Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 161: Breathe and Weak Spot

Back in the States, a half-awake Seth rolled over in his bed with a weary groan as his alarm went off. Reaching out to muzzle it, he placed it back down on his nightstand and then rolled back over to burrow up against his girlfriend's backside...only to find her side of the bed vacant. Lifting his head rapidly, his brown eyes grazed his room in search of her only for his brain to catch up and remind him that she wasn't in the same country as him at the moment. Groaning again, but this time in a cranky tone, he collapsed back onto his bed, mentally cursing himself for once again easing into the same pattern he's been trying to impair for ages. Every time he woke up from sleep he'd found himself automatically reaching out for Twigs not recognizing that she was back in the UK. It was heart wrenching every time he opened his eyes and grasped what he was doing. He was so enchanted by this woman that he scoured for her even in his sleep.

Sitting up in bed, Seth ran a hand through his short dark hair and studied his desolate bedroom. He tried to envisage what kind of feminine touch Twigs would deliver to his home once she became his wife. Would she insist on settling vases of flowers in every area of the mansion? Would she want the curtains to be soft pastels, or their bed to be red, or gold? Perhaps she'd hope to transport a dance studio in. Smirking to himself, he scraped his chin as he visualized the exact room she'd pick and how it would be fashioned. How often would she dance there? Would she bring some friends over to rehearse along with her? My god, would they urge him to join in? Seth's face went pale, and he instantly sought to discontinue that appalling thought by dashing to his bathroom to get ready for his day.

After relishing a relaxing, but lonesome shower devoid of Twig's melodious laughter and warm affectionate touches as she washed and dried him, Seth entered the room naked, toweling his hair. Dumping the towel for his maid, Mrs. Guadalupe, to pick up later, he infiltrated his closet to dress himself in a forest green button up shirt, making sure to roll up the sleeves, black jeans, his converse shoes and some dark sunglasses. He was contemplating on whether he would don a cap today as he snagged his phone and flipped through it only to discover that Twigs had been trying to make contact with him several hours ago. Removing his sunglasses, Seth perched himself down on his bed as his bedroom door opened to his petite round maid.

“Ah, you're awake, senor!” Mrs. Guadalupe sighed with a smile. Entering his room, she began to spruce up around him. “I was worried I'd have to wake you up with my wooden spoon and cooking pot again.”

Seth shot her a look of displeasure over her outlandish technique that she used to rouse her children too when they slept too late. “If it's all the same to you I'd rather not have a heart attack this morning, Mrs. Guadalupe.”

With a laugh, Mrs. Guadalupe waved off his gripe as she went about plucking up his dirty clothes and depositing them into the hamper before roaming into his bathroom next. Watching her go, Seth pressed his finger to the voicemail Twigs had left him on his phone and raised it to his ear, thirsty to hear her voice again. His heart surged when she finally spoke.

Morning, my love! It's Tahliah! Well, I suppose it'll be nighttime where you're at. Anyway, you wanted me to update you when my two music video drops for 'Breathe' and 'Weak Spot' and in a few minutes they'll be uploaded to my YouTube channel. Tell me what you think, baby, and I can't wait to hear your voice again. I love you, see you soon!

Lowering the phone from his ear, Seth replayed the voicemail again just to listen to her voice. When it finished, he replayed it again, and again until his maid left the room and came back several minutes later with a frown. “Mr. MacFarlane, don't you have work today?”

“Huh?” Seth turned his head to glance in her direction. Her words processed in his mind and made him curse then surge to his feet. “Fuck, you're right! I gotta get going.”

“Have a good day, senor!” Mrs. Guadalupe hailed after him, following him down the hall. “And don't forget you have lunch with your sister and niece at 12 today!”

Seth waved a hand back at her to assure her he heard before rushing out the front door and into his black Maserati. Maneuvering through the twisting roads on the hills that badly demanded construction work, he replayed her voicemail frequently through his speakers all the way to FOX Studios. He just couldn't get enough of her adorable voice.

