Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 13: Consequences of Falling

The bar erupted into applause as Neon Jungle stepped off stage, allowing the bar owner, Danica, to take the spotlight. Seth and Twigs gave their heartwarming congrats to Neon Jungle before listening to the elderly bar owner speak.

“Good evening everyone, I am so happy you came down here tonight. I want to take this opportunity to thank Neon Jungle for coming by and performing some songs for us. Over the past year, I’ve become great friends with these four young ladies and they are genuinely talented stars that I know will make it big, so cheers to that.” The bar owner called Danica announced, lifting up her small beer. Everyone in the bar cheered. Seth put his arm around Shereen and Jess shoulders, hugging them both as he felt a bit of brotherly pride wash over him.

“Tonight, is my anniversary with my husband Mac. Yes, it’s been 30 years and counting. In case you don’t come here often, I always sing one song for my husband on our anniversary. Our song is by K.D Lang, called Consequences of Falling. So I’m gonna go right on ahead and sing, I hope you enjoy, and if you know the words feel free to dance with your soulmate and sing along.” The crowd cheered as Danica got herself prepared to sing. Almost instantly, old couples began to get up and slowly make their way to the small dance floor.

Amira, Jess, Shereen and Asami each got up back on stage, walking to the four mic stands behind the Danica’s. Earlier in the evening they had promised to be Danica’s backup singers for her anniversary song since it meant so much to her. They wanted to thank her for giving them a chance to sing in her cozy pub tonight.

Seth looked to Twigs, after getting a little envious seeing the elderly couples coming together. Could he ask her to dance with him too? Would it be wrong of him? Who is he kidding, of course it’d be wrong! But Seth knew in his heart that it would feel so incredibly right. Fuck it, Seth cursed. He’s going to take that chance.

“Would you like to dance?” He asked her softly, watching for her reaction.

Twigs felt her cheeks grow warm at the thought of dancing with him. This wasn’t a club song, it was a slow love song that people dance closely to together. If she was going to dance with him, she’d have to be CLOSE to him. Oh my goodness, should I, Twigs questioned herself. Looking behind her shoulder, Twigs’s pleading brown eyes connected with Amira, Shereen, Asami and Jess, who were each mouthing for her to dance with Seth. They look ridiculous jumping up and down in desperation for her to say yes that it was impossible for Seth not to notice, but he pretended not to for Twigs’s sake.

“Um, o-o-ok.” Twigs placed her hand in his, once again feeling the electricity run through her body, making her shiver in. Seth led her to the small dancefloor, where a few couples were gathering together to slow dance.

“Do you know the words to this song?” Seth asked quickly, hoping she’d say yes as the intro began to play.

“Yes, why?” Twigs answered, wondering why he wanted to know as they stood in front of one another.

“Sing for me.” Seth watched her eyes sparkle in submission. He wasn’t simple asking to, he was telling her to, and she loved it. Twigs nervously licked her lips before taking a step closer to him, boldly pressing them closer than they needed to be. Seth was surprised, but didn’t say anything in case she might step back if he put her on the spot. Instead, he reached for her hand, cupping it in his, and wrapped his arm around her slender frame, placing his hand flat on her lower back. Danica and Twigs began to sing at the same time.

Are you breathing,
What I’m breathing?
Are your wishes the same as mine?
Are you needing,
What I’m needing?
I’m waiting for a sign.

Twigs sang softly, keeping her eyes on Seth as they both slowly danced to the romantic rhythm. The music seem to give her the confidence to not shy away like she naturally would. The young pixie placed her arm boldly around Seth’s neck, urging him lower his head as she softly sang to him as if in secret.

My hands tremble.
My heart aches.
Is it you calling?
Is it you calling?

Twigs sang a little higher, her eyes looking desperately into Seth, her hand slipping to the back of his neck. Seth said nothing, just listened to her as she once again used her power to take him into a whole other world where it was just the two of them. A place where they could do whatever they wanted to each other. Seth pulled the Twigs closer to his frame wanting to take this journey together, their noses nearly touching.

If I’m alone in this,
I don’t think I can face.
The consequences of falling.
The consequences of falling.
The consequences of falling.
The consequences of falling.

Danica sang, as the four young singers joined in as her backup singers. Twigs got ready for the next verse, pulling Seth closer with her hand as she began to sing more seductively in his ear.

Are you thinking,
What I’m thinking?
Does your pulse quicken like mine?
Are you dreaming,
What I’m dreaming?
I can’t read your mind.

Seth knew she couldn’t have been thinking what he was thinking as he leaned his head against her, smelling her intoxicating scent. What was going through his mind right now was Tahliah on his bed with her legs wrapped around his hips, tightening her inner muscles as she milked him dry when he came into her. Fuck, I want her so bad, Seth thought, wanting to moan as their pressed bodies moved together.

One step towards you
Two steps back
Feels like I’m crawling
Feels like I’m crawling.

Twigs felt his arm tightening around her waist, pulling their lower regions closer to together. She felt something hard against her leg and instantly knew what it was. Her breathe caught, stopping her from singing the chorus again as she pulled back a little. Twigs merely stared into his brown eyes, seeing them clouded with a hurricane of lust. Seth’s brown orbs were telling her one thing, ‘I wanna fuck you,’ which only made Twigs want to take her clothes off and grant him his wish. But she didn’t, she couldn’t. All she could do was sing some more.

My hand trembles.
My heart aches.
Is it you calling?
Is it you calling?
If I’m alone in this,
I don’t think I can face.
The consequences of falling.

Twigs stop singing, as she raises her face higher, her red lips brushing against his bottom lip. She wanted this just as much as he did, and it only made what she was doing much more painful for him. Seth couldn’t stop his hands traveling down to cup her small pert behind. Twigs gasp, her small hands finding their way to his cheeks. Both of them didn’t know it, but they were both breathing heavily in each other’s face like wild animals desperate to mate with one another. Jess, Asami, Shereen and Amira were so glad that none of the couples on the dance floor or Danica took notice of those two, because if they did, someone would have flipped out. The four bandmates love to sing on stage for fans, but right now all they wanted to do was hurry up and finish the song so they could separate Seth and Twigs before they start literally having sex on the dancefloor in front of everyone! Finally when Danica finished, she let Neon Jungle perform another one of their songs.

Jess jumped to the mic, shouting out to the crowd. “Hello again everybody, we want to share just one more song for you guys!”

Seth and Twigs jumped away from one another due to Jess’s loud announcement that shattered their sexual daze. All of a sudden the place went black, before the flickering of stage lights flashed through the darkness. Seth looked around, not seeing Twigs anywhere. Where did she go, he wondered to himself. From what he could see through the random flashes, the much younger crowd were heading to the dance floor while the older folks headed on out of the bar for the night. Seth tried searching for her, but after forty minutes he couldn’t find her, and he knew no matter how long he took, he wouldn’t find her.