her cum again a fourth time was also unbelievable. While she was in her early 20s he was in his mid-30s. He was old, at least in his eyes. Being able to have sex with the stamina of a teenager like he’s been doing tonight was unlike him. Though he’s been burying himself in his work more often to keep himself from catching any and every plane back to the UK just to be with her, his body had clearly not forgotten her. As Twigs sagged her body against the right side of his body, Seth chose that time to catch his breath…that was until his eyes wandered over to the side of breast being exposed out of her bra. He let out a groan as his mouth watered. “Let me take this off.”

Without a care, Twigs allowed him to undo her bra and assisted him on pulling the one triangle off of her supple breast that he planned on feasting from. Hauling her further up his body until he was face to face with her small dark nipple, Seth took the bud into his mouth again and happily suckled on it. Twigs let out a whiny mewl as her fingers dived back into his hair again and held him to her chest. She loved the feeling of him on her breast. “Baby…”

Keeping a firm hold on her, Seth began to lower himself back down onto the piano bench behind him, occasionally retracting from her nipple to nip and lave his tongue over the hardened peak. He was appreciative when Twigs eagerly pulled back to remove her entire bra from her torso and allowed it to whispered to the floor so he could pay attention to her other neglected breast. Seth did just that until both of the straining buds were sore from the worship of his mouth.

Twigs was tired from her body spasming through three orgasms, but when her boyfriend lifted his lips in offering she took them greedily in a deep lingering kiss. When she parted from him, she smiled and whispered softly against his lips. “Surprise.”

Seth grinned back and chuckled. “Best surprise present ever in my life.”

Giggling, Twigs ran her fingers thought his short dark hair. “I missed you so much, Seth.”

“You have no idea.” Seth sighed forlornly. He's felt empty and alone since they’ve been apart working on their own separate lives.

“Oh, I think I do.” Twigs assured him confidently, opening her eyes to see him staring at her. Their eyes locked for a long time before they leaned over to connect their lips back together again in a passionate heavy kiss.

Seth felt her arms wrapped around his neck with the intention of making out with him, but he had a better idea. Carefully breaking the kiss, he asked her full lips. “Hey, do you wanna play the piano with me?”

Completely forgetting that he hadn’t yet cum, Twigs decided to humor him. “Sure, why not?”

“Then let’s play.” With his help, Seth eased her off of his cock.

Twigs let out a gasp when she felt him slide out of her hot wet canal before whining at the loss of him. It always felt so much better to have him within her instead of out. “Baby…”

“Shh.” Seth calmed her as he helped her stand on her own two feet before spinning her around to face the piano. Now, she probably thought he’d guide her back down to sit in the open space between his legs, but that’s not what he did. Still with sex on his mind, he lowered her back down onto his hard cock. “There you go.”

“Mmm, baby!” She cried out in renewed pleasure, allowing him to pull her all the way down to the hilt of his cock without complaint. Perhaps this time, he’d cum. She bit her lips as he groaned in her ear then reached out to capture her small hands in his and positioned them onto the keyboards of his piano. She shivers when he whispered the title of the melody they would play together, but she honestly couldn’t think at the time to remember it. All she knew that he was inside her, and that’s all she cared about as he guided her limp fingers over the keys.

“Keep going, Pixie. You can do this.” Seth whispered to her in feigned confident. He knew she couldn’t continue to hold the simple tune that was only 4 keys without his hands there to guide her, not because she was stupid but because his cock was sitting deep inside her in suspense. She was distracted as Seth’s hands drifted down to grip a hold of her hips. Using his strength and his strength only to control her, he lifted her up off of his cock and then back down again. They both moaned and shuddered in pleasure, Seth knowing full well this time he’d cum. Eager to feel that ecstasy, but willing to be patient once more, he slowly made love to her at his piano.

Selfishly, Twigs was too impatient for the lingering pace and desperately begged for more. “S-Seth baby please, go faster!”

“Wait, my love…just w-wait.” Seth answered her for the first time and soon to be many times after. The woman was eager for him to fill her up with cum and he was too, but he was feeling cruel tonight and wanted to tease the both of them mercilessly. He kept up the slow pace as her voice went from desperation to sounding filled with emotions on the brink of exploding. It was only when she was on the verge of tears did he obey her repetitive pleading and began to pound into her like an animal.

Once again taking her by surprise, Twigs came without warning around him with a scream so filled with emotion, it sounded more like a sob. Her body jerked sporadically as she reveled in her fourth orgasm, she almost wasn’t aware that Seth had finally came two second after hers. She reached out to him and held him to her as he drained himself within her body and she took over riding every drop of their orgasm away leaving them spent. With a kiss to her shoulder, her whispered. “Welcome home.”