Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 139: Home Away From Home

Twigs returned to her boyfriend's mansion late that night after an thrilling night with her girls out on Venice Beach. Her driver and fast friend Derek wished her a warm goodnight before closing the garage door behind her and driving off the property to return home to his own beloved. She hadn't expected Seth to be awake when she tread further within the glamorous domestic but was surprised to find the comedic genius sitting at his piano in pause as if in deep thought. She instantly came to a stop at the suavely sight of him, an adoring smile stretching across her full lips. Leaning against the doorway, she watched him inspect his own mind for a tune to play before placing his hands across the piano keys and omitting a melody to knife the silence. Not wishing to disturb the maestro in his private moment, Twigs crept her way towards the couch within the room without catching his attention. Curling up at the end of it, she grabbed a decorative pillow and hugged it to her chest as she leaned against the arm in wonder of her talented Seth. Her love for this man seemed to swell every time she saw, him but moments like these, when she caught him off guard, seemed all the more extraordinary. She wasn't sure why in the beginning until it dawned on her that he was completely unaware of her presence at the time and so was alone to be himself. Not that he wasn't himself when they were together, in fact she never saw a difference in the way he behaved alone or with her. However, there was an air of intimacy when she watched him from afar. The way he moved, spoke to himself, and simply existed astonished her in the way scientists were when they discovered a new species. Perhaps to others these awe-inspiring moments would seem far-fetched, but she found them endearing for he was alive and breathing in these moments and she got to witness it like an invisible spectrum until however long it took for him to notice her. She was convinced that if she died tomorrow, she would happily haunt him for the rest of his life just to observe him in his elements...and of course chase all those Hollywood starlets off his backs every chance she could. Ultimately, Seth turned his sight of his girlfriend's silent presence but only because he sensed her long before he glanced up. He sent her a loving smile as he closed his song. “Ah, there is the love of my life. You've finally returned. How was your evening out with the ladies?”

“It was wonderful!” Twigs elatedly expressed, still clutching onto the decorative pillow as she admired him from afar. “Venice Beach is a beautiful place.”

“As is most of California, I'm sure.” Seth shrugged, not having explored the rest of the state yet what with how busy his occupation kept him. “And how are the girls doing? Are they enjoying California?”

“They are.” Twigs confirmed. “It's a nice cozy place to be since London is so cold this time of year.”

Seth returned his eyes to his piano keys and playfully danced his fingers across them into a slow tune. “I bet it is. Just think of California as your home away from home from now on.”

That comment raised Twig's brows in bewilderment. Did he mean for her to see his home as her home as well? Did he truly believe they would remain that long together, that they would outlast all the odds against them? “MY home away from home?”

“Well, yeah.” Seth confirmed. California was his home, and so in his eyes it would be hers too just as much as London was his second much colder home. “I'm always here.”

“Well...yeah.” Twigs drawled, her round brown eyes turning inquisitive.

“So wherever I am is your home too just like wherever you are is my home.” Seth clarified.

“That sounds perfect to me.” Twigs happily agreed. She'd like to think of him as her home too and so wherever he was was home to her too, just like he said. Stretching her arms, she let out a happy sigh before leaning her head back against the couch. “Marvelous, outstanding...and all the terms that are synonymous to it. Just like the decision I made today.”

“Decision?” Frowning, Seth's fingers came to a halt as he glanced over at her. “What decision?”

Twigs couldn't help but roll her eyes playfully at him before turning in her seat to rest her crossed arms on the arm of the couch. “You know! The invitation to meet your dad, remember?”

Seth's eyes brightened in remembrance as he eagerly turned around his piano bench to face her and give her his undivided attention. It took a sly smiling spreading across her face for him to realized she wanted to tease him with suspense first, and impatiently he didn't desire the play any games to pry the answer from her. “Well? What have you decided, Tahliah? Are you going to meet him?”

Twigs grinned at him openly, showing off her white teeth. “Yes, I've decided to go and meet him.”

