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To Caress My Day

Chapter 158: Most Magnificent Woman Alive

Within the next five days, Twigs and Seth grinded down hard at their jobs to get as much accomplished as they could so the next time they saw each other it wouldn't be on their minds. Twig's manager, Mikey, was scampering left and right trying to turn up as many gigs as he could to add to the ones already on the list that solicited her by name. She had just concluded a call with him after approving another gig when Seth called her. Smiling to herself, she entered her bedroom and shut the door behind her as she answered the phone. “Good evening to you, sir! How can I help you?”

“Yes hello, can you help me get into contact with the most magnificent woman alive this evening?” Seth cavorted along, grinning from where he was sauntering on his couch in Beverly Hills. “I was sure this was her number.”

Feeling her cheeks grow warm from his endearing compliment, Twigs giggled behind her hand as she plopped down across her bed on her stomach. “And you're right, this is she.”

Chuckling at how goofy their dalliance sounded, Seth dropped the act. “How are you, Pixie?”

“I'm doing good, and you?” Twigs inquired, resting her jaw on her hand as she stared out the window through the division in the curtains. It was another overcast murky day in London, but that didn't halt Londoners from swamping the streets to get where they needed to go.

“Missing you.” Seth divulged, getting up from his couch to fix himself a glass of whiskey. Being away from Twigs always gave him the blues, and sometimes a sip of some hard liquor did the trick. Perhaps tonight he'll be fortuitous. “But that's nothing new, right?”

Twig's dreamy smile collapsed into a pout at the solemn tone in his voice. “Oh, baby, I'm sorry I can't be there right now.” She didn't want him to be somber that they were apart again. It was one thing for her to have to handle her own melancholy every day, but she didn't like the idea of him suffering through the same miseries. Reflecting on a quick fix that has regularly pacified her in the past, she spouted out. “Perhaps my EP dropping in three days might help you feel better. You'll be able to hear my voice anytime you want like I do with your album.”

Hoisting his glass of whiskey to his lips, Seth wavered on taking a sip to smile at the hint that her first EP was going to drop soon which hopefully meant more provocative music videos of his girlfriend again. “Is that so? Then I can't wait to watch the other two music videos that'll come along with it.”

“I'm glad you're thrilled too, it means so much to me.” Twigs observed, her smile coming back to her face. It was nice to not only have the support of family and friends, but also the man she was madly in love with. His support was the icing on the cake.

“Naturally, I am. My girlfriend is about to take over the world one song at a time!” Seth gloated, sipping from his whiskey and welcoming the burn. “So how are you going to release your first EP? Do you plan to set up a release party and invite others to attend, or just drop it out of the blue with no notification?”

Pouting her lips in thought, Twigs conclusively shrugged to herself. “Actually, we haven't really voted on it. Tic thinks we should definitely have a party for sure in celebration, but I'm not sure.”

“Well, if you want my opinion, I think Tic is on to something here.” Seth said, siding with a man he'd never met before or seen. Taking a seat back on his couch, he took another sip of his drink before setting it on the coffee table before him. “But I can understand if you don't want to have a tremendous party chock-full of strangers reviewing your very first EP release, so I would propose keeping it limited among family, friends and other followers of your dreams.”

“Hmm, I didn't think of having a small party instead.” Twigs mumbled to herself, considering his idea. “You know, I think that actually would work better for me.”

“So do I.” Seth concurred, leaning back into his comfy couch, grinning. “I can't wait to finally meet your band mates.”

“Say what!?” Twigs proclaimed in wonderment, pulling the phone back to gawk at it in astonishment before placing it back against her ear. “Wait, you're aiming to come to my EP release party?”

“If I can, absolutely.” Seth confirmed, leaning his head back to stare up at the ceiling. “Why, do you not want me to come?”

“No, no! I want you to come, it's just that...” Twigs balked as she got to thinking of how it would be impossible to camouflage a super renowned billionaire from America from everybody attending the party, especially when it's a small confidential one where everyone was bound to commune with one another. Who could she entrust to fraternize with him and not race to the press? “I guess that just might mean I'll have to dwindle the extent of people showing up. Our relationship is still unknown to many people in my life that I'm just not ready to notify yet.”

“Oh...I'm sorry about that.” Seth murmured, feeling guilty that his presence would only put more struggle on her shoulders instead of being a blessing. Sighing, he began to reevaluate his decision on going. “If it helps, I don't have to show up. I don't want to cause any predicament for you on your big day. We can celebrate later over the phone or in person depending on my schedule.”

“No, please, Seth, I want you to go!” Twigs asserted, sitting up in the middle of her bed as she clutched tighter to her phone. She definitely wanted him to come to her party, more than she originally foresaw. The thought of him not going would just wreck the whole thing! “More than I want everyone else in mind to go.”

Comforted that she was willing to take the risk he always seemed ready to take, Seth smiled to himself. “In that case, how can I dissatisfy you? Do you have a venue picked out yet?”

Relaxing that he changed his mind and would be one of the few faces at her party, Twigs sagged down onto her bed, nuzzling her head into the pillow Seth adopted as his own whenever he slept over. “We haven't started looking for a place yet. We weren't all on board with the concept of having a release party, but now I'm totally for it. If I can get the others on board, we'll start looking as soon as possible, and I'll send you the details.”

“I'd appreciate that.” Seth thanked her before giving into a lengthy lapse. As with everything else in her life, he wanted to contribute his service to her party. However, his extended hand wasn't always accepted by his tenacious girlfriend who could be too self-reliant at times. It turned him on that she was a woman who strove vigorously for what she wanted and didn't freeload off of others to attain the things she had, but still, he found himself wishing she'd just take his damn support even if it's just this one time! Taking the risk, he blurted out his offer. “Look, if you need any service for your party I'd love to help...maybe even leasing the place you decide on hosting it at?”

“No, Seth.” Twigs replied flatly. No way was she going to take his money to host a celebration for her EP release. If it ever even came down to that, she'd rather not have the party at all. Her EP would have to be dropped unannounced. “We won't be needing your help.”

“I'm just suggesting it, is all.” Seth simplified, verbally waving a white flag of peace between them. “You don't have to take it if you're not comfortable with it. I just want you to know it's there.”

“No, Seth.” Twigs restated in that same tone. “We can handle it just fine.”

“Alright alright, I hear you, woman. Sometimes a man just wants to help where it might be needed, is all.” Seth swiftly accepted defeat, not wanting to get into a feud. Changing the subject to a whimsical one to hear her laughter again, he recommended a plan. “I'm thinking about turning up disguised as someone else. Remember our first date? In California?”

Twigs instantly burst into laughter, filling his ears with her adorable melodious voice. That night was a riot she'd never forget! “Oh my god, you totally should, but only after my performance. I don't want you to make me laugh through the whole thing.”

“It is decided then.” Seth ruled with a grin, a strategy formulating in his mind already. “That'll be my plan.”