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To Caress My Day

Chapter 147: Kids Are At It Again

When Seth and his father, Ronald, came back to his house from shopping in town, they located the family, oddly enough, outside in the backyard. It was a somewhat chilly day and yet Rachael and Xiang were braving the cold to do some watercolor outside on a playful dare by Spencer who was now in the living room on his cellphone with a coworker. On the lawn was Bella packed up in her winter garb dancing with Twigs to a Katy Perry song on a small barbie radio her parents stowed with her on the trip.

Twigs had been conversing to Rachel and Xiang about her dancing skill when Bella wanted to show off her own moves. Rachael had humored her by retrieving her tiny radio and playing the disc already inside. Hyped, Bella dashed out into the backyard and started dancing. Twigs accepted the challenge and accompanied the little girl, trying to imitate her moves down to precision. She didn't catch her boyfriend's arrival until his father bellowed from the back door.

“Now what is this!?” Ronald roared like he was Santa Claus, nearly startling the women painting in front of him as he stood there with his hands on his hips. “Dancing in the cold!”

“Jesus, Dad!” Rachael sprang, reclining back in her chair to appease her racing heart. “You scared the bejesus out of me!”

“Me too.” Xiang concurred, a delicate hand settling over her chest as she laughed up at her older husband. “Ronald, lower your voice!”

“Ha! She told you!” Seth burst out laughing at the display of his puny step-mother chiding his larger dad though his eyes were fastened on his girlfriend, Twigs, who, at first was puzzling him by her wacky dance moves before grasping that she was trying to mimic little Bella's moves. Only then was he dumbfounded by how skilled she was by following the moves almost exactly. He couldn't pull his eyes away, his hand plunging into his coat pocket to stroke the ring box protected within.

“She sure did.” Rachael admitted with a favoring nod to her step-mother. “Thank you, Xiang.”

“No problem.” Xiang responded back.

“Oh come now, girls!” Ronald closed in on them from behind and tipped over to wrap both arms around them. “Take it easy on me, I'm just an old man.”

“An OBNOXIOUS old man!” Rachael taunted him with a smile, hugging him back.

“Be that as it may...” Ronald faltered, and he straightened up when once again spotted his only grandchild dancing breathlessly around with his son's new girlfriend. “Oh, right! Excuse me, ladies.”

Everyone watched as Ronald heaved up his chest in challenge and strode over to Bella and Twigs, stopping before them to put his hands on his hips. “What is this, I see!?”

Bella quit dancing to burst out laughing at her grandpa and how ludicrous he looked.

Twigs halted too, thinking she had done something wrong before spotting the Twinkle in Ronald's eyes. She expelled a breath she'd been holding in apprehension. “Oh, we were just playing a dancing game.”

“And what is this dancing game?” Ronald quizzed Twigs though his eyes were on Bella who kept giggling every time he conveyed like a mighty King reviewing them.

“Bella starts to dance, and we're supposed to imitate her.” Twigs quickly described. “Or at least the best you can.”

Sticking a hand out, he shooed Twigs aside to give him some room. “In that case, move aside. Grandpa is about to bust some moves.”

“U-Um, okay.” Eyes wide in horror, Twigs hurriedly jumped aside to make room for him to stand beside her, her eyes looking to Seth with worry of the older man's capability to commit to such an arduous game.

Seth saw her distress, but couldn't wipe the grin from his face as he hailed out. “What are you doing, old man?!”

“Showing these ladies how it's done!” Ronald announced, stretching out his limbs.

“Dad, you're gonna hurt yourself!” Rachael called in next, siding with Seth.

“We're not as young as we used to be.” Xiang reminded him of their older age equaled to young Bella and Twigs.

“I'm doing this, end of discussion!” Ronald asserted, before nodding towards Twigs. “But this time, you lead.”

Eyes widening even further, Twigs indicated to herself. “Who, me?”

“Yes, you.” Ron gestured for her to stand before them center stage, so she could guide them.

Twig's eyes once again strayed to Seth who seemed unbothered by his father's choice, just profoundly amused. Shrugging it off, she moved to stand before them. “Okay, are you guys ready?”

Ron gave a nod to his granddaughter who echoed it back. “We are. Give us the best you got.”

He wanted the best she got? Well, damn, he didn't stand a chance then. Twigs began to move, choosing to keep the beginning at least elementary before getting into the onerous moves.

Seth observed his niece and father begin to struggle to keep up, and leaned forward in his chair, becoming stupefied as she took her moves up a remarkable notch. “Wow.”

“Close your mouth, Romeo, or you'll drool all over your pants.” Rachael annoyed him, a smile on her face as her family tottered to keep up with Seth's accomplished girlfriend who moved with a superior amount of finesse and precision.

Planning to shut his sister up once and for all, Seth reached out to pilfer her paint brush from where he sat next to her and began to paint over her artwork. “And you should close your mouth or else someone will come and make REAL art over the trash you call art.”

“Hey! Knock it off, Seth!” Rachael berated with a smile still stuck on her face. “You're ruining my painting!”

“More like correcting it!” Seth contended, dodging her hands as he continued to ruin her painting.

“Ronald!” Xiang called to her husband as she painted. “The kids are at it again.”

“Seth! Rachael!” Ronald huffed between pants as he ceased trying to keep up with Twigs after the second move. Bending over, he fought to catch a breath as Bella playfully toppled on the floor beside his feet, panting from exertion. “Stop you're fighting over there!”

Seth regarded his dad pardoning himself from dance class, pick up an overwork Bella and make his way over to them. His face read discontent but his eyes were grateful for the intrusion. When he was in close range, Seth whispered. “You're welcome, dad.”