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To Caress My Day

Chapter 141: Too Peculiar

In the days before meeting her boyfriend's father for the first time, Twigs tried to find some work to do while in California to occupy her mind from considering backing out of the agreement. It's not that she didn't want to face the man, she was just paranoid that he might not favor of her as a love interest to his son. That thought alone filled her days with uninterrupted restlessness until she subsequently got in touch with her agent, Mikey, and demanded to be put to work with whatever artist that needed an additional dancer in the California area, she didn't care how many legs she'd end up being paid to grind against or how small of an artist they were, she was going to take the assignment. Fortunately, her agent came through and set her up in a dance studio at the last minute with assorted groups already enlisted onto the same set as she. Putting her all into the routines, Twigs rehearsed as often as she could while Seth was at work at FOX studios and sometimes even into the night. She was determine to hone all the moves down to the required seductive interpretation these videos required from their video vixens and if that took lengthy hours of her day than she'd gladly give them up to be the finest that she be. When Seth entered his Mansion and didn't hear nor see his girlfriend anywhere on the ground floor, he safely concluded she was investing another night grueling away at a dance studio. Shrugging it off, he shut and locked the front door behind him before ascending up the stairs to his bedroom. He didn't get to reach his bed before the glow coming from his illuminating bathroom seized his eyes. Smirking to himself, he redirected himself inside and found his girlfriend sitting fully dressed in his vacant bathtub. She looked to be too lost in thought to detect him leaning in the doorway, and so he stepped into the bathroom. “You okay there, Pixie?”

Startled, Twigs jumped in curiosity that someone else was in the bathroom with her as her wide brown orbs jerked in Seth's direction. She instantly relaxed at his familiar face and sagged back down into the tub with a warmhearted smile curving her full lips. “God, you scared me baby.”

“I apologize, love.” Seth spoke as he kicked off his shoes and placed one foot at the opposite end of the tub from his lover. This indicator compelled her to compress herself up so he could sit himself down and wedge his long legs on either of of her. He dangled both of his arms along the rim of the tub as he stared out at Twigs with a look of uneasiness. “What's going on, baby? It's not everyday I find you sitting in a empty tub with your clothes on.”

Twigs let out a whine as she pouted in defiance to his question. It was already hard enough for him to convince her to meet his sister, she didn't want to make meeting his father into the same torture. She already felt dreadful for her nerves trying to get the best of her a second time again. “I don't wanna...”

“Well too bad.” Seth counteracted with a teasing smile as she shuffled to stretch her shorter legs outward towards his, though hers didn't have to at all bend like his. “Tell me what's on in that brain of yours Ms. Barnett, or else I'll be forced to take matters into my own hands to get the answers out of you myself.”

Groaning in annoyance that he wouldn't give it up and let her remain stressed, Twigs dropped her eyes down to her lap as his foot continued to nudge her side. “It's nothing, Seth, I swear. Just...the usual stuff, you know? I'm concerned about meeting your dad, the same way I was when you wanted me to meet your sister, Rachael.”

“Why?” Seth chuckled in delight as his harmless father came to mind. “Its just my dad.”

“It's just the same old worry that...what if he doesn't like me, Seth?” Twigs shared with him, trepidation laced in voice. “What if he thinks I'm too peculiar than all the other women you've been with before and doesn't accept of you seeing me?”

Seth held up a hand to stop her before she slipped into a never ending tirade over his dad. When her mouth clamped shut, he began to console her that would never be the case. “Okay look, believe it or not, my dad hasn't actually met all the women I've been affiliated with.”

Twigs raised a perfectly thick dark brow in disbelief to his claim. “Your dad hasn't met ANY of your pass girlfriends?”

Remedying himself, Seth waved a hand as if to obliterate what he just said before he made his second endeavor. “Okay so maybe one before you, but not ALL of them.” With a sigh, he lifted one of her sock-clad feet up to massage the small slender thing of any soreness she'd obtained from hours of rehearsing. “But that's all besides the point, my dad is gonna absolutely love you to pieces, Pixie, trust me.”

“But what if he doesn't?” Twigs challenged him, not giving up due to his persistent doubts.

Seth gave her a shrug and joked a little too convincingly. “Then I'll disown him.”

Twigs caught the deception though and burst out laughing at his outlandish solution. “Bullshit, Seth! You wouldn't anything of the sort to your father.”

Still trying to act as if he was completely serious, Seth replied. “Watch me, then.” He continued to massage her feet, observing her become languorous to his touch. “The same thing applies as before Tahliah, if my dad or Rachael don't like you than they'll simply have to get over it. I'M with you, not them.”

“Yeah but this is your father we're talking about.” Twigs prodded.

“Don't care. It still applies all the same to me.” Seth reiterated, making himself precise.

“You really mean that?” Twigs insisted again, her heart surging for her love for him.

“Of course or I wouldn't have said it.” Seth gave her wink as affirmation.

Accepting in his words, Twigs felt a reprieve she hadn't thought she'd ever feel again and she had her man to praise for it. “Thank you, baby. All that worrying has been stressing me out nonstop for the past few days.

“No problem, my love. The last thing I want is for you to stress yourself to death over nothing.” Seth said, now working on the heel of her foot.

Wanting to smother him with love for being there when she needed him, Twigs removed her foot from his clutch and began to crawl forward in the slightly crowded tub and into his now open arms. She cuddled as tightly against him as she could be. “Mmm, I forgot to how was your day, baby?”

Seth leaned his head back to recall a notably memorable part of his long day as he insured his arms around her petite form. “Well, Mike followed me into the bathroom today and used his Herbert voice from the stalls while I was using the urinal. It was definitely the creepiest flirting I've ever been subjected to and my first in a bathroom.” Twigs burst out laughing again as she envisioned the hilarious scene in her head. Because her laugh was addicting to him, Seth found himself laughing too. “He's been terrorizing people in the bathroom all day when he isn't working.”

“I absolutely love that man!” Twigs giggled in his shoulder, yearning she had been there to witness all the poor people scurrying out of the bathroom to get away.

Jealously, Seth nudged her in the arm, but not for the reason she thought. “Hey! I saw him first. Are you all packed up for Kent, Connecticut?”

“Yup, I got everything I could possibly need.” Twigs persuaded him with a nod.

“Well then that just leaves me to pack up my shit.” Seth groaned in displeasure, rolling his eyes.

“I actually did most of your packing for you.” Twigs disclosed quietly to him, not sure if he'd welcome the service considering he'd been at work all day. She felt him tense up in what she regarded to be shock that she took the initiative without his agreement. “You can look everything over if you don't trust that I did an acceptable job. I won't be offended if you do.”

Skeptically narrowing his eyes on the top of her head, he grinned down at her. “No, I trust you. But if I find out you didn't pack my things correctly I'll be forced to make you pay.” Twigs let out another melodious laugh. “Alright, we better get going now or we'll miss our flight.”

“Yeah, we probably should.” Twigs nodded in compliance as she climbed off of him and out of the tub.

“Oh, I think I forgot to mention that Rachael and her family are gonna fly with us tonight.” Seth accidentally failed to recount earlier as he clambered out after her. And just like that, Twigs became deathly nervous all over again.