Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 164: Old Man's Memory

Returning to her apartment after rehearsing at a nearby dance studio, Twigs was surprised to saunter in and discover not only her close friends, Neon Jungle congregated in her living room with her roommate, but also her boyfriend. Her jaw dropped at the sight of his unannounced arrival, positive they hadn’t made plans for him to fly in and see her. Crossing her arms over her chest with a smile, it dawned on her that everyone was too enthralled in some kind of game they were playing. Surveying them intently, she concluded that the game had to do with Seth’s show, Family Guy. One of her friends would play a clip of an episode off of her phone, then would randomly pause it to allow Seth to complete the rest of the line said from one of his various characters. They’d then tell him when to cease so they could play the rest of the clip to affirm whether he got the lines correct from recollection. It didn’t help that his show retained a number of satire, because her friend’s cheeks had streaks made from tears carving through their foundations.

“Okaaaay, and go!” Asami requested the second she pressed pause on the clip she played of Peter, and Stewie in the bathroom by the toilet. Her eyes were glistening bright with excitement for him to commence.

Seth launched in his voice for Peter Griffin. “Hey, I oughta just give you some beer, it goes right through ya!”

“Wonderful!” Seth swapped his voice to Stewie Griffin in a sarcastic reply. “And while we’re at it we can light up a doobie and watch porn!”

Seth wavered for a moment before delivering as Peter again. “Y-Yeah?”

The ladies burst out laughing before Asami propelled herself back up from where she had toppled into a laughing fit on her side. She was the first to sight Twigs leaning against the wall grinning at them. Pointing a finger, Asami reported her appearance for all to know. “Twiggy-baby! You’re home!”

Her friends outran Seth to her as they bounded to their feet and accosted her with hugs and kisses. Amira was last, maintaining an arm around her diminutive friend. “Twigs, you have to come and join in on this! It’s fucking HILARIOUS!”

“Yeah?” Twigs inquired as she followed them down to the living room floor where they had all converged. Her eyes locked on Seth who hung patiently with a smile for her to acknowledge him. Her eyes remain locked on his. “What game are you guys playing here?”

“First, you gotta turn up a clip of any of the Family Guy episodes and then play it for Seth to hear.” Shereen expounded in detail as they all sat down in a circle. “And then you gotta pause it and let him finish the characters line to see if he gets it right.”

“Genius idea!” Twigs nodded with approval before reaching out to poke him in the arm. “It’ll help test the old man’s memory.”

“Old man, my ass!” Seth chuckled before capturing her hand and drawing her up against his side. He swathed an arm over her shoulder.

“Aww, thanks!” Jesse flushed with a hand over her heart. “It was totally my idea.”

“Of course it is! It has Jesse written all over it.” Twigs complimented, turning her attention to Seth by tipping her head up to stare at him. “Having fun so far?”

“It’s challenging with the many episodes we have now.” Seth conceded with a shrug.

Twigs giggled. “Is that so?”

“Yeah, I had no idea how out of hand I’d gotten.” Seth quipped, poking her nose with his, their lips skimming briefly and making them shiver simultaneously.

“Yeah, dude! You’re a fucking madman!” Jesse derided him with an open mouth grin.

“More like a madman that hungers for too much power!” Simone corresponded in with a smile, brushing her long locs over her shoulder.

“I wouldn’t say power is exactly what I'm hungering for these days.” Seth divulged with a sensuous smile intended candidly for Twigs. You’d have to be an idiot not to understand his meaning.

Twigs let out a gasp as her friends hooted at them, embarrassing her. Lightly, she socked him on the chest. “Seth!” She couldn’t begin to chide him when he whizzed away from her to traipse out of the room to the dining table. She watched him fetch some winter themed flowers in a vase as she quashes her friend's taunting. “Oh, shut up you, guys!”

Seth crouched down as he returned and bestowed the vase to her. “These are for you. I hope you don't mind, but I gave each of your friends a rose too.”

“No, I don’t mind at all.” Twigs whispered, in admiration of the magnificent design. Leaning forward she took a sniff, sighing at their perfumed odor. “They’re so marvelous, baby! Thank you!”

“Ooooo!” Simone and Neon Jungle needled from the background, clustered together sharing the same grin at their exchange.

“Oh my god, you guys are so immature!” Twigs snapped playfully at them, trying to mask her smile behind her hand out of modesty.

Devising a way to divert their audience, Seth glanced at them and inquired. “Who’s hungry? I can go for a bite right about now.”

“I AM!” Shereen hollered, raising a hand. “I’m positively starving!”

“I’m right there with you.” Simone backed. “BUT I don’t wanna cock block my girl all night so we’re gonna stay in and order some chinese takeout.”

“Oh god, I need me some egg rolls!” Amira moaned as she rolled her eyes, her mouth excessively salivating.

Taking advantage of the opportunity her friends were giving her to be alone with her man, Twigs raised her eyes to Seth. “I’m hungry too, but we can’t exactly go out to eat in public. Our relationship is still a secret.”

“Shit, you’re right.” Seth cursed, once again catching himself overlooking such a crucial reminder. He’d just been so used to being able to make plans and shortly go afterwards. He never propelled through his life in such secrecy until now. There was only one other way they could go. “We can head to my place and order some takeout there?”

“Aww, y’all headed over there to his colossal mansion?” Jesse pouted, no longer finding the night out in the apartment with takeout and her girls all that enjoying anymore. “Damn, I wish we could go. We’ve only been there once.”

While Twigs rolled her eyes at her friend’s visible resentment, Seth took immediate mercy on them. “Well, there’s plenty of room for privacy so why don’t you all come and stay the night with us there?”

“FUCK YEAH! LET’S GO!” Breaking off into ovations for getting their way, the ladies all took off to compile their bags tossed away in Simone or Twig’s room.

Cupping his hands around his mouth, Seth included behind their retreating backs. “Don’t worry about the cab money, I’ll pay for it!”

Once again, the ladies made an outpouring down the hall in triumph, making the couple laugh. Twigs wasn’t dismayed by her friends coming over once Seth pointed out that there was plenty of room for seclusion. He was right. They could have sex all night and none of her friends would ever know. Grinning to herself with excitement of what the night had to bring, Twigs was set to savor every last minute of it.