Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 132: Sound Nightclub

Simone and Twigs arrived at the Sound nightclub in Los Angeles to join the awaiting girl band GRL while Neon Jungle had yet to arrive. They did both receive a text from the missing band that they were a bit behind but would certainly be there soon that eased their worry away. Having no choice but to continue on, Twigs and Simone navigated throughout the darkened but deafening nightclub to pinpoint Simone’s band members.

Fearful that the task would be impossible to complete, the close friends suddenly jumped when over the loud booming music spilling from the speakers several piercing shrieks from over their shoulders sounded off at once. Spinning around simultaneously to investigate the reasoning behind those cries, they spotted four young beautiful women including the familiar Lauren Bennett, the only band member of Simone’s Twigs had the honor of meeting back in the UK.

“HEY, THERE THEY ARE!” Simone shouted to Twigs as bodies danced and writhed against them in time with the beat of the music. Reaching down, she grabbed a hold of her former roommate's hand and gave it a swift firm tug. “FOLLOW ME, GIRL!”

“YOU GOT IT!” Twigs agreed and tightened her hold on Simone as she led her out of the crowd of dancing bodies and towards a huge booth area made of dark wood and cushioned black leather. The room was too crowded for all of the GRL members to slide out of their seats to greet the two approaching ladies with hugs and kisses and so they remained seated in wait to greet the newcomers the moment they sat down instead.

Lauren leaned forward so she wouldn’t have to shout their conversation out for the public to hear. “Nice to see your beautiful faces again! Won’t you ladies have a seat with us? I hope you don’t mind that we went ahead and order your drinks for you while we waited. Don't worry, Twigs, Simone texted us what you like.”

“That's sweet of you ladies to do! Thank you very much!” Twigs accepted before sliding into the booth after Simone. As soon as she was settled, the introductions began by everyone leaning onto the table top, so they’d be heard over the pounding club music.

Simone reached out to point towards a beautiful brown eyes brunette rocking her long wavy hair with a side fringe seated by Twig's side of the table. “This bombshell is Natasha Slayton from the Sunny state of California. She’s the daughter of Bobby Slayton, yes, THE actor, writer, comedian and producer Bobby Slayton! Plus, she's graced the audience in a couple of films herself.”

“You have?!” Twigs inquired with excitement, her eyes wide with curious wonder.

Natasha’s full lips stretched into a smirk as she nodded. “Yup. In 1998, I started acting by making my first appearance in a Television Series called ‘Brother’s Keeper.”

“I don’t think I ever saw that show before. What was it all about?” Twigs asked her,propping her arms on the table to clasp them in front of her.

Natasha thought back. “I believe it was about a single father raising his 8-year-old son until his more immature and rebellious brother moves in and so now he has to technically watch two kids.”

“Oh okay.” Twigs nodded before giving her a nod to continue. “Please, go on. I'd love to know about your successes. What other projects have you been on?

“Well, in that same year I did a voiceover in an animated series called ‘The Lionhearts’ and then the last film I did was probably back in 2005 called ‘Me and You and Everyone We Know,’ that one was about an emotionally damaged single dad struggling to try and begin a romance with another woman.” Natasha concluded on a sad note with a pout.

“That sounds fascinating, working in films, I mean.” Twigs admired, her chin resting on her hands as her eyes began to wonder around to the many unknown faces around her. What accomplishment has these other ladies made in their lives, Twigs wondered to herself?

“And this Filipino Princess is Emmalyn Strada gracing us from the beautiful Canada!” Simone introduced with a grand wave of her hand to the stunning beauty at her side with flawless tan skin, and brown eyes surrounded by brown tresses that blended into a blond towards the ends in an ombre effect. “She moved here in 2009 in May of that year and competed in the 2009 Beat Music Award where she won! But alas the poor thing had to leave behind both her family and her famous musician older sister Elise Estrada in to pursue her own dreams, ain’t that right honey?”

“Hey, I returned to Canada last year, okay? No need to be dramatic!” Emmalyn playfully defended with a laugh. “But yeah I’m here to start my own music career.”

