Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 155: Re-Learn You

After having sex on the floor between the living room and kitchen, the couple lugged themselves to the couch and sprawled there naked beneath a throw blanket that left their arms and legs bared to the open air. Both were silent as Seth laid there with an arm bent behind his head, and the other around his girlfriend. His eyes were closed as he felt Twig's limbs move against his from where they laid entangled. A love-struck smile on her face, Twigs was radiating with utmost fulfillment as she leisurely kissed along the upper part of his torso that was bared from the blanket. Her hands underneath roamed over his stomach, combing through the light dusting of body hair he had. She giggled as they tickled across her lips in a soft caress.

Smirking at the adorable sound of her giggling, he slackened his hold on her to idly examine the dark curls of her hair, brushing the strands carefully so as not to create any knots in her tresses. Blindly turning his head, he pressed a lingering kiss to her forehead, inhaling the scent of her hair mixed with her jasmine perfume. Giving himself a fleeting moment to take everything in, Seth's voice broke the silence of soft traffic outside the apartment and the soft breathing inside the apartment. “Sorry I dropped in on you out of the blue like this. I know I usually give you a heads up, but I didn't have time to.” He sighed heavily in her hair, appearing bummed about something as he opened his eyes to catch the luster of light on her ebony curls. “I might not get to the chance to see you as much as I usually do next month.”

“You won't? But...” Twigs lifted her head higher to gaze up at him, taking her curls along with her and urging him to look at her. She couldn't keep the pout from forming on her lips. “What about my EP? You have to be available for that at least when it drops.”

Seth's brows furrowed together as he tried to gather up the date that event was meant to happen. All he could cite was that it would be released in the month of December. “And when will this EP drop then, Pixie?”

“December 4th.” Twigs answered, scanning his eyes intently for any bad signals.

Eyes widening in bewilderment, Seth lifted his head to gawk down at her accurately. “That soon?!”

“Yeah, that soon.” Twigs nodded in affirmation. “I'm also gonna drop the music videos for my last two songs on the EP.”

“Weak Spot and Breathe, am I right?” Seth calculated with a smirk, positive he was correct.

Twigs nodded in agreement with a smile. “Ding ding ding, you are the winner, Mr. MacFarlane.”

Seth chuckled at her cute dramatics as he immersed his arm back around her again. “And when will those videos drop?”

“I hope to get started on making the music videos very soon.” Twigs sighed, her eyes cruising the room in thought. "They shouldn't take too long."

“Will I be jerking off to those videos too?” Seth inquired with a naughty smile.

Gasping in shock that he would do such a thing, Twigs delicately smacked him on the chest. “Oh my god, Seth Woodbury MacFarlane, did you seriously get off on my music videos!?”

“Guilty as charged, Pixie.” Seth granted with a boisterous laugh as his mind reflected back to his favorite video of hers that consisted of the torso section of his girlfriend's body in a sheer bra and a lotus flower between her legs to conceal her sex. “My favorite one to re-watch is 'Hide' if you haven't guessed by now.”

“Oh my god...” Twigs giggled as she momentarily covered her face with a hand in embarrassment then leaned down to bequeath several kisses on the area she had hit him. “I can see why that video would be your choice.”

“So, what do you have in mind for your next two videos?” Seth grilled her, interested to know.

“That, my love, is a surprise.” Twigs winked at him as she pressed a finger to her mouth in a shushing motion.

“Fine.” Seth feigned offense as his eyes rose to the ceiling. “Tell me about yourself then.”

Twigs laughed at him. “Baby, you already know everything about me.”

“Tell me anyway.” Seth shrugged carelessly. “I want to re-learn you.”

Humoring him, Twigs bit her lower lip as she considered his request. “Um, I'm a nice person. A quiet person. A hard worker too, if I should say so myself. I've been dancing since I was 8 years old. My parents had to forfeit a lot for me back in those days in order to pay for ballet classes and opera singing classes because we were a poor family, but I'm tremendously appreciative for all they've done for me. They're truly loving people. When I was 17 I wanted to make music. I wrote my first song when I was 18 in London with a producer. I was trying to find out what exactly my sound really was.” Twigs continued to detail away information he already knew about her life. “I left the UK when I was 19 to move to LA, but came back 6 months later when I was 20. While there I worked in various studios with several producers on some really bad demos.”

Seth burst out laughing right after she did and peeped down at her. “Were they really that bad?”

“So bad that I never heard back from the producers again.” Twigs laughed, trying to sweep her curls back from her face so she could see him clearly. “I believe that was around the time I met my manager Mikey.”

“Tell me about this Mikey fellow.” Seth interrogated without a sign of jealousy.

“We have a pretty close, but absolutely platonic relationship.” Twigs reassured him just in case. “He's honestly supportive of all my creative endeavors.”

“That's good to have.” Seth replied. “Tell me more about yourself.”

“Well, living in London was expensive. At one time I was juggling three jobs all at once.” Twigs groaned softly at the grueling thought of that. “I decided to go with dancing as a career, because I already knew how to dance anyway. On the side, I tried my hands as a youth worker as well.”

“What did you do as a youth worker?” Seth interrupted.

“I taught teenagers how to sing, play music, dance, and write poetry.” Twigs answered. “I think there was a time I even considered being an art therapist for a minute there...”

“Whatever happened to the whole youth worker thing?” Seth quizzed her. “I recall you being involved when we first met.”

“Government budget cut.” Twigs divulged. “The job was eliminated.”

Jumping to another subject matter, Seth probed. “What about your band members? How did you meet them?”

Twigs began to count on her fingers each member. “I first met Tic at a bondage party he was hosting. He was the A&R and producer for the label Young Turk. He also knew my manager, Mikey. He was the first person to introduce me to Tempest, which is an instrument drum machine.” Pausing to contemplate once again, she went on. “You know, now that I think about it, if it hadn't been for that machine I don't think I would have went ahead to produce my own music.” Shaking her head of that reflection, Twigs went on to listing her other band mates. “I've known Cy'An the longest and had reached out to him to join my band. My mother met him first actually at a cafe, and just because his music and style was similar to my taste she told him we should meet in person. When I found out about that, I contact him and apologized for my mother's fussing.” Giggling, she ran her fingers through is chest hair. “L.J I also already knew when I extended an invitation to the band. Apparently, on our first session he kinda winged the whole thing since he never play the instruments we were playing before. He'd only played bass guitar. It's remarkable how well he and Cy'An work so well together.”

“Do you think your band mates would like me?” Seth inquired hopefully.

“I believe so.” Twigs nodded assuredly. “And if not, then more for me, right?”

Grinning with reprieve, Seth reached up to haul her down to him so their lips could meet. She tenderly moaned against his lips as she felt him harden against her leg. When she reached down to grip him in her hand, he gasped against her lips. Sitting up, Twigs mounted his lap and navigated him right back into her body, slipping down onto his length. He groaned in response as she simultaneously threw her head back and gasped. The moment she began to grind down on him he reached out to seize her hips to hold onto, expelling the blanket from them completely so he could see her naked glory and watch his cock slide in and out of her with male satisfaction that he would use later on that evening when he would have to fly back to the states alone. Until then, he planned to savor the thrills of her company until then.