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To Caress My Day

Chapter 16: Endless Bewitchment

Seth and Avery got the best seat in the house as usual. The restaurant had a huge sheet of glass artwork with intricate design in the middle of the establishment that every diner ogled at. On the other side was a huge glass wall that looked out onto the city as you ate. The tables and silverware were polished, the wine glasses were sparkling and the napkins were starch white. The restaurant had small white trees with full bloomed flowers scattered in different areas of the restaurant as well as crystal chandeliers hanging over the dining tables with engraved chairs. Everything was impeccable, and so refined it would easily make any middle class citizen feel like they were in the wrong place.

Avery and Seth were sipping their expensive wine as they looked over the menu after admiring the delicate glassware in the display cases around the restaurant. Avery had immediately decided they would both dine on the chef’s special, the seafood spaghetti. Seth was hungry for something with more meat, but as usual, he let her have her way. Tonight was about Avery, and Seth. No one else.

“Whatever you like, honey.” Seth replied, flashing her a warm smile before their waiter came over to take their orders. As soon as their waiter left, they got back into their usual routine of talking about her work, his work, and more work. Seth used to have to be the one to steer Avery to a more intimate flirty conversation whenever he wanted to change the evening into something more romantic, however, tonight he didn’t feel the desire to do so. For once, Seth was satisfied with hearing about how her work has been progressing since his last update.

Once their meal had arrive, they both dug in. Avery was a delicate eater, so Seth tried to have a little more manners when he ate around her so she wouldn’t go in on another one of her rants about eating like an uncivilized pig etc. The soft tune from the keys of the piano being stroked comfortably relaxed their tense bodies a bit and put a soft smile on their faces. For once, things began to feel like these use to two years ago. But the warm loving atmosphere was about to change.

Avery and Seth looked up from their plates to flash each other an appreciative smile for being a helpful distraction from their stressful day, when Seth caught sight of something so heart stopping behind Avery that he couldn’t look away. Avery hadn’t noticed since she was forking up some pasta while trying to figure out how to ask Seth for advice on her current dilemma with Clinten without letting Seth think that she is talking about her secret affair. Seth was a wonderful friend to her and it has always been easy to talk to him about her problems. Avery was curious about what his advice would be towards her ‘co-workers’ relationship issue if she brought it up to him.

Avery focused on the bubbles in her wine glass so he wouldn’t be able to see the lie in her eyes. “Hey Seth, I was wondering if you could help me give some good advice to a friend of mine about her current relationship trouble. She’s in love with this guy, but is afraid to breakup with her current boyfriend because he’s been such a wonderful person in her life that she doesn’t want to lose him. Is there a way for their relationship to end on a good note even though she fell in love with ano-“

Avery was cut off when she looked up and caught sight of the very man that’s been tormenting her mind since this morning, Clinten Hapsburg. It wasn’t the fact that she didn’t expect to see him so soon that made her skin pale, rather it was the person he was dining with. Avery couldn’t see her face, but could tell she was a young model by her slender frame, long dark hair and creamy pale skin. Clinten was smiling in his dark suit at whatever the mystery woman was saying to him from across the table. Avery’s eyes turned dark as she felt her heart stop beating. What was he doing here with another woman!?

Was he…trying to move on from her?

Avery couldn’t possibly imagine that to be true. They’ve been through hell for each other, why on earth would he want to give that up on some anorexic little child!? Avery downed her drink, clenching the stem of the delicate wine glass as she painfully watched the man she loved make a private toast to the other woman. The moment that Clinten finally noticed Avery’s presence, she was already excusing herself from the table and heading towards the women’s restroom to try and prevent her sudden tears from pouring.

Seth didn’t even notice or hear Avery as he continued to gaze past her dining chair like he was trapped in a hypnotize state. Standing by the piano, was Twigs in an all-black evening gown looking gorgeous with very little jewelry and with her signature red lips. Her gold septum ring was missing as well as most of her piercings. Her long dark hair was piled on her head in a fantasy inspired bun with a few curls dangling down the curve of her neck. She was softly singing a song unfamiliar to him, her fingers running up and down the microphone stand as she gently swayed her hips but not too exaggeratingly. She hadn’t caught sight of him yet and he was a little thankful because of how dangerously quick she could affect him just by a single glance. At the same time he was disappointed, because he wanted to be mercilessly tortured by her.

