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To Caress My Day

Chapter 153: Ain't That Something

Unfortunately for Seth, he couldn't take his girlfriend to the airport alone due to downing a glass of liquor or two with the men before Twig's manager phoned her with a music video opportunity. He stood outside in the cold with his father who was insisting on chauffeuring them himself. Not wanting to trouble his dad any further after all he's done for them, Seth tried to get him to reconsider. “I'm not drunk, dad, I think I'll be fine driving us to the airport.”

“Nonesense! I'll take you both to the airport myself.” Ronald held firm on his decision as he opened the driver's door and sighed with content from the rush of warm air coming from the vehicle's running engine. “By the way, where is your girlfriend?”

“Inside saying goodbye to everyone. I woke up before she did and so I got a head start on that, not that it mattered anyway since everyone seems more interested in raining their farewells on her instead.” Seth smirked at the recollection of them huddling around his girlfriend to give her hugs and praises for coming. It was display that swelled his heart even more for everyone involved, because they all approved of one another. He was a bit taken aback by how much their acceptance truly meant to him. “I can't thank you enough, dad, for allowing me to bring her along. You've all welcomed her with so much warmth and love that...I don't know how to explain it. It means the world to me.”

“I know it does. I can tell by the look of adoration on your face.” Ronald designated to his son's dreamy face.

Before his dad could hop into the driver's seat, Seth grilled him one more time. “Are you sure you want to drive us to the airport. I can call us a taxi instead if that'll make you feel better.”

“And risk exposing your relationship to the public?” Ronald reminded him with a thick white challenging arch of his brow.

“Shit, you're right!” Seth muttered to himself, forgetting that his relationship was one of secrecy. “I totally forgot again.”

“Focus, son! You have to keep that in mind or else the world will know before you know it.” Ronald advised him with a shake of a firm finger at his son's face. “Whenever you are with her, resist falling completely into the paradise you both create whenever you two are together at least enough to where you can easily remember that in reality your relationship is still a secret from public and should remain so until you BOTH are ready.”

Seth concurred with a nod of understanding, his eyes lowering with disgrace. “Yeah, I know. It's just difficult. I keep finding myself being so damn egotistical by simply forgetting. I just wis-”

“I'm ready!” Twigs hailed from the walkway as she made her way to them with a grin. Her eyes were twinkling from all the positive energy and ovations she received from her boyfriend’s side of the family. They all seemed to explicit their approval of her and thanked her for making Seth so elated. She tried to reassure them that she was the fortuitous one in the relationship, but they were positive it was he.

“Then let's get a move on!” Ronald announced, scooting onto the driver's seat. “It's chilly as hell out here.”

“You got it, dad!” Seth opened the passenger door for her to climb into before bumping her aside by invading that backseat with her. Shutting the door, he buckled himself in too before draping an arm around her to drag her tightly to him. Glimpsing down at her, his brown eyes instantly got lost in hers. Though the weather outside was freezing, her brown orbs still held the warmth coming from his father's burning fireplace. “Comfy?”

“Son, you better keep your hands to yourself back there if you intend to keep her company.” Ronald warned his son as he began to back up out of the driveway. “Your sister already warned me on how touchy you can be around her.”

Seth's face immediately went pale as he tensed up against Twigs. Rachel told him what!? “Hold on, what exactly did she tell you?”

Ronald switched the gears to drive, and began to navigate them out of his neighborhood. “Just that you couldn't keep your hands off of Miss Tahliah during your flight here.”

“And? That's it?” Seth went on to probe, not believing his sister left out the part where she encountered him having sex with his girlfriend up in his childhood bedroom. “She didn't say anything else?”

“No...should she have?” Ronald raised a suspicious brow at him through his mirror. “Did you do something I don't know about, Seth Woodbury MacFarlane?”

“Nope!” Seth blurted out much too fast. “No, nothing at all, sir.”

“Right...” As much as Ronald didn't believe him, he wasn't going to pry any further what with Twigs around. She was about to depart out of Connecticut very soon, perhaps then he'll start prodding his son for answers.

At Twigs request, they drove through the departure lane to drop her off at one of the many entrances the lined the curbs and temporarily parked alongside there. She hopped out to grab her bag from the back after raining several kisses on Seth's lips, but it only made him want to follow her like a besotted cartoon character out the car, of course he couldn't have allowed himself to do that, because someone might recognize him. Unfortunately, he had to remain in the car unseen, but that didn't prevent him from rolling down his window to watch her like a hawk. Ronald was able to join Twigs and help her to tow out her small luggage. Now standing on the curb, she turned to face the two men, feeling her heart lurch in her chest at having to say goodbye. She hadn't even left yet, and she was already missing them like she had. “I can't thank you two enough for a fantastic Thanksgiving! The company was loveliest, and the food impeccable.”

Ronald held a hand up in front of his son's face to keep him from speaking, because he had a couple of things he wanted to say to his son's girlfriend first. Stepping forward, he quickly got on with his speech before the officers navigating the airport traffic caught them lingering too long and demanded them to leave. “It is I that should be thanking you, Tahliah, not only for coming across the ocean to meet me, but also for making my son the happiest life has ever made him.” Reaching out, he clasped her hands in his beefy ones to try and convey his feelings better as he looked her directly into her eyes. “I'm am beyond overjoyed that you took a chance on my son. I'm beyond overjoyed that you've grown to love my son with such an intensity that you do that I'll never have to worry if he's being treated fairly or not. And most importantly it means the world to me that you've given me a chance to hope that my son might not just die alone in his lifetime.”

“Hey!” Seth complained, shooting his dad a brief scowl from behind some dark sunglasses he unearthed within the confinements in the car.

“Thank you, Ronald.” Twigs laughed, squeezing the older man's hands in mutual understanding. His words made her heart sing, because she sensed them to be genuine. Completely forgetting Seth was even there for a moment, she began to express her own gratitude to his father. “You have no idea how much it means to be that you and your late wife created this astounding man we've both come to love beyond all else. I've never acquired a gift I wish to treasure in all my days for the rest of my life. Seth means more to me than any man ever has, or will. and I know no other could ever come close to reaching his place in my heart no matter how hard they try.”

“Well, ain't that something, son?” Ronald raved, feeling completely moved by her romantic feelings for his son.

“It's everything, dad. She's always been everything.” Seth droned with a love-struck daze. “God, I hate being stuck in this damn car like this!”

Giggling, Twigs stepped towards his windows and cooed. “Aww, does the baby hate being locked up all by himself?”

“Shut up and kiss me woman!” Seth demanded with a playful glint in his eyes. Leaning forward, he stuck his head out the window as far as he could.

Ascending on her tiptoes, Twigs tilted her lips up to his for a kiss while Ronald got back in the driver's seat. The moment his dad had to walk around the car, they deepened the kiss to an inappropriate level that involved tongues meeting and their lips smacking. Forcing herself to break the kiss before things went too far, Twigs was breathless. “I'll see you soon?”

“Very soon, if I can help it.” Seth vowed, his lips a deeper shade of pink. With one last peck, he watched her walk away from him with her suitcase. The cop patrolling the departure area spotted their vehicle and began to harp on his whistle to get their attention. He ordered with a shout for them to keep it moving. Ronald cursed within the safety of his car at the man and began to pull out into the heavy flow of airport traffic. Rolling up his window, Seth turned in his seat to watch his lover until she was out of his sight.