Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 156: Our Girl Is Back

“I'M BAAAAAACK!” Simone serenaded the minute she swung her apartment door open to enter with her rolling suitcase behind her. She's just got back from the airport from her foray to Los Angeles to link with her band members, GRL.

Twigs started and spun around with a hand on her heart, not expecting to identify Simone behind her. She too just got back to the apartment from rehearsing for another music video gig at a dance studio nearby. “OH MY GOD! Simone, you scared the shit out of me!” She hadn't thought her roommate would show up at their place today since no knowledge had been shared. “Why didn't you tell me you were landing today? I could have met you there.”

Opening her arms to Twigs, Simone welcomed her into a warm hug. “Because I wanted to surprise you, you sweet little thing of mine.”

Pulling back, Twigs grinned up at her. “Well, you did a pretty damn good job.” Stepping back into the open kitchen, she got some cookies out from the cupboard for the two to share. “And how was your trip to the U.S? Pleasant, I hope.”

“Pleasant is an understatement, Twigs. It was positively outstanding!” Simone praised, abandoning her luggage by the door to take a seat at the kitchen table. “The girls and I did a bunch of stuff in Los Angeles. Natasha and Paula took us all around to experience the California life. I still can't get over their unbelievable weather!”

“Me neither, and I've been there more times than you have!” Twigs concurred as she sat beside her and set a place of cookies between them that they both helped themselves too. “But anyway, I'm super overjoyed for you, Simone, and all that you've experienced and accomplished. You're getting closer and closer to your dreams.”

“I know! It's so crazy!” Simone giggled with excitement before her brown eyes began to scour around for a specific someone. Frowning, she swept her long locs over her shoulder and inquired. “Hey, isn't Seth here too? I thought you guys just got back from visiting his father in Connecticut.”

“No, he had to go back to work. He left the day before.” Twigs sulked while taking a bite from a cookie. Her mind had been on her boyfriend ALL day, but now that her roommate was here, she wanted to give her her full attention.

“Aw, that's sucks! I was hoping to say hi and catch up with Mr. Handsome.” Simone moped too, but for a different reason. Seth was a busy man, and she understood that, but his presence was the sort people fancied to be around, and she hadn't seen the guy in what felt like forever. “Anyway, how did the session with his dad go? Did it work out for you?”

“I believe it did. Unquestionably better than I envisioned the worst scenario would go, that's for sure.” Twigs smiled with relief, her mind going back to her Thanksgiving break at the MacFarlane house. “His father is a jolly Santa Claus looking fellow with a heart of gold, and his step-mother a petite beauty with a gift for watercolor.”

“Congratulations to you then for getting along with his dad!” Simone applauded her, taking her hand in hers to give it an affectionate squeeze. “I know that was your main uncertainty meeting him, and I'm relieved that you were once again wrong in your prognosis, and we were right.”

“Thank you, honey!” Twigs said, her lips parting in a open mouth grin that slowly crashed as the air switched from warm and serene, to severe and dreary. “And I'm just as happy that you ladies were right too. I'm always pleased when you're right in situations such as these.”

“But something else is on your mind right now.” Simone gathered from Twig's sudden transition in mood. “I can't tell just by looking at you. What's going on now, Tahliah Debrett?”

“There is something on mind, yes, I won't withhold that.” Twigs confirmed, tapping her fingers on the table top. “But I'd rather wait for Amira to show up before I go into that right now.”

“Oh, she's suppose to be dropping by today?” Simone asked, fishing her phone out from her coat pocket before Twigs could fill her in on that plan. “Well then let me send her a text to scurry her ass up cause we don't got all day to wait up for her.”

Reviewing the kitchen clock hanging on the wall, Twigs contemplated. “Thank you! I don't know where she's at, she said she'd be here waiting for me to get back from rehearsals, but she wasn't anywhere in sight when I entered the building.”

Simone took her time to send a string of text, engaged in conversation. She felt her roommate eyeing her as she impatiently waited, and appreciated it. When she got all the information she needed, she peeked up and broadcasted it to Twigs. “Okay so, they're already in London, which you probably already know, but I sure as hell didn't. They do plan on dropping by to see us for sure today. Amira will be here in 3 minutes and the others will follow a bit later because they want to pick up some food along the way.”

“About time.” Twigs sighed with relief, leaning back in her chair. She couldn't wait to see her good friends again, but the real thrill was for the food coming, for the cupboards were pretty desolate and Twigs couldn't afford to acquire groceries at the moment. Thank god her manager, Mikey, came to her rescue with a gig opportunity. “So, now we just have to sit and wait for the next 3 minutes for Amira.”

And it was three minutes later they heard a knock on their front door. Getting up from the kitchen chair from where she'd been hanging while Simone unpacked her suitcase in her room, Twigs strode to the door and opened it to reveal Amira's squealing face. Finding her reception infectious, Twigs found herself squealing right back as they embraced each other. “You're finally here!”

“I know right! Sorry that took so long. I saw a cute guy along the way skateboarding and we got to chatting.” Amira rapidly explained as she stepped inside and closed the door behind her.

“And the others again?” Twigs inquired, having forgotten why the other Neon Jungles weren't there with her. “I forgot where they went again.”

“They went to get food. Don't worry, they'll be here soon. But enough about all that.” Amira expelled as she tenderly took Twig's arm and drew her into the kitchen. “Tell me what's going up with you? Why did you need to see us so badly? Is everything good?”

Sighting Simone coming from down the hall, Twigs pointed in her direction. “It is now that our girl is back.”

“Who?” Amira sought her gesture and squealed when she identified Simone, who squealed back. “Oh shit, it's our girl! We missed you, sweetie!”

Twigs watched her close friends embrace while she took a seat at the table and awaited for them to accompany her. After doing so, she got to opening up about what was going on in her mind. “Okay look, I've been thinking about this all night the majority of this morning before Simone arrived and...I just want you guys to tell if I'm going crazy or not about this.”

“Oh, rest assured we will.” Simone ensured with a nod. “There won't be no holding back from either of us and you know it.”

“Yeah, so stop with suspense and tell us what's going on?” Amira requested impatiently.

Twigs opened her mouth, then closed it, then opened it again only to resolved she needed to be doing something if she was going to tell them. Getting up from the table, she began to pace the kitchen floor. “You both are aware that I've met both Seth's sister, Rachael, and his father by now right?”

“We remember.” Amira consented, her foot impatiently swinging under the table.

“And that I was utterly terrified of meeting them both.” Twigs recalled as she fidgeted anxiously with her fingers. “Even though both meetings went superbly well.”

“YES!” Simone proclaimed, throwing her hands up. “Yes, Tahliah, we know! Now, can you cut to the chase, and knock all this suspenseful conundrum crap off and just tell us!”

Twirling around to face them, Twigs spouted out in an erratic voice. “I've been thinking of asking Seth to meet my mother and step-father this Christmas in Gloucestershire!”