Seth couldn't deny he was taken aback as he repeated what she said in a question in case he had misheard her. “You've decided to meet him?”

Twigs nodded eagerly like a child, unsure why she was filled with such excitement at meeting her boyfriend's father. Before she had been terrified at the prospect of meeting another MacFarlane that could potentially dislike her, but now she was looking forward to it.

“That's great! That's wonderful!” Seth cheered as he got up from his piano bench and strode over to the couch. She uncurled herself in time to welcome him with open arms as he draped his body over hers across the couch. He leaned down to scatter gracious kisses across her giggling face. “Thank you Pixie, thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Twigs ran her hands up his powerful back as she tilted her head this way and that so he could reach everywhere. Her eyes fluttered closed as she grinned happily. “Mmm, I know, baby, I know.” Her eyes snapped open when she felt one of his hands slide under her shirt in search for her breast. “S-Seth...”

Seth ignored her soft moan as his lips trailed passionately down the side of her neck, sampling the sensitive flesh with open mouth kisses. She smelled seductive as he inhaled her jasmine scented perfume deep within his lungs. “Yes?”

Twigs giggled when he lightly nipped at her neck. “Are you trying to take this to the next level?”

Halting his exploration temporarily so he could sit up and remove his shirt, Seth gave her a casual shrug followed by a sexy smirk. “Why not? I think you deserve a little prize for being such a good girl.”

“And if I hadn't agreed to go?” Twigs curiously asked, running the palms of her hand over his flat stomach. “What would you have done then? Punish me?”

“You know it.” Seth confirmed as his hands met hers on the button of his pants.

“And how would you have done that?” Twigs inquired, arching a thick eyebrow up at him as her hands smacked his away so she could undo his button and then unzip his pants. “Spank me?”

Seth shook his head. “No, I would have cried.”

“Cried!?” Twigs repeated incredulously, staring up at him with wide eyes. “As in in tears?”

“Damn right.” Seth got up from the couch to successfully remove his pants and then worked off his briefs. “You would have been stuck in this house with a groan man crying like a baby.”

“Because I-” Twigs was caught off when he removed his brief and revealed his rock hard erection. Her mouth watered at the sight but she broke the powerful hold it had on her to avert her eyes. “Because I objected to seeing your dad?”

“At that point you'd leave me no choice.” Seth defended before returning to the couch to lift up her top, his lips latching onto her collarbone as he began to undo her bra from behind without break.

“Leave you no choice but to cry like a little baby to get your way.” Twigs repeated to herself. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she cradled the back of his head as he banished her bra away and latched on the closest nipple. Letting out a gasp, she moaned his name.

Needing to feel her against his groin, Seth slid his hands beneath her behind and hauled her pelvic region over to his. The moment he felt her denim shorts graze his dick, he began to grind himself against her like a eager teenager trying to get off on his girlfriend sooner rather than later.

“W-Wait, baby, let me take this off.” Twigs whine, pushing back on his shoulders with her hands.

Seth groaned with annoyance as he obeyed. Removing himself from her, he relaxed back on the couch and watched as she undid her shorts and remove both them and her underwear in one fell swoop before realizing she still had her combat boots on. Cursing, she impatiently undid them and kicked the chunky things off. “Took you long enough. Who invented clothes anyway?”

“I'm not sure, but since I've met you I've started to believe it was a waste of an invention too.” Twigs shared as she turned back to him and opened her arms to beckon him to her.

“THANK YOU!” Seth threw his hands up in rejoice before launching himself onto her, earning a squeal of delight. “I thought I was the only one with a perverted mind that believed that when we met!”

“Oh no, honey, I was way ahead of you on that one.” Twigs promised before his lips came down to claim hers, and just like that all thoughts raced from her mind. Her hands dived into his hair as her legs wrapped around his hip, pulling them against hers. With a bit of maneuvering, Seth felt his eye rolling into the back of his skull at the euphoric sensation consuming his system the instant his cock sunk into her body for the millionth time since he met her.