Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 130: MY Nympho Demands!?

Later on Saturday night, Twigs was awoken to the sound of her cellphone going off on the nightstand on her side of the bed. Her familiar ringtone was soon followed by a masculine groan beside her that drew her attention immediately.

Next to her was a bare-naked Seth MacFarlane, his lower half concealed with the bed sheet tangled around their sore limps. His heavy arm was draped over her flat stomach and his face turned towards her for only a few minutes before his features twisted into a frown as he let out an agitated grunt before turned away from the direction of her ringing phone. “Shut that damn thing off...”

Quickly moving out from under his arm, Twigs stretched out to grab her phone and answer the call so it wouldn’t unsettle Seth any longer. The wrinkled sheets around her hips slipped down when she moved, but she didn’t try to conceal her bare behind from sight because of the lingering exhaustion of last night. She had spent all Saturday having sex with Seth in his bedroom and doing nothing much else. “Hey, Simone, whats going on?”

“Hey, Twiggy-baby!” Amira’s unexpected voice called out to her happily from the other end. “Was your beautiful ass asleep just now, cause your voice sounds all groggy-like.”

Twigs frowned to herself at the familiar sound of her best friend’s voice. She had been certain the caller ID read as Simone’s name when she gave a peek at it, not Amira’s. So why was she answering Simone's phone? “Y-Yeah, I was but…Amira, why are you calling me on Simone’s phone? Did you lose yours again and decided to claim hers until you found it?”

“Oh no, my phone is across the room in my bag but I don’t wanna get it right now. I’m feeling kinda lazy, so I picked up the nearest phone which just so happens to be our girl’s phone and decided to give you a ring.” Amira explained from where she sat away from her friends for privacy.

“Oh, okay.” Twigs yawned out before snuggling down into the bed and back beneath Seth’s arm, closing her eyes shut blissfully. “So, what’s up with you guys tonight?”

“What’s up with me? What do you mean?” Amira repeated in confusion by Twig's careless inquiry before realizing that that tired girl had no idea why she was being called right now. “Baby girl, I hope you didn’t forget our plans today!”

Twigs lazily frowned in her sleep, too drowsy to react in any animated way. “Plans? What plans?”

Amira laughed that she had suspected right that her dear friend had indeed forgotten about the previous plans they had made for tonight. “Hanging out with your girlfriends and meeting GRL, Simone’s girl band, for the first time!”

Twig’s eyes snapped open in surprise, chasing away the exhaustion bearing down on her in an instant. “Wait, that’s TODAY today!?”

“Heck yeah, we’re all already down here waiting on you.” Amira informed her. “I figured you might be too busy with your handsome lover boy over there to remember, so I thought I’d call you to remind you. Was I right?”

Hearing the cockiness in her best friend’s voice, Twigs rolled eyes and lied. “No, Amira, you were wrong. I’m not with Seth that?”

Amira let out a squeal of delight, detecting her deceit. “Oh my god, I am right!”

“No, you aren't! I just said you weren’t!” Twigs reminded her sharply as her head turned to glance at Seth’s pale back littered with red claw marks as results of her nails scratching down his back. Her cheeks inflamed with heat at the memory of her digging her nails into his skin while he drove in and out of her body until she screamed for mercy. “W-We didn’t do anything!”

“Honey, it’s cool. It doesn’t really matter.” Amira assured her with a more serious tone now. “Late or not, I still got your back no matter what. No one is gonna hold you being late tonight against you, so you don't have to worry about getting chided by the rest of the group.”

Sighing with relief that her friend was letting her go easy, Twigs smile to herself. “Thank you, darling. I owe you one for this.”

“And I better receive it in a yes or no to my next question.” Amira rushed into saying, a huge grin on her face. “Has homeboy been blowing your back out all day, yes or no?”

Twigs burst out laughing before quickly slapping a hand over her mouth. She had felt the bed jump from her outburst and knew Seth had heard her and recoiled in his sleep. “Goddamnit, Amira, stop being a nosy bitch and let it that shit go. It's personal!”

“Never!” Amira retaliated in-between laughter.

“Oh my god…” Twigs groaned beneath her breath as she got up out of bed naked.