Once inside his office, he leapt into his chair behind his desk and launched up the internet to watch a couple of YouTube videos. He didn't get a chance to click on the first video before one of his employees came in spewing about this and that. Hastily moving through them at a rapid rate, Seth dispatched the last one off with an order that he would not be disturbed for an hour by anyone so he could make a private heartfelt call to his father. Believing him, the employee set off to circulate the word to everyone else.

Alone, Seth pressed play on the video 'Breathe'. Making it full screen, he reclined back in his chair and observed. The video was shot in all black and white, and introduced his girlfriend who had her hair done with her baby curls sweeping along her temples in waves ending into a small perfect curl by her ears. She sported four golden hoops of various sizes on her left ear, and four in similar sizes on the right along with her trademark septum ring. In an oversize dark coat with a shredded turtle neck top, she took a hammer to a parked van, etching it with the claw end, bashing the windows in, and denting the sides. She took her violence out on the vehicle in clips that replayed back to back, and sometimes in slow motion. Just seeing her again on screen stripped his breath away. He hadn't realized his breathing was labored until the very end.

Taking a few minutes to compose himself again, he went straight away to the next video. The video started out with a black backdrop and rave lights flashing in striking green, blue, pink, and purple hues. As the whispered lyrics began, a blue computer generated head emerged on the screen in between flashes. It went white before disappearing only to come back blue again when she sang. The head lifted as the camera displayed a side angle of the form. When the camera went lower to expose the computer generated body it was attached to, Seth understood what inspired the physical shape of this form. His dick went hard as he paused the video at exactly where the torso was and gawked at his girlfriend's computer generated body, the detailed outline of her nipples and belly button to be exact. Groaning with rocketing desire, Seth ran a hand through his hair. “Jesus Christ, another one?”

He'd already jerked off to her naked body in her past video 'Hide' and now was most certainly considering doing it again to this not-as-detailed computer generated outline of her body. Pressing play again, the video zoomed out to show off her backside, making him moan quietly as his hand reached down to tantalize himself with light pressure. He licked his lips, pretending she was under his desk toying with him instead. When the light flashed over her breasts again, he whispered as he unzipped his pants. “God, she has the most perfect breasts I've ever seen.”

The form dissipated off the screen until the second verse began. This time, the form moved. At first it was the shake of it's hips from side to side before it dropped down into a squat. Seth sucked in a breath after it straightened up and appeared as if it was obtaining more detail to it's form. In the burst of a rave light, he noticed her skin tone under a paired black bra and underwear. Was it coming to life in the video as Tahliah? He prayed so, but then the scene was back to her being poorly generated again. Frowning, Seth extracted his hands from reaching into his pants and grasping his dick. “Goddamnit! It was just getting good.”

After the chorus ended, the form extended its arm up and down until all of a sudden a human form was on the screen. No computer generated form, no enhanced graphic form, but a living human being. Seth's eyes enlarged because that area below the neck and above the knees was his girlfriend's body. His hand went directly back to stroking himself as he watched her body in that same black bra, and underwear, but with an added metallic stripe long skirt hung low on her hips, and a sheer black long sleeve shrug tee. Her hair was down, but behind her shoulders, and her neck was embellished with layers of golden necklaces, the second cross being the longest that reached just above her belly button. Her hips twirled seductively, sometimes even in reverse, as her arms moved in waves. “God, Tahliah...what are you doing to me?”

As his girlfriend whispered the chorus for the last time, her full form appeared to stare back at the camera as she swayed from side to side before sinking into a crouch, then lifted her arms as she swayed back up again. The clip was reversing itself to show her dancing backwards. This continued on until the end of the video. Seth watched in admiration until the last second, and after shutting his salivating mouth, he made his decision to jerk off. Dragging himself out of his pants, he reversed the scene of her dancing and began to fondle himself most earnestly.