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To Caress My Day

Chapter 134: Really REALLY Big

Seth arched a brow at her and beamed at her admission that she didn’t repent the fact that their close friends and family were all notified that they were in a relationship together. “Really? You are?”

“Yeah. I mean, I know that's bizarre of me because it goes against everything I've believed in, but at the same time it’s nice to have someone to brag about you to. It also helped with lifting this huge weight off my shoulders when it came to hiding our relationship from my closest friends. And let’s not forget, of course, about the last benefit…” Twigs shared with him with a stunning grin.

“Oh yeah, and what would that be, exactly?” Seth asked her, his smile turning into a sexy smirk.

“That it made you happy.” Twigs answered with a wink, her brown eyes searching his face. “If I had any idea of how much joy this would have given you before I would have done it a long time ago.”

Finally being on the same page about that, this moment was beginning to feel like the perfect time to ask her a particular question that he’s been contemplating over for days now, specifically since Halloween ended. It was another huge favor to ask on his part, but it was the last wish he hoped to fulfill as soon as possible before his father croaked over on him. He couldn’t help himself, he was excited for this opportunity because it was huge move to make in their relationship thus far. Scooting closer to her, he leaned over to ask her softly. “You know what else would make me even happier?”

Twigs was certain he was going to mention sex by how close he was and how alluring his voice had just gotten. Biting her lower lip, she leaned even closer to him, almost closing the distance between their lips. “What, my love?”

Seth held his breath as his eyes locked onto hers and remained. “If you came down to my father’s house in Connecticut for Thanksgiving.”

Twigs brown pixie eyes enlarged twice as big as her slender body stilled in a state of awe. “Me…coming down to your father’s place for Thanksgiving?!”

Giving her wary nod, Seth watched as the same rising panic she suffered through when he asked her to meet his sister the first time began to resurface again. He wasn’t going to make a note of it out loud, and so instead he focused on winning this Round 2 by convincing her to meet his father, his only surviving parent left. But then again her panic always made him feel too guilty to fight before he could muster up a persuasive enough speech. “What’s wrong, baby?”

Twigs leaned herself back as her mind unraveled what exactly he was asking of her. Her brown eyes darted everywhere but at him as she fought a volcano of anxiety from erupting within her. “Seth, this is…this is big what you’re asking of me right now. And I mean really REALLY big!”

Seth smiled wistfully at her as he watched her trying to hold her panic together. His thumbs stroked her knuckles to help console her. “You felt the exact same way about meeting my sister, Rachael, remember?”

Twigs waved a careless hand in objection before reluctantly nodding in agreement. “Okay, yeah that’s true but this time it’s your FATHER we’re talking about here, not just another sibling.”

“I’m aware, my beautiful love.” Seth reminded her. “I’m the one that's asking after all.”

Not having heard him, Twigs launched up to her feet and began to pace the area between their lounger and the one next to it. “I mean, this is the man that create you!”

Seth couldn’t help but grimace at the reminder that his first home was technically his dad’s testicles and help up a hand for mercy. “Sure, but please don’t try and go into anymore detail other than that about it, okay?”

This was too soon, too much AND too soon! Twigs halted quite suddenly in her steps before she spun back around to stare at him suspiciously. Why did he want her to meet his dad all of a sudden?. She had just met his sister not too long ago and now his dad? Who would be next? Was introducing his entire family one at a time his devious way of getting her to meet all of them easily without overwhelming her by assemble them in one single location? Lifting an arm out towards him, she pointed an accusing finger at him with a look of suspicion in her eyes. “Just what are you up to, Mr. MacFarlane?”

Seth frowned up at her innocently, not liking the way she was looking at him in accusation. “Wait what? What do you mean, baby?”

“I had just met your sister 3 weeks ago and now you’re asking me to meet your father?” Twigs reminded him. “Who else are you planning on getting me to meet in the near future?”

“Well, since my mother is already dead…I’d say just the two of them, My dad and my sister.” Seth confessed honestly with a shrug.

“Oh.” At the mention of his late mother, Twigs felt remorse eating away at her stubbornness followed by her bubbling panic. The man she loved was asking her to meet his father, not drive a bus through an open daycare, and yet that was how she was behaving. Lowering her arm, Twig’s eyes dropped to her feet in humiliation. “I’m sorry, Seth. For panicking over this a second time again.”

“Don’t worry about it, love.” Seth assured her warmly, not the least bit offended at her hysteria.

“Still, this is much bigger than meeting your sister.” Twigs continued to point out in defense. “I mean, again, we’re talking about your father here!”

Seth laughed this time at her emphasizing that fact. “Would you calm down about that already? If it’ll help ease your nerves I’m not asking you for a decision right this minute. You have time to think this over if that's what you need. It's not Thanksgivings yet.”

Twigs did feel a bit of solace by that reminder. She wasn't sure of what she’d end up doing in the end, but her mind was certain certain about thing, that she’d accept this invitation to meet his father. But still out of nosiness she asked. “Out of curiosity…what will happen if I flat-out refuse your offer to meet your dad? What then?”

Seth didn’t have to think about any form of consequences to her possible renunciation, he already had them in mind just in case. “You’ll be throwing away some good ole’ fuck session time with me if you do.”

“Shit!” Twigs cursed aloud without thinking, revealing her dismay. She didn’t think she could stomach him rejecting any form of sexual exercise with her as punishment for refusing to meet his father.

Laughing at her terror, Seth rose from the lounger to close the distance between them and take her hand in his. “Calm down, love. I promise you everything will be okay just like when you met my sister.”

“But what if THIS time your FATHER is the one that doesn't like me?” Twigs nervously asked him, her brown eyes wide with alarm. “What then?”

“In what world would that ever be possible?!” Seth countered back with a persistent smile.

“God, I hate to remind you about this but…I don’t look like the women you’re usually seen with.” Twigs reminded him, pulling one hand back to gesture to her small toned form before re-clasping his again.

“Okay, you have a point there.” Seth agreed with her before retracting both of his hands to grasp her arms and look her right in her eye. “But unlike you, I know my father pretty damn well. I know he’s gonna love you but hopefully not as much as me or else I’ll have to skin him alive for it. Do you wish to know how I know he’ll love you?”

Twigs nodded as she bit back a smile at his sense of humor in serious times such as this. “Sure…”

“It’s because I love you, and that means he will too.” Seth answered before giving her a wink. “Platonically on his part, I hope because again I’ll have to skin him alive.”

“Really? You think he'll like me?” Twigs smile finally broke through with a giggle.

“I'm certain of it.” Seth nodded. “But still I do want you to take some time and think about all of this. You have a few days left…even if it’s already the 18th of November.”

Rolling her eyes at his late timing, Twigs stepped forward to wrap her arms around his waist in a embrace and pressed her cheek against his chest. Soon after his arms closed around her, she leaned back to look up into his eyes. “Oh, I almost forgot. I need to take a shower after last night's partying.”

Seth grinned down at her wickedly. “Can I watch?”

Twigs giggled before pulling out of his arm and heading on inside without an answer. Before she passed the threshold into the house, she called over her shoulder at him. “If you’re fast enough maybe I’ll give you a show along to watch too.”

Seth broke into a sprint after her and swooped her up in his arms literally right after she past the threshold. She let out a squeal before breaking out in a raucous laugh that he soon joined in on as he carried her up the stairs to his shower.