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To Caress My Day

Chapter 151: A Quickie

Being urged onto the mattress on her back, Twigs tipped her head to the side to grant Seth's lips entry to her jasmine fragrant neck. The scorching open mouth kisses were ravenous on her skin, the wet stroke of his tongue shooting shivers up and down her spine. Her panties were moistening until it felt like there was ocean cascading from between her legs. “S-Seth, touch me, please!”

Her boyfriend complied, his large hands commencing an exploration of her torso and limbs. It only served to tease by arousing the flame of lust blazing within her. It did little to appease it, because he purposely touched her through her clothes instead of beneath them. Tonight she donned a light brown thick sweater, a matching long skirt with a knee-length slit, and black stockings. They didn't hug her body, so if he wanted to he could easily drift his hands under the garments and touch her bare skin, but Seth, biting back a teasing smile, wanted to drive her crazy. “Fuck, your body feels so sexy, baby.”

Writhing in growing dissatisfaction and hunger beneath him, Twigs face quickly scrunched up in sexual anguish. Her fingers tugged at his own sweater which was a 'Gobble til you Wobble' Thanksgiving theme that he deliberately procured to make his dad laugh, which worked. “I-It'd feel better if you'd ACTUALLY put your hands on me!”

Issuing a chuckle, Seth kissed his way down her torso through her sweater, his hands tarrying along behind him. He was positive after this she'd burn her clothes for slowing him down. Sitting up, he grinned down at her as he hooked the end of her sweater. “Then let's get these out of the way, shall we?” His lover's eyes glistened brightly with longing as she helpfully aided by arching her body up, so he swept the thick material over her head, displaying her see through bra. Seth's brown eyes magnified in astonishment as he gaped down at her nipples, hard and ready, beneath the sheer lace. “Jesus Christ, you didn't tell me you were gonna wear that tonight!”

Twigs grinned up at him, contented at his dumbfounded reaction. “Remove the rest to find out your prize.” But before he could, she halted by raising a dainty foot and planting it on his chest to stem his now fervent determination. “AFTER you remove yours, of course. You always take the longest.”

“That's because you wear things like this that you know always hinder me!” Seth upheld before scrapping his silly Thanksgiving sweater then migrating to the edge of the bed to extract the rest. Returning to her, he sulked at an scheme he could have accomplished, but was now too late to do. “I should have went to a sex store and got some turkey related underwear. You know, something sexy in theme with the current holidays.”

“How are turkeys sexy?” Twigs inquired before waving her hand to cut him off before he could expound. “You know what? Forget I even asked, please.”

“I plan to, since I can now finally open my present a month early.” He gave her a wink as he reached down to drag her long skirt off of her lower half, unveiling a matching sheer thong that influenced a loud moan from his lips. “Goddamn, Tahliah.”

“Shh, baby, we don't want your family to hear.” Twigs shushed him before sitting up to pluck the stockings impatiently from her legs as he gawked at her seductive lacy set. Catching his face with her hands, she hauled his lips to hers, passionately melting their lips together with a soft moan.

Seth swathed his arms around her, and used his heavy weight again to launch them falling back onto his bed with him on top. Breaking the kiss, he slanted his mouth overs hers, merging their lips back together as he introduced his thick tongue deeper into her mouth. He ached for her, the familiar fever quickly building up. He needed to have her. Skipping her already adored neck to her, he trailed his lips down to her breasts, his fingers slithering beneath the straps on her shoulder in preparation for removal, but first he had other plans. Hearing her breathless sigh of his name on her lips, he encircled his mouth over one of her nipples, deriving a gasp and her back arching off the bed. He could feel her fingers plummet through his hair to hold his head as he heartily suckled the bud to his own fulfillment. When he was satisfied with that one, he moved onto it's twin and drew it into his mouth next, gaining a moan from her.

“T-Take it off...” Twigs softly appealed, her hips rising to grind against his erection that was firm and pressing thickly against her own sex. One hand supported him to her breast, wishing him to stay there forever while her other hand traveled over the expanse of his back, feeling the muscles there.

