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To Caress My Day

Chapter 135: Sex Maniac!

Upstairs in his grand bathroom, Twig's seductive performance had been so racy that Seth barely lasted a full 5 minutes before barging into her shower to jump her bones without warning or taking the time to remove his own clothing first. He charged at her when her back was turn, giving her little time to react after hearing the click of the shower door by spinning around to face him before he reached out to hoist her tiny form to him. Twigs let out a squeal and laughed merrily. “SETH, WAI-”

“Hush.” Seth cut her off in a husky voice as he stepped forward until her back was pressed against the smooth wall of his shower. Lowering his hands down to her hips, he grabbed them and lifted her up a bit higher with the strength of his arm, so she could wrap her arms and legs around him securely. His brown eyes were smoldering with lust as they stared up at her, the water cascading down their nude bodies. It was only when he reached down to grab a hold of his shaft to guide it towards her entrance did he finally realize his clothes were still on. He frowned and glanced down at himself in confusion at first, not recalling if he had already taken his clothes off earlier and they were magically back on him again or if he had forgotten to take them off entirely. “What the…”

“That’s what I was trying to tell you, you sex maniac!” Twigs giggled from where she clung onto him before leaning forward to press a kiss on the side of his strong neck. “Your clothes are still on.”

“Yeah, I can see that…now. Just…wait…hold on for a second, will you?” Seth was struggling to maneuver his hands around her to undo his pants but when she squeezed herself closer around him it made it easier for him to reach under her and undo his pants. He smiled with relieved when he released his aching erection from the confinements of his drenched trousers. “There we go! We're back in business.”

“Finally!” Twigs protested before reaching down between their bodies to grasp a hold of his shaft and lead it to her entrance. “We don’t have time to take off the rest of your clothes right now. I want to feel you inside me again!”

“I’m glad to see we agree on something.” Seth muttered before grabbing two handfuls of her ass to pull her further into him in order to allow his cock to slide into her body in one smooth thrust. His brown eyes fell shut the moment he entered back into her tight cavern again, a deep moan spilling from his lips. “Oh, god...”

“Fuck, baby!” Twigs cried out in surprise, almost going lack in his arms before forcing her limbs to re-tighten their hold on him as he began to make love to her without a moment's first pause to savor their union. Her fingers dug into his shoulder through his shirt…his shirt? Oh right, he was still dressed! Letting out an annoyed whine at that reminder, she tugged aggressively at the material. “S-Seth! Please…”

“I know, Pixie, I-I know.” Seth gasped against the column of her neck before he blindly sought the same shower wall to press her bare back against again. When he found it, he forced her against and swiftly began to pound into her with several quick jerks of his hips.

Twigs threw her head back against the droplet coated wall and squeezed her eyes shut as the pleasure already coursing through her body increased plentiful by his jack-hammered motions. She clung to him tightly, almost keeping herself rigid in slight fear of the euphoria that overcame all of her senses whenever their pace escalated, making it difficult to form a complete sentence. But still, despite all that, his clothes were on, and she wanted it off. If she had her way and he was under her full command, she’d forced every article of clothing discarded until there was nothing left between them but his flesh…again, if she was under command.

Getting herself together, Twigs urged her body to respond to his demanding thrusts by writhing against him. Maybe if she gave him the concept that she wanted to be the one that calls the shot since she wasn’t capable of forming a sentence much less a word, he’ll get the hint. Holding tightly onto his shoulder, she glanced down at him with heavy eyes and grinded her body against his, answering his thrusts by using her legs wrapped around his waist to pull him forward deeper into her body.

“Jesus!” Seth grunted out as his lover’s body became alive against his and answered his own body’s urgent call. His grip on her ass tightened as he lifted his head up to see her drenched in water as she writhed against him, full lips parted with gasps, and big brown pixie eyes heavy lidded like she was on something. She was beyond gorgeous, beyond perfection. She was beyond everything in so many ways like he’d imagine a Goddess would be. Hell, she was already a living breathing Goddess gracing this planet to him, and he was just her lowly servant passionately in love with her.

Wishing to obediently surrender wholesomely to her power, Seth slowed his hips and peeled her hot sexy squirming form off the tiled wall of his shower. In curiosity, She too calmed herself down to see what he was planning to do next but immediately lit up with satisfaction when he lowered himself onto the stone bench built into his shower. Seth couldn’t resist mirroring the same beaming smile on her face. “Oh, is this what you’ve been wanting?”

Twigs nodded before taking the chance to try and speak now that he wasn’t pounding into her body and turning her brain into mush. “Y-Yeah…I just couldn’t…say anything for obvious reasons, you know?”

“Was my dick doing that good of a job that it had you speechless?” Seth questioned with a chuckle as he brushed her long wet curls back over her shoulder so he had a clear view of her perfect breasts dotted with tight brown nipples begging to be massage within the warmth of his mouth again.

