Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 160: You're Seth MacFarlane!

Twigs hadn't planned to do this at all tonight at her EP1 release party, because there had been a likelihood Seth wouldn't have made it, but when he strode into the Arts Theater Club in Soho looking like Garth from Wayne's World, everything just fell together. It felt right to introduce him not to her parents, who were also frequenting her release party, but her bandmates who were behind the beats to her songs. She had personally requested the three men to find her by the bar while she shot off to retrieve Seth before he could make his way to her parents behind her back. As peeved as she was with him, she recognized his eagerness to properly meet her parents. Yes, they've only been together for a few months in everyone's eyes, but to them it felt like their relationship has lasted years already. He wanted to meet her parents, and once she defied that, but right now she was currently arranging that very meeting this coming Christmas in secret. He'd meet her family soon, she just required more time to set it up and then dazzle him with the news.

Lugging him away from her parents who could only stick around for a short length of time and were presently headed for the door that led up the stairs back onto the London streets, Twigs drew Seth to the bar where her bandmates sat away from everyone else sampling their drinks and chatting. “Thanks for waiting, guys. There is someone important I wanted you to meet, and...” Not preferring the spot they were in, Twigs glanced to a door on her right, opened it and noticed that it was an uninhabited storage room. Peering over her shoulder, she gestured for the four men assessing each other to follow her. “In here.”

“In there?” C'Yan echoed with a dubious look as he leaned to his left to peep over her shoulder into the small murky room. “Why do you wanna go in there?”

“She's finally gonna murder us.” L.J quipped behind his glass with a smirk. “It's finally happening...though I never rendered it being in an underground Club at our release party.”

Twigs playfully narrowed her eyes at him. “Ha ha, very funny, you guys. Now get on in here before other people notice us.”

“But why?” Tic grilled as he hopped off his bar stool and lazily strode into the storage room.

“It's a secret!” Twigs underlined, impatiently gesturing the others to accompany. She was appreciative when Seth silently complied and followed Tic inside. “You need to get in here and then I'll tell you.”

“Fine, I'll go.” L.J relinquished, settling his empty glass down on the bar top and elbowing C'Yan. “We three can take her easy if she tries anything funny.”

“Good point.” C'Yan nodded, taking his drink with him.

Finally, having all four men inside the storage room, Twigs sent a cordial wave to the bartender who welcomed their intrusion in the room where he kept his stockpile and shut the door behind them, flipping the light switch and brightening the small somber room.

“Ah, thank you, Pixie.” Seth rubbed his eyes, forgetting the others there. “All that red light was becoming too much for my eyes.”

“Same here.” L.J concurred, blinking his eyes wildly.

“Pixie?” C'Yan recited suspiciously, his eyes darting to Twigs. “Who's Pixie?”

Ignoring Seth's stiffening frame at letting her pet name blunder from his lips, Twigs stepped forward to stand beside him. “I'm Pixie. It's his nickname for me.”

“Okaaaay.” C'Yan drawled, his eyes inspecting the two. “What's going on here, Tahliah?”

“Yeah, why did we have to meet in here?” Tic inquired, examining his surroundings. “And where is your little secret?”

“Well, to start, you all mean a lot to me, and you know this. You've become three very important men in my life whom I know I can count on to keep an crucial secret of mine.” Twigs began slowly, forming up to her proclamation. Beside her, Seth remained mute and let her handle this situation in her own time.

“Yeah, we already know all that, Twigs. You've also come to mean a great deal to us too in such a short time.” L.J nodded, his dark brown eyes flickering over to Seth curiously.

“But what is all of this really about?” C'Yan pressed, yearning to get to the point. “C'mon, spit it out.”

Taking Seth's hand in her, Twigs turned halfway to introduce him to her bandmates for the first time. “I wanted to introduce you guys to my boyfriend, Seth MacFarlane.”

Three enlarged eyes stared at the man they'd identified as Grey McCastor over in disbelief, neither one of them accepting it. Tic held up a hand to suspend the scene so he could work out what was going on. “Hold on, you lost me. You're dating Seth MacFarlane? As in the creator of Family Guy and such?”

“Yes, I am.” Twigs radiated with pride, her brown orbs twinkling up at Seth's face behind his disguise.

“Tahliah, this is Grey McCastor. Not Seth MacFarlane.” C'Yan spelled out in a slow tone in order to be understood. “Honey, how much have you had to drink tonight?”

“I've barely drank anything!” Twigs defended herself, narrowing her eyes at her band mate. “And this is Seth MacFarlane, he's just disguised as someone else for the party tonight.”

Listening to their distrust, Seth elected to help by disposing of his hat, and wig to unveil himself. “Allow me.”

“Seth, n-” Twigs began, but her boyfriend had already done the damage. There was no way her band mates could refute that he was now standing before them in the flesh.

“HOLY SHIT, YOU'RE SETH MACFARLANE!” L.J rooted with excitement, not believing at the same time that the man was right there. His hands plunged into his dark locs as he gaped at him in admiration.

“STEWIE!” C'Yan whooped his favored character in glee, studying the tall man over.

“Dude, I have so many questions!” Tic raved with passion, stepping forward to converge on Seth with his friends close behind with queries of their own. “Which is eerie cause I have no idea how much of a fan I was until now!”

Twigs watched as her bandmates barraged Seth with questions after questions with no rest in between, and her man toiling to answer them back with equal lightning speed. Giving them a minute more to have their fun, Twigs soon cut them off when Seth began to peer at the watch on his wrist. She knew he could only stay for a short amount of time. “Alright, you guys, knock it off. Seth doesn't have all night, he's got to leave very soon.”

“Tahliah is right, I gotta get going.” Seth briefed them, feeling sorry for leaving them with pending questions. He strove to put his cheap blonde wig back on. “Sorry, I can't stay to answer all of your questions, but I'm sure if you just dispatch them all to Tahliah here, I will surely answer them and get back to you.”

“Aw, sweet!” C'Yan elated, shooting Twig's an impish smile that affirmed he would do just that.

“Greaaat.” Twigs moaned, rolling her eyes.

Seth chuckled as he leaned over to swipe a smooch from her red lips. “Call you later, love.”

Tic and the others waited for Seth to evacuate the storage room before retiring back to the bar. “So, your relationship with this guy is the real deal after all.”

“Yeah, it's just...kinda a secret from everybody that isn't you guys, my friends, and soon to be my parents.” Twigs confided. “So I appreciate it if you guys keep your mouths shut on this too. Don't tell anyone.”

“Why though?” L.J asked with a shrug. “Why keep it a secret from the world?”

“Because I value my privacy and that's that.” Twigs declared impatiently, not wanting to have to explain herself any further on that. She already felt like a jerk for being so covert in the first place. Fortunately for her, she had the greatest band mates in the world who simply nodded and accepted her decision for they knew how she felt about stardom as a whole. Beaming, she reached out to link her arms with L.J and Tic, urging the three men to blend into the party still flourishing in the club. “Hey, let's rejoin the party again and celebrate the release of our EP1!”