Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 136: Limited Time

Twigs let out a giggle as her naked boyfriend carried her over his shoulder into his bedroom all wrapped in both their towels. She helped herself to marveling at her lover's physique from behind while hanging upside down and appreciatively ran the palm of her hands down his clean damp back before giving his rear end a good welcoming smack, or at least she tried to with her short reach. “I can't believe you, Seth MacFarlane! I can walk, you know! I have legs!”

“And?” Seth retorted with a smirk until one of their cellphones went off, interrupting their alone time. According to the hypnotic beat of the ring tone it was clearly not his. He chose to ignore it either way and plopped Twigs down onto his bed before quickly crawling up on top of her to keep her from eluding him to get to her phone. “Well well well, look what we have here that decided to crawl up into my lion's den for dinner.”

“Lion's den? Oh please!” Twigs laughed in his face, not in the least bit interested in playing the damsel in distress tonight as she began to shuffle backwards on her elbows out from underneath him until her upper back was propped up against the pillows. She began to blindly reach out for her ringing phone as her big brown pixie eyes remained locked on him with a challenging smile.

“That's fine then. You don't have to play along.” Seth casually shrugged as he too climbed up the bed after her but at a much slower predatory pace. The moment she reached for her cellphone he lowered his head down over her exposed breasts peaking out from the loosened towel wrapped around her torso and drew her small nipple into his mouth. With a hungry moan, he lowered his body over hers and paid slow tribute to each straining bud, his big hands possessively cupping her soft breasts.

Twigs let out a gasp of pleasure before closing her eyes to savor the heavy does of ecstasy being injected into her veins. She licked her lips before biting the bottom one in a last attempt at resistance to the powerful spell he seemed to have over her every time he touched her. Reaching down, she raked one hand into his hair before curling her fingers tightly around them to hold him to her breast. With her other hand, she stubbornly answered the phone. “H-Hello?”

“Hey, baby Twiggy!” A familiar voice warmly called out to her on the other “It's your homegirl who's missing the complete shit out of you!”

“Oh hey, Shereen!” Twigs greeted back in mutual excitement, her fingers loosening now to pressed against Seth's scalp. “H-How've you been, honey?”

“Pretty good, I guess you can say.” Shereen replied. “But what I called you to find out is what the great and talented Tahliah Barnett is up to at the moment?”

“N-Nothing much other than spending time with Seth.” Twigs eyes lowered to watch her mentioned boyfriend release her nipple from the hot confinement of his mouth and then pay homage to it's twin. Her breath caught as she witnessed him take the brown nipple into his mouth with the same hunger and suckle on her like it was his lifeline. “W-Why?”

“Well...I was wanting to see if you wanted to come out and hang with us by the beach in Los Angeles, girl! Cause that's where we at at present!” Shereen celebrated along with what sounded like a few other voices in the background.

“Oh shit, really!?” Twigs whined a bit, feeling slightly guilty that she couldn't attend their gathering at the moment. Hell, who was she kidding, she was feeling incredible right now as the hands that were cupping her breasts now began to knead the supple flesh. But still, she felt bad for not being able to join in with her girlfriends at the beach because of everyone's busy schedules these days.

“Yeah! We're just chilling on the boardwalks checking out all the cool stuff and locals here.” Shereen explained further. “It sucks without you so far so we'd love if you could join us.

“I'm sorry, Shereen but...I-I'm spending time with Seth right now.” Twigs apologized as wholeheartedly as she could muster what with Seth taking her nipple between his teeth and giving it a slight tug. “P-Perhaps another time we can meet up and hang, yeah?”

Shereen let out a disappointed sigh at Twig's refusal to join them on the beach but at the same time she got it. Seth was not only a super busy successful workaholic, but he also lived and worked in a completely different country than his girlfriend who barely made enough money to see him that often. Naturally when she got a chance to be with him she'd want to spend every waking moment with him until time ran out. Hell, Shereen would too if she nabbed herself a billionaire! “Yeahhhh, I guess.”