Behind her, Seth had turned his head back over to spot her departing from his side. He let out another groan and stretched out a hand to hers, not catching it in time to pull her back to bed again where he'd prefer her. “Pixie…”

Twigs spun back around and came back only to lean over and stroke a hand over his hair in comfort. She didn't wish to disturb him from his sleep and sought to settle him back down. “Shh, baby, go back to sleep.”

Seth groaned in response before dropping his arm back onto the mattress in defeat. He sulked for a minute then reached out to grab a hold of her pillow and dragged it over to him, so he could bury his face in it and take in her scent before he falling back asleep again.

“I’m gonna get washed up and dressed before heading out, Amira.” Twigs informed her close friend as she made her way to Seth's grand bathroom.

“Are you sure?” Amira asked her in mock concern, still not done with teasing her. “We don’t want to keep you from getting another good round in for luck.”

“You are relentless, you know, that right?” Twigs replied with a laugh as she flipped on the bathroom light and cringe by the sudden temporary blindness she suffered afterwards.

“I know, but I’ll stop now so you can get ready.” Amira promised her, finally easing off. “We’re actually thinking of heading out to a club if you wanna meet us there instead.”

“Sure, just text me the name and everything and I’ll be there in a jiffy.” Twigs assured her before they ended the call with a warm goodbye. She then jumped into the shower and get dressed in a black mini dress with a deep v neck that was laced up, some black shorts beneath it, and some long black black high heel boots. It was a surprisingly warm evening and so Twigs didn’t dress in too many layers other than that and even then they were going to sweat it up at a club anyway. It wasn't like her not to dance the night away at a club scene.

Once she draped herself in signature gold jewelry and applied her light makeup, she headed back into the bedroom to her unconscious boyfriend and settled on his side of the bed. Leaning down, she imprinted a red kiss upon his cheek and ran a hand through his short brown hair. “Baby, wake up for a minute. I wanna say goodbye before I go.”

Seth’s eyes fluttered open to survey his surroundings through half open lids before landing on her fully dressed and smelling of Jasmines. He immediately glowered as he looked her over. “And where is it do you think you’re going tonight, Missy? I ain't done with you yet.”

Twigs playfully rolled her eyes at him. “Seth, you’re clearly too exhausted for anymore sex. Your sexy ass is done with me for tonight.”

“You still didn’t answer my question.” He reminded her as he rubbed his eyes sleepily. “Where are you going?”

“I’m headed out to a club with my friends.” Twigs explained, running her fingers through his short strands. “And to meet the rest of Simone’s band mates too.”

At the mention of a club, Seth’s eyes opened a bit more and he abruptly moved to sit up in bed. “Wait, a club!?”

“Yeah, a club.” Sensing his concerns about her going to such a place alone without him, Twigs placed her hands on his shoulders and urged him to lie back down again. “And I’ll be just fine there. Trust me, my girls and I always look out for each other every time we go out somewhere just in case.”

“Are you sure?” Seth asked her as he slowly melted back down into his sheets comfortably. “Because I can totally get dressed and go with you. I can play the part of the overprotective boyfriend that hovers over your every move quite well.”

“Yes, I’m sure you can, but I've been to plenty of clubs before we met and survived them just fine without you there. Tonight won't be any different.” Twigs giggled, loving how he can be serious one minute and joking the next. He was truly amazing to her in every way. “I love you, my tired baby.”

“I love you too, my club dancing Pixie.” Seth yawned as he stretched his aching limps out. “Damn, you wore me the hell out with your endless nympho demands, Tahliah.”

“MY nympho demands!?” Twigs repeated incredulously, not believing he was pinning their sex marathon session all on her when he too had a part to play in it!

Seth gave her a lazy wink. “Well, yeah. I was just a willing participate trying to help ease your suffering, is all.”

“Oh what-the-fuck-ever, man!” Twigs rolled her eyes with a smile. “You're so full of shit!”

Seth burst out into laughter, flashing her his perfect pearly whites in a dazzling Hollywood smile. “Alright, alright, I'll take responsibility for my part if that's what you want...hell, I'll do anything at this point to get some more rest after today's strenuous activities.”

“Well, you better get to conserving your strength while I'm gone because when I get back we're gonna be 'busy' this Sunday too.” Twigs informed him before kissing his forehead goodbye.

“Not on the holy Sunday!” Seth feigned his shock, an amused grin on his face as he places a hand over his heart.

“All holy Sunday.” Twigs assured him with a sexy wink.