How on earth was she here? She couldn’t be here! This was a seriously expensive restaurant to get into, how could she be singing in a place like this? Neon Jungle had to be behind this! They were the only people that could possibly afford to get Twigs to perform here unless she had a ton of cash hidden somewhere and decided to stalk him. The thought didn’t really creep him out at all.

Why is it that now that he’s having dinner with his girlfriend, she had to show up magically out of nowhere so he wouldn’t be able to escape her endless bewitchment on him. No matter what he does or where he goes, he can’t seem to break her spell. Seth MacFarlane has been a troubled man since he met Twigs and he wasn’t sure if it was a good thing. He feels more awake, happy, wholesome, and alive when he’s around her, but whenever he finds himself without her, he feels unsatisfied, hungry, irritable, demented somewhat and desperate. There was nothing he could do to stop it. He’s tried to distract his mind with work, but every black inked letter spelled out her name in his peripheral vision. He tried sleeping but she constantly invades his dreams. He went as far as to collect stamps for two hours before finding it a completely boring hobby. All Seth wanted was to be sane again like he was before he met Twigs…

...and then spend an entire month in her bed, buried deep inside her.

Twigs had ended her song, and had managed to resist moving too much to the sound of the piano just like she promised the owner. The boss didn’t like her at her first audition because she was the complete opposite of what he looking for, but after losing his only available singers he was forced to dig into his bottom drawers for Twig’s number. She was tempted to give him a strong ‘fuck you’ but she needed the money, and her friends had already bought her a dress for the occasion. To be honest, Twigs didn’t want the job. Ever since the bar and Seth, she’s been feeling pretty depressed to enjoy anything. She really liked Seth, but was hurt that she scared him away. I mean she couldn’t find him right after she sang to him so he must have ran away from her. Maybe he had found her creepy or something. Had she come on too strong?

Twigs bit her lip as she tried to push the embarrassing memory behind her mind and focus on her next song by Celine Dion. She looked up from her feet to the crowd when she felt that familiar feeling and tugging sensation again. Disbelief flashed across her face as she scoured the tables of occupants in search of the only man that could make her feel that way.

Seth MacFarlane.

Twig’s eyes glued to Seth’s the second she found him sitting alone at his table. Seth had been watching her for a while now, unbeknownst to his girlfriend Avery who in the lady’s room. Twigs bit her lips again to prevent a smile from showing. It was really him, he was here! Twig’s hands gripped the mic stand as she and Seth both recalled the last time they met, and the intense desire they invoked in one another. Seth wanted to feel it again, and his expressionless face wasn’t going to be the one to tell her that. It was going to be his eyes. Twig’s lips parted as the words began to flow out. The lyrics weren’t to a song Celine Dion ever sang which confused the pianist, but rather from another woman who sang of the consequences of falling in love. Seth leaned over, putting his elbow on the table as he linked his hands into tight fists and allowed her take him back to that night.

Twigs slowly moved her hips from side to side in her skin tight dress, despite earlier warnings not to be so seductive. The pianist was forced to make up a tune to her mystery song since he didn’t recognize it. But that didn’t matter, all that mattered right now, was that Seth was watching her again, and this time she wasn’t going to disappoint him. Her eyes stayed on his, except for the times she would slowly close her eyes like she was in pleasure, lifting her head up to expose her throat, making Seth’s growing hard on reach out for her against the confinements of his pants. The comedian had to use every molecule of strength he had to not either jump her bones in front of everyone or release himself from his pants and jerk off right there in the restaurant. Seth felt like he was fighting the hulk within himself right now.

Twigs knew she was affecting him by how tense he looked, and she didn’t plan on easing up on the poor guy. She wanted him to feel her like she dreamed of feeling him. She wanted him to feel the mental, emotional and sexual torment that he invoked in her when she was home alone and had to touch herself to the memory of him. And so she did, and he felt every single moment she spent alone in sexual hunger, mirror his own. In minutes, the song was done, and Twigs had stepped off the small platform to allow an elderly gentleman to take the stage with his saxophone.

“Gotta…pee bath.” Seth stammered out to an invisible Avery as he got up, his eyes on Twig’s retreating back. Seth had yet to notice Avery’s absence as he followed his pixie’s trail to the dressing room.
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