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To Caress My Day

Chapter 163: Private Vacation Islands

“What about the Bahamas?” Asami submitted one of the most prominent vacation islands around as she unlocked her phone to accompany the rest of her friends in uncovering the optimal spot to vacation at for Twigs and Seth’s first Christmas together.

“That all depends if she wants to go to an island somewhere, remain in the UK or go to the states.” Simone listed, looking to Seth for answers. “How are your feelings about that, Mr. Billionaire?”

Seth grinned at her as he sat in reflection over their mission. “I think the nickname pretty much says it, don’t you? I don’t care where we go as long as she loves it. I can afford them all.”

“Rome, Italy, France, I mean the list goes on!” Jesse totaled on her fingers in astonishment of the many places they could go on their side of the pond alone.

“Orlando, Florida.” Amira noted from memory as she tapped away on her phone. “Cancun, Mexico.”

As the ladies advanced on to file other popular destinations to take a vacation at, Seth privately deliberated. The one thing all these regions had in common other than being marvelous vacation opportunities was that they were an open public vacation site for the families, and couples too. Anyone that could pay the price could lavish in these spots...which was an issue. If anyone could frequent the spot he appointed for them, then that meant they could be recognized together any time they stepped out of their room to savor all the luxuries accessible to all customers. If they recognized him, people would come converging to them with their cameras to snap a picture of him and Twigs. Boom! By the next morning they’d be in the papers. Shaking his head to himself, Seth knew he couldn’t allow this to happen. No one would wreck this vacation getaway between him and his love. Lifting a hand to subdue the ladies, Seth embedded another weakness they had to regard. “Hold on a minute, ladies. There’s something very important we completely forgot to consider when it comes to hunting down the ideal place. We can’t vacation on a site where there are other people staying. If we do, there’s no way we’d be able to step out of room without the public finding out we’re dating.” Then Seth included guiltily. “And I know this vacation is centralized around what Tahliah would want, but I’m just gonna have to make this one omission for I refuse to wear any prosthetics the entire time I’m there. It’s one thing to wear those every once in a while, but not every single day on vacation.”

“Goddamnit.” Simone muttered in defeat. Sighing deeply, she began to investigate some more, not having taken that into deliberation.

“Wow, that just makes this even harder.” Shereen griped she swiped back several times on her phone.

“Yeah, we’re gonna have to figure out another option here.” Amira swept her long braids back from her face and over the couch. “Cause a specific someone can’t make up her mind on coming out to the public with her boyfriend!”

“Geez, I wonder who you’re referring to.” Jesse taunted with a grin, hurling Amira an insightful look.

Everyone plunged into stillness as they dredged deeper into their investigation. A second into it, Seth got an idea, but tried to recall the full advice he could remember hearing it from a fellow celebrity before broadcasting it to the others. “You know, I’ve heard of private vacation islands through the grapevine of celebrities I've come across from time to time. The public wouldn’t be able to discover us there because they’re confidential points, no paparazzi allowed.”

“Oh my god, are you fucking serious!?” Simone blurted with excitement. “You rich people have your own islands to vacation on!?”

“Do you have one!?” Asami demanded, dumping her phone on the pillow settled on her lap.

“Can we see it some time?!” Jesse appealed, clasping her hands together in prayer form and poking her full bottom lip out in faith he wouldn’t be able to refuse.

“Yo, did you hear that from the same grapevine as Leonardo DiCaprio?” Amira questioned, arching an incredulous brow at him. “Cause if so you need to help a bitch on that, you feel me?”

“Get in line, hoe!” Shereen nudged Amira’s side with her elbow, a whimsical grin on her face.

Seth chuckled as he lifted both hands up to steady the energized flock down. “One at a time, ladies!” Pointing to address each one, Seth commenced with his girlfriend’s roommate. “Yes, Simone, some celebrities do have their own islands to vacation off to whenever they feel the need. No, Asami, I don’t have an island...yet. We’ll see in the future. And yes, Jesse, if I ever do invest in an island you ladies will get free access to it for a long as you want. Yes, Amira, Leonardo is one of those grapevines, but he’s presently seeing some super model at the moment. However, if things don’t work out between the two I will absolutely suggest you and Shereen to him.”

“SWEET!” Amira and Shereen applauded, high-fiving each other in rejoice.

“Anyway!” Simone cut in, getting back to the case at hand. “I think a private island vacation is an excellent idea for you and Twigs to be alone without people skulking about. The thing is we don’t know of such places. I mean, would they have that information on the internet or is that insight only celebrities know of?”

“I’m not sure.” Seth shrugged, never having required him to do the inquiry himself. Avery would have been the woman he’d have invested in an island with to get away from it all since she was his longest relationship thus far. Then again, knowing her she wouldn’t have wanted to be that removed from civilization due to her own active schedule. “But I have connections I can call in and find out.” But the women were no longer listening to him. Rather they were already in the crisis using their phones. Closing his mouth, he obliged them to proceed on since they seemed to be so steadfast in helping him find a vacation getaway for his girlfriend.

“Yo, I found a place! It’s called the East Sister Rock Island, off the Florida Keys. It’s a three minute boat ride from the mainland so it’s not too far out in the middle of nowhere. It’s super tiny though, like a house on an island.” Simone scrutinized her phone. “It can fit eight people inside so that means we can all tag along too. You two just can’t fuck at all during this vacation while we’re there cause there won’t be any place you can really go for privacy.”

“How about this place called Little Harvest Caye?” Jesse proposed. “It’s 1.5 acres that can fit 14 people, has a private waterfront, and tons of shit you can do in the water. The staff would reside in separate houses...nevermind. They might be a bevy of weirdos that'll try to listen to y'all fuck in the bedroom while they camp outside your window or something.”

“Coco Prive, that’s the one! It’s located in the North Male Atoll of the Maldives.” Asami voted, lying her phone down in the middle of the floor for them all to consult. “It has 6 separate villas for some added protection from the paparazzi, outdoor cinema, spa treatments for our girl, infinity pools, and a place to dine on the beach. I mean, fucking look at the place, it’s gorgeous!”

Having shaken his head to every selection thus far, Seth found himself finally nodding in accord to this last option appointed by Asami. “That sounds like it’s the one for me.”

Asami’s head reared back a little as she interpreted up some more. “Are you sure? It’s kinda pricey.”

“I don’t care about the dollar sign when it comes to Tahliah.” Seth reminded her. “You all should know that by now.”

“Clearly.” Amira agreed, gaping at the price tag.

Whipping out his phone, Seth unlocked it. “I better get to making some bookings in time for Christmas.”

“Actually!” Amira cut in, remembering Twig's intention to invite Seth to meet her parents within that same time period. Glancing to the others, they gave her a nod to go on. “I think you should hold off until January on your fancy vacation there.”

Seth frowned at them. “How come?”

“Dude, It's Twig's birthday January the 16th.” Simone reminded him, biting on her bottom lip. “Trust me, it'll be better executed in January.”

Shereen chimed in. “Hey, we’re Twigs best friends. We know better than you, and you should heed that.”

“That’s true, you have known her much longer than me.” Seth awarded them. Tucking his phone back in his pocket, he elected to take their advice. “Fine. I promise no reservations will be made in the month of December, only January.”