Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 165: This Guy is a Keeper

Now that her friends had left them alone to pack their bags, Twigs flung herself onto Seth from where they sat next to each other on the living room floor. Immersing her arms tightly around his neck, she dragged his face down to hers for an ardent kiss he wouldn’t be able to refuse. She moaned after she felt him swathe his arms around her waist to haul her across his lap so their chests were pressed together. Parting their lips long enough for her to expel a whine, Seth returned his lips to hers, slanting them over her as his tongue thrust into her mouth to zealously meet hers again. Feeling her body temperature hike, she dived her hands into his short hair, detaining him to her, so he couldn’t tear away again. Their lips fused together as their minds were obliterated of everything but each other. Seth plunged his fingers into her curly updo, loosening the hair tie. Their breaths deepened to a severity where all that could be heard were their lips smacking and their heavy panting between heavy kisses.

When Simone returned from the hallway to retrieve her phone that she had discarded on the table on her way to collect her things for the sleepover at Seth’s mansion, she halted dead in her tracks at the sound of moaning. Both male and female. Narrowing her eyes, she scoured her surroundings for the couple responsible for secretive intimacy. Sighting them on the living room floor, Twig’s slithering all over Seth who was determined to touch every area of her body before they could be discovered, Simone placed a hand on her hip and berated them both. Never mind the phone lying on the counter. “Alright you two, break it up!”

“Huh?” Seth mumbled in a stupor when Twigs stilled in his arms and separated their impenetrable kiss.

“You heard me! I want you two to separate.” Seizing her phone, Simone stomped over in feign censure and used her legs to nudge between them a division to divide them from each other. There was no need for her to do that as she only spun right back around to head back the way she came.

“Oh come on, Simone!” Twigs lamented behind Simone just as soon as she sauntered away from splitting them. “You’re being ridiculous, we weren't doing anything wrong!”

Annoyed for being disturbed but also vastly amused, Seth shook his head with a chuckle as he got to his feet. “It’s alright, Pixie, I have to get going anyway. I’m determined to make this night the best now that all of you ladies are back together, and so I better get a head start before your arrival. I’ll see you soon.” Tipping down, he gave Twigs a smooch that was hasty enough for Simone, but deep and exciting enough for Twigs to depict the pledge of passion for later. Rising back up, Seth waved adieu to Simone. “And I’ll be seeing you too.”

“You best believe it. Drive safely.” Simone hailed after him before he shut the apartment door on his way out. She turned her focus on Twigs frozen in place from Seth’s romantic kisses. How did she know that to be? Well, it was easily deciphered by the dreamy love look on her face. “Yo, Twigs, you need to go pack up too. The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll be seeing his fine ass again.”

Twigs rapidly jumped to her feet and took off for her room. On the way there, she didn’t locate a single one of her close friends from Neon Jungle. Protruding her head out of her room, she called out to Simone. “Hey, where did the others go!?”

“They left to get a head start!” Simone hollered back, hanging by the doorway with her backpack. “You probably didn’t catch them because they must have snuck by you two making out like two hormonal teenagers!”

Feeling her cheeks ignite with embarrassment of how wanton she must have looked to her friends eating Seth’s face out, Twigs completed her packing and found Simone at the door. On their way down the stairs, she texted Derek for a favor to pick them up and drop them off at Seth’s place. Low and behold, Seth already instructed him as he was pulling up by the time they opened the door of the building’s front door. When they finally reached Seth’s mansion and headed up to the double doors, they were bewildered to discover Neon Jungle arriving minutes behind them with skyscrapers of Pizza boxes, and white plastic bags overflowing with Chinese takeouts. Simone’s eyes magnified at the bulk of food they had mobilized. “Holy shit! Is that all for us?”

“At the expense of our charitable host!” Amira cheered, holding up three boxes of pizzas she toted. “If this is how he feeds his women, then this guy is a keeper for sure!”

Before anyone could reply, the front door of Seth’s mansion opened to unveil his grinning face. “Come on in, ladies!”

Neon Jungle scurried forward first with the food and past Seth as he stepped aside to grant them access. He briefed them in the direction of the living room where they located a unit of servants enlisted to pour them champagne and to keep them fed with an hodgepodge of delicate finger foods. “OH MY GOD!” Asami squealed with excitement, her eyes saturating with ecstatic tears at the spread she was gonna consume tonight.

“Jesus!” Twigs gasped when she entered with Simone, examining the set up her boyfriend had organized for her friends and herself. Clamping a hand over her mouth, she whirled around to face Seth who’d been accompanying close behind them. Shaking her head in incredulity, she felt guilt contaminate her stomach at all the money he had to have wasted on them in the last hour or two for all this. “This...this is too much, Seth.”

“HEY!” Jesse cut Seth off before he could talk, already appearing to chow down on the food. “DON’T YOU LISTEN TO HER, YOU HEAR ME?”

“Yeah, she doesn't know what she’s talking about!” Shereen seconded, holding her flute glass out to be loaded with champagne. “We earned this.”

“Yes, Twigs. WE earned this. As in you too.” Amira underlined, giving her a harsh stern look to accept his kindly attempts and not resist him on this one.

Twigs narrowed her eyes at her, but clenched her mouth shut. Her friends were right, they did merit such a fabulous treatment after all the work they’ve gone through, and because they were honestly such marvelous people on the inside. She just felt...improper for obtaining a monstrous benevolent gesture, she supposed. Electing to keep her mouth shut on it, she accompanied the others in huddling around the coffee table to eat. Soon enough, the exceptional energy took away all the negativity muddling her mind and ousted it with love, and positivity. Her company warranted the credit to all that. Having her close friends and her boyfriend together improved her spirits and had her grinning nonstop, and laughing too often to where her abs ached. Her life may not be ideal. She may tackle to pay for food to put on the table, or bills to pay. She may not have her career exactly where she wanted at the moment, but she had this, her friends and lover. Her family in London. There was nothing she’d reform within this moment. Nothing she’d include or deduct. It was consistently superb and she was treasuring every minute of it.

The night took Seth to parlaying with the ladies to straying over to his piano where he performed a couple of tunes. The ladies reduced their voices in admiration for his talent, but seldom went back to limited conversations. When Seth got up from his piano, he trekked over to Twig’s and held out a hand to her. “Want to go outside and get some fresh air, Pixie?”

“I’d love to.” Twigs granted speedily, desiring his touch and attention from before. Placing her hand in his, she allowed him to help her to her feet.

“Ooooo!” Her friends all tantalized her, giggling behind their champagne glasses.

Preferring to overlook their immature teasing, the couple grinned as they shook their heads. Heading out the back sliding door, they penetrated the night air and took a leisurely walk around his pool coated for the coming winter season. Their hands were interlocked as they walked in peace.

Seth’s mind was on the dazzling cold night and the even more gorgeous woman at his side...and the ring in his jacket pocket. His other hand swooped in to finger the velvet box.

Twig’s mind was on the coming holiday and how much she craved to ask him if he wanted to meet her parents. Her nerves were spazzing out the more she mulled on it, but it had to be done. This was something she truly needed, not just him, but herself as well. She just had to find the tenacity to ask him and keep in mind that he might have changed his mind since then and resolved that he’d rather not meet them yet. There was only one way to find out though.