Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 154: Keep the Outfit

At the beginning of the last week of November, Twigs received a text message while on the set of a UK artist, that branched off from a girl band. The entire song and music video was about a woman discovering that her man was cheating on her. Twigs was draped in all black with a sleek bob wig, thick sunglasses, black lipstick, a sheer lace body-stocking underneath a bodysuit with chains hanging off the padded shoulders, leather ankle boots, and black leather finger-less gloves with black painted nails. After dancing with three other ladies as part of the backup dancers on set, she had cleaned her mouth and was administered a daring glossy red lipstick instead, with thick black droplets down her eyes to appear as if she'd been weeping for what was organized to be the first out of two clips of the chosen solo dancers to perform on their own. Twigs was elected for the first chorus, and executed hers by spinning around in place once with her eyes immense with shock for the camera, her splayed hand in front of her glistening red mouth, then she stuck a hand on the back of her head and tugged a finger over her lips in order to entice the camera next. To finish it off, she forced her hands into her hair and wildly shook her head to appear affected before she began to tarnish the red lipstick from her lips. Finally, the black droplets on her cheeks were smudged in with the red lipsticks by her fingertips to appear as if she were losing her mind. Sabrina, the singer, felt she rendered her character to her interpretation of perfection and soon as the camera quit rolling she commended Twigs. “Yes! Yes! That's exactly the kind of crazy I was looking for! You did a breathtaking job!”

“Thank you so much!” Twigs beamed shyly before the director summoned the only other woman hand-picked for a solo in the second chorus which required her being strewn with blue and yellow specks of paint on her face and neck. Stepping aside to pinpoint her phone, Twigs felt the device vibrate to life the minute she curled her fingers around it. Checking the text message she'd just received, her eyes brightened up as she smiled through her smudged makeup. It was Seth! Tapping it, she scanned his text, her eyes twinkling even brighter than before.

I'm outside your apartment door.

“Oh my god, I need to get back!” Twigs whined to herself as she began to peer around for her belongings. She had almost forgotten that she was on a job when she whirled around at the tone of a megaphone projecting the voice belonging to the artist, Sabrina, who was the one that had specifically petitioned her by name to dance in her video.

“Yo, is this thing on? Oh okay.” Sabrina nodded to a member of the set as she fine-tuned the controls on the megaphone. “Anyway, everybody, I wanted to be the first to disclose that this is a wrap for the set of my music video!”

Everyone in the building exploded into applause, and high-fives. Twigs just released a gust of breath in reprieve that she was already done with her job for the day and could go and see Seth just as soon as she had wanted to.

“I want to thank every single one of you for making this dream come true for me! You have no idea how much this means!” Sabrina swept an open hand to the backup dancers that were coincidentally standing near an impatient Twigs. “Ladies, think of those outfits as a gift from me to you! Feel free to take them home to wear for your man, your woman, or for yourself whenever you want to!”

AND she could keep the outfit!? Today just got even better! Now she didn't have to waste added minutes on getting out of costume. Skulking towards the shadows with her materials collected in her arms, Twigs crept out of one of the backdoor to rush back home, stuffing an old black leather backpack with her clothes throughout her expedition, and cloaking on a huge oversize winter coat her mother insisted on acquiring her. It felt like two full hours had passed when she reached her apartment building, whisked up the front steps, waved hello and goodbye to Simone's parents who's daughter had remained in the US temporarily, and then up more flights of stairs until she blew through the stairwell's metal door to identify a tall figure veering against the wall by her door. A grin developed across her face, baring her white teeth as she breathed his name like she hadn't seen him in in 10 months. “Seth...”

As if picking up on her whisper, Seth glanced up from his phone towards her, displaying a disguise of a long black hair wig, and round John Lennon spectacles. He looked like he could fit in as one of the Beatles. His eyes frowned at the sight of his girlfriend's smudged red lips and black tear tracks down her cheeks. He had no idea why she appeared that way, but it didn't feel good. Pushing himself off of the wall, he considered her from ankle boots to the dark bob she sported that had to have been a wig. “What the hell happened to you?”