“Oh, shut up, you cocky bastard!” Twigs playfully rolled her eyes and lightly smacked him on the chest as punishment. But that action only reminded her that Seth was still garbed in his wet clothes. She immediately began to tug on it, eager to get it off of him until recalling it was a button up. “Seth…”

“Busy.” Seth alerted her before dipping down to take a straining nipple into his mouth. He let out a moan seconds after hers as he smushed his face against the supple flesh of her breast then easing back to refocus on her nipple by suckling on it. His other hand took to resting on her hip before giving it a shake to remind her that they were still making love here and that he wanted her to ride him.

“SETH!” Twigs had cried when he latched on her nipple and immediately her arms came around his head to cradle him there, savoring his attention to one of the most sensitive areas of her body. Her breathing immediately picked up in earnest before she felt him shake her hip again with renewed urgency for her to take control. But at the same time, his clothes was still on…and once again demanding him to remove his clothes was out of the question. Needing to feel his skin against hers, she reached down with her hands to undo the buttons on the front of his shirt before rising up on his thick cock and then dropping back down on it again, earning a deep groan of satisfaction from him.

“Tahliah…” Turning his head, Seth latched onto the other nipple with the plan to suck them til they were sore and long before they both reached their orgasms. His other hand joined the opposite side of his hand on her left hip. Simultaneously they pulled her lower region forward to meets his hips, then pushing them back again.

It was a difficult task that almost seemed impossible to complete for Twigs what with wanting to make love to each other and remove his shirt at the same time, but she managed to do it…albeit at a much slower pace than she'd prefer. “Finally!” She celebrated with a smile before successfully peeling back the dark material of his shirt off of his shoulders and off of his chest. Eagerly, her hot hands ran over his chest, needing to feel his bare skin against hers again.

Seth didn’t give her much time to revel in his chest as she would have liked to because a second after he wrapped his arms greedily around her slender body and pulled her chest up against his, limiting her exploration. Titling his head up, he tried to focus on keeping his eyes opened as he desperately began to thrust up into her body much like before but failed miserably after three thrusts.

“FUCK!” Twigs nearly screamed as her arms wrapped loosely around his neck to grip onto his upper back. She couldn’t fight against the ecstasy, not that she wanted to. Nothing else was said as they furiously made love to each other, the fuse within their body trailing to soon ignite an explosive firework of an orgasm. Twigs brown eyes snapped open as she realized she was heading just there. She stared down at him with an expression of alarm on her face. “Oh my g-god! I-I’m gonna cum! Seth…I-I’m gonna cum!”

Hearing her loud and clear, Seth merely nodded in response back because he too was now temporarily mute due to the pleasure they were generating. He now only increased his pace enough to overwork his old man heart by pummeling into her welcoming tight little body. Burying his face in the crook of her neck, he panted heavily as he raced them both towards an outcome that he knew would literally blow their minds…as in blood and brain matter all over the inside of his shower. “F-Fuck, I’m gonna cum too!”

Just hearing him sound so vulnerable and shaken made her feel so powerful and sexy, it turned her on immensely. Enough to the point where she finally came herself. Throwing back her head, Twigs lets out a loud scream that echoed throughout his bathroom followed by loud moans and whines as she rode her climax. “FEEL SO GOOD, SETH! OH YES! JUST LIKE THAT!”

“TAHLIAH!” Her hold on him tightened enough to the point where Seth couldn’t hold back anymore and exploded within her, filling her with his cum. His body jerked against hers as he drained himself completely before sagging back against the wall of the shower, her body collapsing against him too. He let out a huff at the sudden added weight of her clingy form, before holding her tightly.

The couple held each other close and savored each other. Unfortunately, they had to rush when the water ran cold all of a sudden. Twigs pulled back with a squeal. “SHIT! COLD COLD COLD!”

Watching her hurry off of him to escape the cold spray of the shower, Seth got up and turned it off before pushing his drenched shirt completely off of his arms. Joining her on the shower mat, Seth snatched her towel up before she could reach for it and began to towel dry her himself. She obediently allowed him, but of course in-between drying his lips would either meet hers or a patch of damp flesh, igniting the flame of passion once again. Twigs savored every brush of his lips and tongue before it became her turn to undress him from his pants and briefs to dry him off. The clothes were removed and tossed into the shower to drain before she took to wiping him down with a towel. She too lingered to sample his flesh, and in seconds his cock was fully erected again. When she was done, he took the towel from her to wrap her in it as well as her own before bending down to haul her over his shoulder. Twigs let out a squeal and giggled. “SETH! What are you up to now?!”

She heard him chuckle as he began to carry her out of the bathroom and back into his bedroom.