At her command, Seth moved his hands around her torso to unclasp the bra and then remove it with her cooperation. Greedily, his lips returned to her sated nipples, but only for a brief while because he no longer felt like he was oozing pre-cum anymore, but actually his jizz what with how much he was dribbling. Swooping his hands down and underneath the elastic band of her thong, he extracted the sensuous material and relegated it to another area of his room over his shoulder. “Spread your legs for me, baby. I want to see how wet you are.”

Moaning at his provocative request, Twigs compliantly opened her legs and exposed her glistening sex to him. She was so wet she wouldn't be surprised if she had marinated all the way through to his mattress. Self lubrication was never a challenge for her body to supply, but since she's been with Seth it was constantly overdone. So much poor underwear had lost their lives flooding between her legs.

Seth didn't think his mouth could water any more. He felt like a man in need of drink after being lost in the desert. His eyes scurried excitedly between Twigs and her sex, hoping she wouldn't oppose his next move though it would take up too much time. They were supposed to be in his room to 'talk', not have sex. At any moment, his family could come looking for him. This should have remained a quickie, but Seth kept spotting things that diverted him. “Just a minute, Tahliah. I promise it'll only be for a minute.” He didn't wait for her answer before dropping his head between her legs to gorge on what her body had spawned for him. He groaned the instant her sweet nectar made contact with his tongue.

Twigs let out a cry she half muffled with a solid clap of her hand over her mouth. She arched her back and stretched her legs wider, giving him greater access to her when she knew she shouldn't. They only had a limited amount of time to be up in his room having a talk. A talk didn't take this long! “Fuck, Seth! Y-You have to make it quick!”

Taking his fill, Seth bathed her up with his mouth and tongue as completely as he could. It was a arduous undertaking when her body only kept making him more, re and he tenaciously didn't want to waste a drop, but alas he didn't have a choice at the end of the day. Soaring from the depths between her legs, he hastily crawled up the bed to crash his lips overs hers as he delivered his cock into her body with one rapid thrust of his hips. The moan emanated between their lips reverberated the room loudly. Anyone standing the hall would have surely heard. And if that didn't make it worst, Seth began to set a brisk pace that made his bed creak rather loud.

“B-Baby, wait, I wanna ride you!” Twigs gasped out against his lips. “Please...let me.”

“Oh, fuck yes!” Not needing to be convinced, Seth roughly whirled them over, so she was now on top, and he was her willing slave. He tried to watch her as she vigorously rode him like a stallion, but it was hard...and even harder to keep from moaning. It took him giving up and seizing a pillow to asphyxiate his responses. Below, he released his moans and cries of her name liberally.

Twigs leaned over to grasp the headboard as she rode the hell out of him. They had to make this quick, they already wasted too much of their time. She tried to use the sheet that had been kicked out beneath them to conceal them just in case someone did decide to barge in without knocking, but the sheets kept slithering off her breasts. While Seth was fortuitous enough to have a pillow to muffle his moans, Twigs had nothing but her own self-control which was next to nothing with Seth inside her. “Fuck, Seth! I-I can't...I-I'm gonna cum, baby! Fuck, I'm gonna cum all over you!”

Seth tightened his hold on her hips, urging her on as he muffled back a response that may have sounded like. “Fucking cum all over me then! C'mon, baby fucking cum on me!”

Arching her back, Twigs tilted her head back and closed her eyes as her orgasm began to close in all around her. She fiercely rode him, the bed thudding against the wall as a result of the force. In seconds, she convulsed in ecstasy on top of him as she came, the euphoria bursting a streak of loud cries and then moans from her until she was lessened to whimpers. She didn't know if Seth had cum when she toppled down beside him until she faintly recalled him thrashing underneath her as he roared into his pillow. Snuggling up against his side in exhaustion, she leisurely reached up to pull the pillow from his face to expose it's red hue. She grinned at him. “You're welcome.”

“Thank you.” Seth breathlessly whispered, their face and bodies sparkling with sweat. They laid languidly on his bed, calming their breathing. They didn't know how long they remained there, but it was long enough for Seth to regain enough energy to turn and scoot himself down to latch onto one of her nipples again. He heard her whimper as he relentlessly suckled on her. Nothing could have pulled him from her side except for the sound of someone beating on his bedroom door.