“That’s amazing! Have you ever dabbled in making any singles or albums since you started this journey or is this opportunity going to be your first time?” Twigs inquired innocently.

Emmalyn nodded while taking a sip from her brightly colored cocktail glass. “Actually, I got a few materials I’ve worked on in the past before. I debuted a single back in July 2, 2009 called ‘Get Down,’ and then two years ago on November 29th I premiered my first music video called ‘Don’t Make Me Let You Go’ on my YouTube channel.”

“I gotta check that out sometime.” Twigs noted before Simone moved onto the last member of her band.

“And last but not least is this California Girl, Paula Van Oppen both actress AND backup dancer!” Simone announced with an open palm towards the member rocking a blonde buzzcut that took nothing away from her gorgeous face and figure.

“Hold on, did you say actress AND backup dancer?” Twigs repeated with excitement at meeting another fellow dancer such as herself.

Paula nodded with a toast of her glass. “You heard correctly. I was in a television series called ‘The Dance Scene’ starring Lady Gaga’s choreographer, Laurieann Gibson, about her leading a team of us ambitious dancers to working with high-profile stars. That same year I stared in Burlesque, staring Cher, and Christina Aguilera. I was one of the burlesque dancers, obviously, and after ‘The Dance Scene’ finished airing in 2011 I went right into acting in ‘No Strings Attached’ staring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher. Oh, and I almost forgot I was in a television series called ‘Tim Timebomb’s RockNRoll Theater’ that aired from 2010 to 2011.”

“Wow, you’ve been busy within those two years.” Twigs commented with a smile before backtracking to her backup dancing past. “And you said you used to be a video girl too, right?”

“Sure was and believe it or not I almost became a Pussycat Doll my own damn self once upon a time.” Paula winked as she dropped that surprising information. “I even stared in one of their videos too.”

“And now you ladies are about to be in a band with my baby, Simone!” Twigs wrapped her arms around her former roommate and embraced her warmly. “You ladies have to promise to look out for her. You have experience out there in the industry, but she hasn’t any yet. I don’t want anything bad to happen to her.”

Simone rolled her eyes playfully as she hugged Twigs back just as wholeheartedly. “Yeah, I’m as virginic as they come, guys. It's all true.”

‘SORRY WE’RE LATE!” A voice shouted to them from behind Twigs and Simone shoulders. Everyone glanced in that direction at the same time to see Neon Jungle had finally arrive in their sexy club attire looking ready to party.

“ABOUT TIME, YOU BUSY BITCHES!” Simone shouted at them teasingly with a grin.

Amira flipped her off and blew her a kiss at the same time before shoving her way into the booth, forcing all the other girls seartd make room for the next band. Jess was the last one because she had wandered off to call a waiter over to their table before slipping one herself that included a table top full of shots.

As the alcohol kept flowing the girls fell into exchanging hilarious stories filled with laughter and personal embarrassing experiences. Before they knew it the music in the club was calling for them on the dance floor. They weren’t all too far wasted, and so no one had to be picked up off the floor when they flocked there. It was just a group of ladies dancing among each other to whatever music the DJ put on.

Towards the end of the night, Paula began to show off her talented dance skills in hopes of challenging Twigs to show off her own out of curiousity. It worked. With a nod of acceptance, Twigs began to dance less carefree and more professionally to the beat of the music. Paula quickly joined in. Soon they had everyone in the club cheering them on while a several cameras recorded them, but the girls preferred to keep their focus on perfecting their moves. Eventually they began to copy each other’s moves in a kind attempt to share moves they've learned throughout the years with each other. They were both eager learners. By the time they both ended it with a back bend that went into a back flip and then into the splits, the crowd around them interrupted their concentration by erupting into applause. Even the DJ was cheering from his booth up top.

Paula got up off the floor first and helped Twigs up with a hand. “THAT WAS BADASS, GIRL!”

Twigs giggled and shook her hands in admiration. “NO, WE WERE BADASS!”