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To Caress My Day

Chapter 152: Choosing Our Moments

“Seth, I know you're in there.” The familiar voice of Rachel called through the door in what sounded like an annoyed voice. “Just open the door.”

“Shit!” Seth cursed before hopping off of his bed to race around for their clothes in his childhood room in Connecticut. Twigs followed closed by and caught the garments he tossed at her before backing be up along the wall next to the door so if it swung open she'd be concealed from sight. They simultaneously scrambled to slip their clothes back on and when Seth was in his both a shirt and a pair of pants on, he pulled open the door to greet his sister with his billion dollar grin as he leaned into his doorway. “Oh, hey there kid sister. What's going on? What brings you up here to my domain?”

Rachel stared at him for a long time, not buying his innocent act. Before he knew it she had reached out to punish him with a painful pinch that had him yelping has he stumbled back. She smiled when his fell. “I was going to ask Tahliah is she needed some assistance in packing her belongings, but now I can see that she probably hasn't even started since you've been...distracting her.”

“Distracting her? Never!” Seth objected, wrapping his arms around himself to protect her from her next unexpected attack. “I haven't the faintest idea why you'd believe I'd be occupying her with other things except packing her suitcase for her flight!”

“Because yall were having sex not too long ago!” Rachel revealed in a hiss, crossing her arms over her chest like a disapproving parent. “And in our family home, Seth?!”

Having eavesdropped, Twigs let out a gasp she prayed wasn't heard. Covering her face with her hands in a burning embarrassment, she chided herself for ever believing it was a possibility that they could keep it down. It was a stupid move on both of their parts. They knew better, not only to refrain from having sex within the walls of their loved ones homes, but also to make love outside of their home with the intentions of being quiet. They couldn't be quiet and that was the truth of it!

Seth's jaw dropped, his brown eyes growing in size in awe as he stood speechless for a long time. “...H-How do you know about that?”

“For one, I can tell simply by looking at you.” Rachel answered in triumph, a smug smile on her face as she looked him up and down. “Your shirt is on backwards.”

Shocked eyes dropped to his shirt to see it was indeed backyards. No longer could you see the thanksgiving turkey nor it's silly quote. “Fuck...”

“And also because we can hear you loud and clear with all your vulgar dirty talking.” Rachel went on, indicating the end of the hall from whence she'd came up the stairs. “You're lucky dad and Xiange took Bella out to the candy shop soon after you two went upstairs.”

Well, that was indeed a relief! Seth couldn't deny that. If his dad had been the one to come up instead, he would have walked right in and saw them lying naked together on the bed with his mouth suckling on Twig's breast. Of all the ways a parent could walk in on their kid after sex, this was one of those that Seth would give his left nut to never have to experience ever in life. Truly, this was a lesson worth learning from, but still, he stubbornly aimed a glare at his sister. He should be grateful it was her that came upstairs to his room, but it was hard when she grinned back at him with such cockiness. “Alright, you can quit smiling so cocky now like you won something. I get it, you now have something to hold over my head.”

“Seth, calm down. It's okay.” Rachael placed and on his arm to soothe him. Her smile was softer now as if in mutual understanding before she leaned over to whisper something to him that she knew would scar him. “Spence and I have been taking advantage of Bella's bonding time with the grandparents. Unlike you two, we're smart about choosing our moments. If you ever want some adv-”

“GOD, NO!” Seth barked before rudely slamming the door in his sister's face. That information was information he could have lived happily without and now that's all ruined. He'd have to go on the rest of his life knowing that until the day he died. Seth visibly cringed.

Twigs had a hand over her mouth to smother the giggling that were threatening to come up from hearing the two siblings go at each other. They were truly a spectacle when they weren't at work or under the media's attention. She was certain he wouldn't see the smile on her face but didn't know how to diminish it from her lively sparkling brown eyes.

“No need to be rude, big brother! I was trying to to help!” Rachel called through the door with an open mouth grin on her face. She loved taunting him like they use to when they were little...well, actually it was must worse then. It took them getting older to get along with one another better and so these days they bicker harmlessly and with a newfound respect of their own. “Anyway, we'll see you two later before Tahliah leaves. We're gonna have watch the Thanksgiving parade on TV downstairs. We'll put it on extra loud through the speakers for you two.”

“GO AWAY!” Seth bellowed, childishly covering both of his ears. He didn't think he could ever speak to her ever again after today's trauma. Hmm, perhaps that was something he could hold over her!

“Baby, are you okay?” Twigs called once she heard Rachel retreat back down the hall to her husband. Her boyfriend was pale.

Seeing his girlfriend move from the corner of his eye, he lifted his eyes to hers and lower his hands from his ears. “Is she gone?”

Twigs couldn't help but giggle as she came over to take his hands in her. “Yes, the big bad meanie is gone now. You're completely safe.”

Seth felt the tension leave his body when she lifted both of his hands to kiss his fingers to console him further. He gave her a half-smile. “She is a big bad meanie, isn't she? Can you believe she told me that? Me! Her brother!”

“No, I can't.” Twigs agreed, lowering their hands to wrap her arms loosely around his waist. She tilted her head up to regard him. “It was unexpected for sure. I had no idea she'd reveal that kind of secrecy to you.”

“And to her brother, no less!” Seth whined, wrapping his arms loosely around her neck. “You know what this means, right?”

Twigs thought on it for a second, but couldn't decide on what would be the right answer. “Um, no not really. What does it mean?”

“That her thirst for vengeance knows no bounds!” Seth declared. “She'll stop at nothing to traumatize me to insanity until I get locked up in some aslyum or something!”

Twigs began to laugh, finding it even harder to take him seriously. “Baby, I'm sure that's not the case.”

Seth pondered on it for a moment until a thick brow arched in thought. “I'm thinking of telling Dad on her as revenge.” His brown eyes lowered to her upturned face. “What do you think?”

“Oh my god, you two!” Twigs burst out laughing, the sounds echoing off his walls. She released him to playfully push him back. “Will the bickering ever end with you two?”

“Not as long as I breathe!” Seth announced in a heroic voice, holding up a single finger as he propped one leg on the bed like he was Captain Morgan.

“Okay, hot-shot. Do you wanna help me pack now or do I have to do this all myself?” Twigs asked him as she began to gather her items around his bedroom.

Unhappy that she was leaving him early than expected, he pouted as he lugged her suitcase onto his bed. “Yeah yeah, I'll help. Next time, let's refrain from having sex at my dad's place.”