Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 150: Not Up For Debate

Seth pretended to be startled as if he was just exposed fondling his balls through his pants in front of his family on their couch when really he and the other members were trying to appear as if they hadn't been linked in a deep conversation relating to the engagement ring he had procured for her. If he had been any slower in returning the jewelry back into his trouser pocket, Twigs would have surely seen it the moment she looped the couch from whence she had excused herself to answer a call on her phone. Seth didn't know what he would have done if he had been caught red-handed...perhaps would have been driven to propose to her right then and there in front of his family and much earlier than he arranged to. It wouldn't feel like the proper time, but hey, she'd be his fiancee much sooner than later. “Hmm? Oh, there you are, love! I didn't hear you come in.”

Twigs discounted him, her eyes straying to his other family members and the odd presentations they were rendering at the moment. An amused smile still curved her full lips, but her brown eyes were still watchful of them. “What's going on? Why is everyone acting...peculiar?”

Ronald, from where he was postured like an Egyptian statue with his wife Xiang plucking at the nonexistent remains in his beard and mustache, finally came back to life. He frowned at the young woman, faking bewilderment at her odd analysis. “Acting peculiar? Whatever do you mean, dear?”

“No one's acting peculiar here.” Rachael reassured her, placing the magnifying glass she had been using to inspect her dad's couch in a moment of panic back on the side table next to her. “We're all just relaxing and having a good time, right Spencer?”

Twigs watched Rachael lift her foot to lightly tap against her husband's knee who appeared to be snoozing with his little daughter in his arms. Her brows furrowed together in puzzlement. Did Rachael not see that the man was asleep? “Um, I think he's asleep.

Within that moment, everyone shot a glare in Spencer's direction, who even in his feigned sleep, felt their scrutiny on him. At least he had appointed a more efficient performance than the rest of the family. He fooled to be asleep while everyone else did something else...preposterous. Rachael crossed her arms over her chest and beamed Twigs an amiable smile that hid her resentment towards her husband's outsmarting ways. “Of course, the chum is.”

Not perceiving why Rachael seemed bothered with her innocent slumbering husband, Twigs shrugged their odd behaviors off and studied Seth. “May I talk to you for a minute?”

“Yeah, sure.” Seth peered uncertainly to his family for their permission, not wanting to abandon them if it wasn't fine with them.

Ronald waved his son off. “Oh, don't worry about us. It's about time to get started on dinner anyway.”

“And a nap for these two.” Rachael gestured to her husband and daughter.

“We'll see you guys then.” With a nod, Seth went to Twigs and placed a hand on her lower back to lead her away from the others and up to his childhood room where they were crashing during their stay in Connecticut. He makes her step in first before pursuing her and shutting the door behind him for privacy. “What's wrong? Was that Simone or the other ladies calling?”

Twigs briefly skimmed around the room, treasuring her boyfriend’s array of interests on the walls, and shelves such as Star Trek and the Old West films before turning around to face him. “No, it wasn't them.”

When she reached out a hand to him, Seth took it in his and allowed her to tow him across the room to his bed. Easing onto the bed after her, he leaned his back against his headboard and began to inspect her pixie-like face. “Then whats up?”

Wanting to be closer to him rather than just sitting beside him, Twigs rolled over so that she mounted his lap and placed both arms loosely around his neck. She stared down into his brown eyes and responded genuinely in a murmur. “Well, for starters, I'm SEVERELY horny.”

Seth couldn't help himself from laughing at her astonishing reply. He grinned up at her and wiggled his eyebrows at her. “Well, if you're free, I can definitely help you with that right now.”

Twigs smiled, but before she could open her mouth Seth leaned over to begin kissing the sensitive warm flesh in the crook of her neck. She sighed gently and closed her eyes as his hands migrated along her sides to plunge underneath her thick sweater to stroke her warm soft skin. “Mmm, Seth. I wasn't done talking.”

“You weren't?” Seth asked between kisses up the column of her neck, his mind on other things.

“N-No, I wasn't.” Twigs replied, knowing full well that he had no plans of stopping. Unwillingly, she placed her hands on his shoulders, when really they were yearning to plummet into his short dark hair, and moved him back enough for their eyes to meet. “I was gonna say, secondly, that that was my agent, Mikey, on the phone.”

“Okay, and?” Seth cut in impatiently, craving to get back to sex.

“Apparently I've been specifically requested to dance in a music video the day after tomorrow.” Twigs revealed in a haste, knowing those words would catch his attention.

“The day after tomorrow?” Seth repeated before pouting in the most masculine way possible. “So when do you have to leave for the airport if you have to be at the shoot the day after tomorrow?”

Twigs bit her lower lip, feeling lousy for this part. “This very evening.”

“This...what!?” Seth huffed in disbelief, trying to straighten himself back up. He felt her stiffen her hold around his neck to keep from toppling off the bed. Once he was secure, he gave himself a moment to take this all in. If Twigs had wanted to take this job opportunity, she wouldn't be letting him know in a way of asking his permission. Seth never wanted to get in the way of her hustle, and wasn't gonna start now. She did what he requested her to do, she met his dad for thanksgiving. What else could he demand from her? For her to stay with him?

Sighing through his nose, Seth attached his eyes with hers watching him solemnly. “Alright fine, you can go to your little video job, but only if you do me ONE favor before you go.”

Twigs raised a thick brow at him in question. “What is it?”

“Tonight we make love.” Seth announced, his face serious. “It's not up for debate.”

“Seth!” Twigs chided him, placing a hand over his mouth to shut him up. She glimpsed towards the door. “You can't be serious!”

“Oh, I'm serious.” Seth insisted. “If you're gonna leave early, then we're gonna have sex before you go.”

“But we shouldn't do it here! We're too loud!” Twigs stressed, her cheeks heating with embarrassment. “The whole neighborhood will hear us!”

“I promise this time I'll be quiet.” Seth vowed as he leaned forward to trap her lips in a powerful kiss that even she couldn't deny.

Giggling at how outrageous they were, Twigs conceded. “Fine, just so long as I don't hear a peep from you!”

Seth trailed his lips down her neck as he began to use his weight to propel her down onto her back. “As you wish.”