Removing her nipple from his mouth, Seth lifted his head with a frown towards Twigs. He'd overheard a bit of their conversation and now had his own input to add if his speculation as to what was going on was correct. “Wait, Pixie, what's going on with Shereen?”

Twigs was almost too caught up beneath the blanket of pleasure to answer him right away. “Hmm? Oh, right! Shereen and the girls wanted me to hang out with them at the beach tonight but I can't right now cause I'm spending quality time with you right now.”

Seth only took a minute to think on it before making an exception for tonight. “Tahliah, you can hang out with your girlfriends if that's what you want to do, love.” And in case there was any doubt on her end. “I promise, it'll be absolutely 100% fine with me so there's no need to be concerned about the boyfriend.”

Twigs sat up a bit, not expecting him to grant her a chance to spend time with her friends that easily what with their limited time together. “Wait, are you sure? Because my girls completely understand that you come first in this situation since you're not as available as they are.”

Shereen voiced her support, overhearing Twig's side of the conversation. “And we so fucking do. Don't feel pressure to choose us over him if you don't want to. We can easily see each other another time.”

Seth nodded in confirmation. “I'm dead sure. Besides, I have a friend who's been begging for me to make room in my schedule to perform at his restaurant for some time now. I've never really had the time to go and eat there, but tonight while you're out having some girl time I can grab a bite to eat before I take the stage.”

“Oh my god, are you serious? You're gonna perform at his restaurant!?” Twigs raved with delight for him before her grin turned into a envious pout. “I wish I could be there to watch you sing.”

“Hmm...” Wishing to appease her newfound defeat, Seth quickly thought of a solution. “Perhaps you and your friends can come and watch me later on tonight.”

Twigs bit her lip in hesitation. She wasn't sure she could afford going to some deluxe restaurant to watch her boyfriend sing, and she knew the place would be pricey. “I don't know. Is this restaurant gonna be one of those lavish types?”

This time Seth paused, knowing that it was a costly establishment and that his girlfriend would most likely not be able to afford to go...nor would she probably want to. Their first date at a uspscale hot spot left her uneasy and rightfully so. He'd have to find another way to get her and her friends in. Suddenly, a light bulb went off in his head. “I can get Derek and his wife to get you in for free, if you don't mind.”

“Derek and Odette!? No, we can't do that. We shouldn't bother them with such a request. They probably have plans tonight already.” Twigs immediately objected, not wishing to disturb the couple like she already has many times before just to see Seth.

“Pixie, I promise you it wouldn't be ruining anything for them in the least.” Seth assured her, squeezing one of her breasts and watching her flinch from the unexpected pressure. “Odette has been wanting to come to this restaurant for awhile now from what Derek told me in the past. They'll basically be getting a free dinner in one of the most prestigious in town in the end anyway. Trust me, they'll appreciate the interruption to whatever plans they may have this evening.”

Twigs couldn't hide her excitement, and bit her lip to keep herself from grinning. She failed miserably at that. “Well, I suppose if those two wouldn't mind then I don't see why not.”

“They won't.” Seth assured her before raising himself up on his hands and stretching forward to kiss her.

“Okay, I trust you.” Twigs answered before putting her phone on speakerphone. “Hey, Shereen! Would you ladies like to go out to dinner tonight with us?” Twigs asked her, trying to hold back her excitement at her friends seeing her man in action.

“As in Neon Jungle and GRL or just Neon Jungle and Simone?” Shereen wanted to clarify.

Twigs looked to Seth, who gave her a nod of approval. “As in all of you.”

“Um, hold on, let me ask the others.” Shereen informed her before lowering her phone to ask the others. She returned only seconds later. “That'll be an affirmative all across the board, captain.”

“That's great! So I'll meet you at the beach in a few minutes, okay?” Twigs promised her. “And then we go out to dinner.” Twigs bid her farewell before hanging up. Still elated, she propped herself on her elbows and opened her mouth to thank her boyfriend for his graciousness when his head suddenly dived back down her body to thrust his tongue between her slicked folds. With a cry of both pleasure and surprise, she lost her balance and fell back down onto the pillows.