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To Caress My Day

Chapter 14: Leave Him

Seth had spent the next few days doing two things: working, and trying to run from the thoughts of his dancing pixie. When Seth decided to take this vacation, he didn’t plan on having this much free time to do his job and make episodes from across the sea. He even told his team behind Family Guy, The Cleveland Show and American Dad that they may find his usual fast pace had slowed down while he was vacationing in London. Unfortunately, it turns out this vacation was being spent just like his time back at home, just on a different continent. Well, at least Seth now discovered that he has enough time to complete work even when he was on vacations, so there would be no need to worry about that in the future.

His future.

Seth had stopped thinking of his future with Avery for a while now. When a few years ago, he was aching for the day Avery would be waddling around with a pregnant, but now, ever since he’s been on vacation he doesn’t think about that anymore. His future seems empty and unknown. Yeah, he still plans on continuing his shows and whatnot but, when it comes to marriage and kids, he doesn’t dare think about it anymore. For the first time in his life Seth didn’t know what he wanted for his future.

Whatever his future was going to be, it wasn’t going to have Twigs in it anymore. She has already ruined his future and almost torn apart his relationship with Avery.

Last night was too risky, and too close of a call. My god, he had his hands on her ass! Why were his hands on her ass?! Seth abruptly got up to pace his office floor, his hands linked behind his back. Seth wasn’t a cheater, he’s never actually wanted to cheat before until last night. Maybe Twigs was a test, or an obstacle that Seth had to overcome to see if he really deserved Avery. And he had, he passed the test. Seth didn’t fall into bed with Twigs nor did he kiss her, so if his pixie was a test for him, she had already served her purpose and was no longer required. Seth never has to see her ever again. It’s over.

But Avery…

Seth had to make this up to her. Of course, she didn’t know about last night, but he still needed to make this right. The guilt was making him feel uneasy. His poor girlfriend has been working so hard, especially since the charity ball was pushed back. Avery probably doesn’t realize how hard she’s working, and may needs some help to relax right about now. Perhaps a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant will be the way to help ease her tension.


Avery had just slipped into her heels and was now standing before the mirror by the bed, pinning up her hair with extra bobby pins that she brought specifically for when she leaves the apartment and goes back to her former life. She didn’t want to give any physical reason for Seth to suspect her affair. Beneath the silk sheets laid a naked Clinten, watching the woman he loved getting ready to go back to her mansion to her boyfriend Seth. Normally, Clinten would be watching her with a smile of adoration, but not this time. Painfully, and slowly, Clinten was finally starting to doubt Avery’s love for him. They’ve been together for two years and she has yet to leave Seth MacFarlane so they can be together officially. Clinten has tried to be understanding and patient, but he couldn’t keep holding back for her selfish need. Today was the day that he would finally end this affair, and give her a choice to be with him, or Seth.

It all started when Clinten was having a family gathering at a fancy resort a month ago when he saw the most perfect engagement ring that he’s ever seen. He immediately thought of Avery, which should have scared him since he was a notorious lady’s man, but it didn’t. What was really terrifying was a few minutes later, Clinten came out of that jeweler shop with that exact ring in his pocket. Clinten was born rich, and he’s always been a non-committal man, but ever since he’s been sleeping with Avery he hasn’t fooled around with any other woman, not even to wink at! Clinten had thought he had caught some sickness at first, because he’s never had a woman affect him the way Avery did. With the help of his cousins, the poor guy had to come to terms that he was as they say in America, ‘pussy whipped’.

“Clinten, what’s wrong? You have this sad look on your face.” Avery questioned, hurrying over to sit on the edge of the bed, her eyes concerned. Clinten sat up with a sigh, his back against the headboard. He didn’t know how to word what he wanted to say that could possibly change Avery’s mind since she’s heard it all before already. So, he remained silent for a moment, and tried to gather his thoughts.

When he couldn’t come up with anything, Clinten sighed again before deciding to wing it. “Leave him.”

