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To Caress My Day

Chapter 140: Ms. Forgetful

“Mmm, fuck!” Twigs cried from beneath Seth's naked body as he entered her willing body, filling every little space of her. Her large brown eyes fluttered shut as soon as the sparkle of ecstasy was inflamed by their union, her legs closing around his hips as her small toned form clung to his in anticipation of what he would do to her.

Seth lowered his head to bury it in the crook her neck, he inhaled deeply of her Jasmine perfume within his lungs, wishing to become one with her by disintegrating into her. He kept his hips stilled for a moment as he brought one leg up and off the couch where his foot landed on the carpet below. He braced himself on that one foot as he pushed himself deep within her, beginning the ritual their body's coveted every time they came into close proximity of each other.

The thrill should have been familiar to him by now considering they've been on each other like bees to honey since their first time in the dance studio in London, but...nothing had changed since then. Every time they came together to make love, it was like the first time all over again in terms of the vigor, desire, and satisfaction. He was hooked on her at first sight but he didn't think his fixation on her would last this long. It was unreal that the lust hadn't waned out even a little.

When Seth was dating Avery, they had been together for a total of four years. Their fondness seemed dynamic in the beginning before it fizzle out in the beginning of the second year...or was it 6 months before that?

Seth couldn't recall. All he knew was that the excitement had soon expired out like it had with most of his relationships that managed to last through his workaholic schedule. Something about Twigs was distinctive, not only the matter that visibly she was not his type but the fact that nothing had dwindled since they met. His allure to her was still as vigorous as when he had first walked into that cafe for coffee, his addiction to making love to her at every chance they could was as extraordinary and as impressive as their first time, and his love for her...well, that was probably the only thing that's made any changes, for he's grown to love her even more with every passing day.

“S-Seth, I...I'm gonna...” Twigs stammered to notify him of her coming orgasm, but couldn't speak past the desire building up inside her. She left him with those few words to resolve it out on his own as she tilted her head back to surrender a series of lusty moans that broadened into a scream of rapture as her inner walls narrowed around him, trying to milk him of his seed. “OH, GOD!”

“Another!” Seth stipulated when he plunged his hand into her hair and fisted her silk dark curls to turn her head so he could hiss his order. His body was strained as he thwarted the compact urging of her walls to cum so he could elate himself instead with making her shatter a second time. He felt her writhe beneath him as she let out a whimper.

“W-What?” Twigs gasps out as she fought to breathe. Her eyes rejected to open so she was temporarily blind as she turned her head against his hand. She felt his lips close over hers in a kiss that didn't help with her reduction of oxygen for it took her breath away. Rather avoiding it, she plummeted both of her hands into his short dark hair and held him there until she was convinced she was turning blue in the face before parting the kiss with a loud gasp.

Panting too, Seth peered down at her with heavy eyes devoured by lust as he repeated his order. “Give me another one.”

Twigs open her mouth to authenticate if he was asking for what she presumed him to be asking but was caught off guard when he began propelling his hip against her, beginning Round 2. With a small cry due to her tenderness, she fastened to him a second time. She was moved when she felt him settle his forehead against hers and together, shared breaths with her. As remarkable as it may seem, at that time she felt they were almost one being, a single entity. She never felt that close to a man during sex before and found it to be so astounding enough for her that she wanted to cry as Seth shifted within her body. But then how would she explain that to him when he spotted the tears?

“God, I love you so damn much!” Seth moaned, feeling his own orgasm coming already. He didn't want to cum yet until she had. He was a gentleman at heart, when it came to sex at least. He squeezed his eyes shut as he fought to hold his orgasm back.

Twigs couldn't help but shed a tear then at his admission. It touched her straight to her heart. With a nod, she cried a rapid reply before allowing her second orgasm to conquer her. “I-I love you too, FUCK! SETH!”

“THANK GOD!” Seth reveled as he felt her familiar tightening that enticed him to spill his seed this time. Little did she know he was one step ahead of her. Before she could narrow to fulfillment he was already spilling himself within her hot body, saturating her with fulfillment.

On the borderline of collapsing, Seth promptly tossed himself against the couch beside to her, but deliberately so he wouldn't knock her off and onto the carpet below. He let out a soft moan as he heavily panted for air, his body glossy with perspiration from the endeavor of making love. He listened to the sound of her rapid breathing too before murmuring. “Thank you, Tahliah.”

Twigs was barely conscious, but was positive he had communicated to her. It was hard to say whether or not he did, since all she could hear was the pummeling her heart in her ears as her sweat shrouded form throbbed with the aftershocks of her orgasm. “W-What? Did you say something?”

Seth smirked at her reduction of hearing, his eyes shut tight. “I said 'thank you', Pixie.”

“Oh, okay.” Twigs acknowledged in understanding before grasping she didn't quite understand what he was praising her for. Frowning, she fought to peek her brown eyes open to study him looking so serene and at peace by her side. “Wait, what exactly are you thanking me for?”

Seth chuckled idly, not having the spirit to laugh. “For agreeing to go and meet my father this upcoming Thanksgiving, Ms. Forgetful!”

“Oh right!” Twigs now recalled, bursting into a embarrassed laugh. She had completely forgotten she had even agreed to that compromise for a second there. Making love with Seth did that to her. Opening her eyes further, she beamed up at him when his eyes too were opening. “Well, that should be a reminder to you that I love you, Seth, and I want you to be happy.”

“I know, Pixie.” Seth reassures her tenderly as he stares down at her. “And I love you too, more than any other woman on this planet...that I'm not related to.”

The couple took a moment to treasure each other's perfection as well as their nudity in peace. Where he was bigger and taller, she was short and smaller. Where he was tone, she was a notably toner due to her being a professional dancer. Where he was the embodiment of perfection, so was she.

“So...when do we go and see your dad again?” Twigs hindered their moment, a frown on her face. Her mind was so short-lived right now, barely able to hold onto a single reflection for long.

“Well, I'll be going headed there on the week of Thanksgiving.” Seth informed her before directing a finger at her in question. “But I'm not sure about you. Do you think you'll be free that week so we can head there together?”

“I'm not sure.” Twigs returned back honestly. “I'll have to check my schedule first to be sure.”

They fell into another long interval before a grin spread over Twig's face. Now that the afterglow of sex was soaring off of her she was able to ponder clearly and recall a major disclosure she forgot to tell him earlier. “Guess what, baby? Me and my band are gonna release two new music videos from my EP next month!”

Both of Seth's eyebrows raised in fascination. “Seriously?”

“Yeah!” Twigs raved, throwing her hands up and shaking them in excitement.

“Well then you have to keep me informed about them, you hear?” Seth ordered her with a wink. “I wanna watch them the second they're released and not a minute longer!”

Twigs gave him a salute. “You got it, sir!”