“Huh? Oh!” Citing her curious state, Twigs extracted her backpack to fish for her keys as she closed the distance between them. “Nothing, I just got off set for an artist is all.”

“That's a relief. I thought you got into some mess.” Seth shrouded his arms around her in an embrace, taking in the familiar yet intoxicating scent of Jasmine before relaxing his hold to catch sight of her stocking legs. It was late autumn and damn near winter. Why was his girlfriend walking around like this in the cold? “Uh, Pixie, why didn't you change into your pants? It's freezing outside.”

“Like I said, I got back from a shoot.” Fixing the key in the lock, she ditched it to release her coat and reveal the costume purchased and then gifted to her and the other dancers. “And this is what we were allowed to take home. I didn't want to keep you waiting too long so I didn't change and came straight here.”

Seth had only a second to take in the sultry view of her outfit before the natural stirring of sexual desire activated inside him and made his mouth dry with longing for her. He managed a gulp before his voice turned into a husky command. “Tahliah, unlock your apartment door, and be quick about it.”

Remembering the flames of desire in his eyes, Twigs covered her response behind a giggle and began to unlock the door. “I should probably get you a spare key one of these days, huh?”

“ASAP.” Seth pressed as she pushed open the door of her apartment and trekked inside with him close on her heels. He called out another order as he busied himself with shutting the door behind him and locking it. “Take off your coat, Tahliah.”

At a safe distance, she twirled around on the heels of her black leather ankle boots and removed her coat, tossing it aside and then setting her hands on her hips. “Is this what you wanted to see again?”

Surrendering his control at the way she twirled herself with a temptation super models could only contend to simulate to precision, Seth stampeded towards her and trapped her within the hold of his arms. As his mouth plunged down to partake on the flesh bared and scarcely hidden beneath her body-stocking, his hands ran trails of fire over her clothes as he roughly began to dislodge them from her form. “Christ, Tahliah, when is your spell over me ever going to pass?”

“I pray never.” Twigs giggled as she inclined her head back and grinned to the heavens, reveling in his male attention. Her finger-less gloved hands traveled over his back through his long black trench coat, pressing into the muscles.

“I worry you'll get your wish.” Seth conceded as she cooperated with him in expelling her bodysuit to pool at her ankles, beneath that she wore just a bra beneath her body stocking. With an agonized groan, he raked his hands over her behind as he gawked down at her sex behind a sheer wall of lace. “Fuck, Tahliah, I need to taste you now.”

With a gasp, she was swept off of her feet to lounge on the cold hardwood floor divided between the open concept living room and the kitchen of her apartment. Peeking down, she studied Seth spreading her legs with a firm hand on each stocking knee. It felt forever since she'd been this turned on. Raising her hips in encouragement, she whined his name. “Seth...please.”

“Let me take you in first.” Seth breathed, beaming down as the sunlight, temporarily between two clouds, streamed through her window to make her sex sparkled in provocation. With a moan and a mouth salivating in longing, he lowered his head to greedily help himself to the delicious natural lubrication that collected from her body.

“SETH!” Twigs cried out, arching her back in pleasure. She so wanted to relish the feeling of his lips merging themselves so brazenly with hers, and yet at the same time she wanted to feel him naked, moving within her. However, she knew Seth would give her exactly what she wanted once he had his fill of her. Closing her eyes, she treasured the feeling of the sunlight on her skin, the sexual heat igniting within her, and Seth eating her out on her hardwood floor.

One orgasm later, Twigs implored for him to make love to her properly much to Seth's disappointment for he had it arranged to give her another orally. But they had time together, so there was no need to feel pressure. Sitting up and licking his lips, Seth undid his pants as she strove to remove her body-stocking and bra. He jerked himself off at the display of her undressing and when she was ready, he thrust into her to the hilt and made them both cry out with rapture.