Avery relaxed when she realized exactly what he was talking about because they’ve talked about it numerous times and she’s always won the argument. “Clinten baby, we’ve talked about this.”

Avery moved to stand up, but was brought back down by Clinten’s hand on her wrist. “You’re not hearing me Avery. I want you. To. Leave. Him.” Clinten explained, slowing down his words, his face becoming sterner. Avery could tell by the icy look in his eyes that he was 100% dead serious and she was NOT ready for this.

Avery sighed, looking away, trembling beneath his grip. They’ve talked about this so many times over the last year that Avery usually didn’t take the conversation so seriously. She just wasn’t ready to cut ties with Seth for some reason. It felt so right being with Clinten, but it felt so wrong to leave Seth alone by himself after everything he has done for her. Avery was a mess when it came to breaking up with nice guys, and she didn’t think she could stomach Seth hating her and destroying her reputation with foul interviews with the media.

“Or else.” Clinten coldly threatened.

Avery looked at Clinten, watching his jaw clench in anger. What did he just say to her?

“E-Excuse me?” The fashion designer stammered, not sure if she heard right.

Clinten looked into her eyes, his eyes empty, and his face hard. “Leave Seth MacFarlane…or else.”

“Or else w-what?” Avery was too afraid to ask but forced herself to anyway. She had to know what he was trying to say or what he was threatening to do. He couldn’t possibly be serious, Avery thought in denial.

“Or we’re done.” Clinten murmured simply, refusing to show any emotion to her.

In the last two years, Clinten has never threatened to leave her. Never. It was because of that fact alone that Avery knew he was beyond serious. Avery had finally pushed him to the brink with her selfishness, and she had only herself to blame. The time had finally come for her to make her final decision, and the love of her life was forcing her.

Avery snatched her hand away, her heart shattering as his threat echoed in her ears.

“You c-can’t be serious, Clinten. After all we’ve been through together, I thought y-you loved me. Where is this coming from?” Avery replied, looking away from him towards the doorway so he doesn’t see the tears she’s fighting back from him.

Clinten grabs his boxers off the floor beside the bed and quickly pulled them on. “For the past few weeks, I have realized how much I love you. I went to Italy with my cousins and they were talking about how I use to be this big player. I use to have any and every woman in my bed. I’m not like that anymore because of you. I’m dedicated to you, but you aren’t to me.”

“Not dedicated? How am I not dedicated to you?!” Avery cried out, standing up and accidently letting the tears flow down her face. Clinten felt his heart stop but continued, knowing that he can’t keep letting her have her way anymore. Clinten Hapsburg was no longer strong enough to sit by and watch the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with be in the arms of another man.

Clinten stood there half naked, clenching his fist. “I gave you two years of my life, two years of committing to one woman, and you’ve given me none. You’re cheating on me, and him. The fact that I haven’t cheated on you or so much as looked at another woman says it all. I love you, more than you will ever love me.”

Avery gasps, reaching out to him only to flinch when he backs away from her. “That’s not true.” Avery whispered in a low voice.

“Prove it.” Clinten muttered, his eyes glazing over in tears. Avery felt the blood drain from her face, her hand coming to rest on her stomach to calm her upset nerves. She had to prove to him she loved him by losing her best friend? Could she even do it? Avery watched him walk towards the bathroom and close the door, the lock clicking. Avery knew that he wasn’t just locking her out of the bathroom, but out of his heart. The beautiful fashion designer couldn’t stay there anymore. With eyes full of tears and a lump in her throat she grabbed her purse and her coat as she slammed the front door closed. She had to get away from him and figure this all out. She knew she had to make a decision and stick with it, but at the same time she couldn’t help but be frustrated with the rush. Avery felt that what Clinten was asking was completely unfair of him to do. Clinten is just being completely unfair about this whole thing! But a small part of her knew that what he was asking was absolutely reasonable. They were only getting older, and as the days go by, Avery would only keep putting this off again and again unless she did something now.

The only thing was, did Avery had the strength to do leave her boyfriend of four years for the man she has been in love with for two years?
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