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To Caress My Day

Chapter 137: Venice Pier Beach

After being enticed into mind-blowing oral sex with her boyfriend, Twigs got into contact with Derek and managed to hitch a ride with him to where her friends were exploring which was Venice Pier Beach. She strolled along the boardwalk there, her eyes darting between the variation of people enjoying the dark sandy beach and black ocean waves to the many that walked in and out of the little stores built on the boardwalk. The fast food scented air was fascinating, and echoed with the various voices of the beach-goers around her and occasionally music performed by small bands. It was at one of these bands that she discover Paula, Amira and Simone dancing in support of the congo drummers while a small surrounding audience clapped in encouragement. Twigs laughed with delight behind her hand before shouting out to them. “WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY WOMEN DOING OVER THERE!?”

Asami glimpsed her way suspiciously before flinging out her arms towards her friend to pull her in an embrace. “Hey, there's our babygirl!”

“And where the hell have you been, missy? We've been waiting forever for you!” Jess pestered Twigs as she gave Asami a hug beside her before bestowing one upon herself.

“Oh, you know, around.” Twigs shrugged casually before hugging Emmalyn, Natasha and Laura next.

Amira rejoined the group with Simone and Paula in tow. “Girl, when did you get here?”

Shereen released Twigs from her hold and answered for her. “Like two seconds ago.”

“Perfect timing.” Paula complimented as she wrapped an arm around Amira and Simone. “Now we can grab something to eat and check out some of these stores for something cute.”

In a group of 10 beautiful young women, they all led the way to a small burger join attached to the stores aligning the boardwalk. After ordering their individual meals and drink, they slowly sauntered down the walk, captivated in deep conversations with each other. Asami was sharing retelling when a surfer guy and his friend were checking her and Jess out when they were on the beach earlier before the sunset. “And I have to say as much as they were the embodiment of sexiness from the front side...they had an even better ass on the backside.”

“Embodiment of sexiness, you say!” Natasha repeated in amazement as she picked up a single fry from her cardboard food basket and tossed it into her mouth.

“Oh yeah!” Jess seconded, a glamorous grin on her face as she shakes her head in awe herself. “Asami was all about their asses but I was like, 'damn, these are some fine American boys', you know?”

“And y'all didn't ask for their numbers?” Paula inquired before she sipped on the straw of her strawberry lemonade smoothie.

“Oh no, I'm not for that long distance relationship stuff.” Asami dismissed with a frown on her face.

“You and me both.” Shereen reinforced, holding up her drink in support.

“I don't think any of us would be interested in starting a serious long term relationship when we live all the way in the UK.” Simone expressed before gesturing with her head towards Twigs who was staring off towards the black sea, lost in her own thoughts. “Except our darling little Twigs, of course.”

Laura thought of a question she wanted to ask as they made their way to a secluded bench on the boardwalk so they wouldn't have to eat out on the beach and get sand everywhere. She finished chewing her hamburger before quizzing. “But hold on, what if the guy turns out to be your soulmate, then what would you do?”

“Yeah, you're not just gonna let him go if he's your perfect guy, right?” Emmalyn asked them.

Amira and Shereen glanced at each other with a mutual expression of uncertainty. Chewing on her straw, Amira shrugged. “I don't know. That still would seem like a difficult relationship to be in.”

“I know, right? Who wants to fly across the sea every time you want a damn kiss!?” Jess complained with a pout before she too gestured towards Twigs with her head. “Except for our baby Twigs over here. That one is a champ of a girlfriend, I promise you.”

“I don't think I'd be able to afford those many plane rides overseas though. I mean, I'm kinda needy, you know?” Shereen pouted before stuffing her face with her hamburger. “I need my man now! Not in a few days.”

“I don't think being needy has anything to do with this.” Paula shared as she slurped her smoothie. “I think it's just natural for someone to want to be close with someone their involved with. If not living together in the same house, it'd still be nice to at least be in the same state.”

“Or better yet the same country.” Simone agreed, munching on her chili fries.

“Just think of the fluctuation of prices of a plane ticket to California from the UK.” Laura cringed. “An average person would have to plan when they could see their significant other, not just drop everything in that split second and hop on a plane without a moments thought!”

“You're telling me! We all got jobs or careers we can't be abandoning to jump on a plane as often as we'd like.” Natasha agreed before another frightening subject came to mind. “And you got to keep in mind of all the women living in the same state as your man that also find your man attractive!”

“All those trifling man-stealing hoes all over this goddamn planet!” Amira cursed loudly, rolling her eyes in irritation.

“And they come in every shape, age, gender and race!” Simone pointed out in a panic. “How would you be able to know who you can trust around your man when there is an ocean that lies between you two?”

“Who to trust around your man?” Jess repeated incredulously before dishing out another challenge that came with long distance relationships. “What about IF you can trust YOUR man around OTHER women? Think about it, if you're in another country across the damn ocean he can fuck around with any bitch he wants to and you'd never know!”

“Bullshit he will!” Simone objected the idea immediately, not daring to entertain the thought. “I don't know about any of you, but my man is going to be the most faithful motherfucker on this planet!”

“But how would you know, Simone?” Emmalyn asked her as they all sat on the bench and began to finally engorge into their food, their voices sounding a bit muffled now that they were stuffing their faces. “You're in a separate country than him.”

“Bug his whole damn house!” Shereen answered, pointing a finger at the lot of them. “Set up cameras and some of that spy shit to make sure he's not bringing no heifers back to his place.”

“But what if he's going to hers?” Asami threw out there, watching the ladies around her struggle to accept that new threat. “What then?”

“Bug her house then?” Jess suggested lamely with a clueless shrug.

“But how would you know who he's sleeping with exactly? It could be just as easy as a one night stand, in and out that quick.” Natasha pointed out. Everyone went silent as they thought it through.

“I got it!” Simone called out, slapping a hand on the plastic picnic bench. “Bug every woman's house in the entire state, that way we'll always know.”

“...unless he's flying out to visit family or on a business trip.” Emmalyn introduced. “Then he could just cheat in another state or country.”

“Goddamnit, Emmalyn!” Paula playfully cursed her. “We had a solution and you ruined it!”

“My bad!” Emmalyn apologized, holding her hands up in a sign of forgiveness.

While everyone else talked, Amira glanced to her side to spot Twigs still lost in her thoughts. Wanting to be nosy and know what's going on with her best friend, she poked her on the arm with a long fake nail. “Yo, Twigs, you okay? You seem distracted tonight.”

“Hmm? Oh yeah I'm fine!” Twigs tried to convince her, before soon sighing with defeat. “Actually, no, I don't think I'm doing so well tonight.”

Paula frowned at her and put down her empty drink. “Why, what's wrong, honey?”