Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 167: Free A Week

Going over to Seth on his lounge chair by the pool, Twigs mounted his lap and draped her arms around his neck with a smile. Her hands drifted alongside his neck to cup his cheeks when he tipped his head up. “I take it this means you’ll be able to go to Gloucestershire after all?”

“You think I’d pass up an opportunity like this?” Seth smirked up at her before tilting up to snatch her lips with his in a low moan. His arms swathed tightly around her slender frame, closing the division between their bodies as their greedy tongues clashed and slithered over the other. As they fell into a heavy make out session, Seth’s mind began to reflect on the Christmas present he had in store for her. He had originally conspired to keep it all to himself, but what with him having plans for Christmas that almost got in the way of her plans, he had to ask her if she could run away with him on a vacation getaway of her dreams. First things first though, he had to find a way to extract his lips from hers.

And what a strife that proved to be. Their lips sampled each other, parting for only small intakes of air before fusing back together like they never left. Twigs had such a delectable taste to her that Seth found it nearly impossible to separate from her. It was always easier to just let her cease the kiss, but taking into account the way she was beginning to grind down on his rapid erection, he couldn’t depend on her to make things simpler for him. Letting out an immature whine, Seth pouted like a baby when he tugged his lips from hers to blurt quickly before her lips could apprehend him this time. “Will you be unavailable in January?”

Suspending from colliding her lips back over his again, Twigs deliberated over his query. Gauging her schedule during that month, she shrugged as her fingers plummeted back into his hair to fondle the short dark strands. “I might be. Why do you ask?”

“No reason…” Seth found himself deceiving before shaking his head in displeasure over it. His eyes locked on hers as his hands began to cruise over her curves out of boredom from this unforeseen conference. “Let’s say...hypothetically...I was to ask you to take some time off during January 2013. Do you think that would be possible for you to do?”

Feeling that something was going on, Twigs narrowed her eyes on him as she arched a single thick brow. “Seth, what plan are you hatching for us?”

“Nothing much.” Seth misled again, this time in good humor. With a grin, he renewed his past question in hopes for an answer this time. “But if I were to say that I was...could you make time next month for it?”

“Well that all depends.” Twigs began, wavering for a minute. “How many days would this imaginary plan take up?”

“Two week, preferably.” Seth shared, then shrugged. “But realistically I could only give it a week since I’m going to be up to my knees with even more work next year. I doubt I’ll have time to wipe my ass.”

“A whole week?!” Twigs focused on him. She hadn’t expected him to request a full week of her time. Perhaps a weekend, sure, but not a full week. Then she found herself frowning at his last few words. “Wait, a busier schedule?”

Seth grimaced, but nodded. “Yeah, I’ve been slacking a bit when it comes to work since I met you, and’s kinda heaped up immensely.”

“WHAT!?” Twigs gasped, covering her mouth with both hands. She hadn’t recognized all those times he flowned to the UK that it was eating up his work time. Not once did he ever suggest to her that he was falling behind! The crushing pressure of shame stole her breath away. She had never wanted to impede his career. He’d always respected hers.

“It might take a whole nother year for me to get caught up.” Seth had gone on, his eyes beaming down at her breasts through her top in serious thought. “If my calculations are correct.”

“A whole nother year!?” Twigs bemoaned, feeling overwhelmed that it would take him 365 days to remedy what their time together had plundered from him and his art. “Fuck, baby, I’m so damn sorry! I had no idea your work was hurting because of us!”

“Hey hey, enough of all that!” Seth scolded, seizing her hands in his and squeezing him over his heart. “You didn't put a gun to my head, Tahliah and drove me to put you before my work, I made that choice on my own and I’d do it again. You have nothing to apologize for, this is all my doing.”

“Still.” Twigs whined softly as she slanted over to nestle her face into the crook of his neck. His arms coming around her again made her feel so protected and cared for. “I feel bad for setting you back.”

“Like I said you didn’t, so don’t go punching into your mind that you’re at fault here.” Seth sternly pushed before reducing his tone. “Now, back to question for the third round. Would you be able to free a week in your schedule for me if I asked you too?”

Twigs let out a sigh when the thought of how her bills might suffer came to mind. She needed money to keep herself fed and the bills handled, so she couldn’t afford to even pass up a week off work. It was like the world was getting more and more demanding of the money in her pockets these days, and it wasn’t getting better. At a time like this, having a rich boyfriend could make all these headaches go away in the blink of an eye, but she wasn’t going to ask him for help. Hell, she wouldn’t even ask her mother for money! No matter how hard it got to nourish herself or keep the lights on, she’d never ask anyone for help, she just couldn't do that.

These days if it hadn’t been for Neon Jungle and Seth stuffing money this way and that to pay for her food, flights and other such things, she would have wilted away and died of deprivation in Simone’s apartment that they share in London. But Neon Jungle wasn't going to be there to settle her bills next January, nor Seth, and she couldn’t implore either party to do so anyway. Knowing she had to refuse his generous offer, Twigs made the misstep of her life by lifting her eyes to meet his brown orbs. That simple action doomed her for she forfeited her wellbeing just to make him happy. Flashing him a succinct smile, she gave him a nod of consent. “Yes, I can free a week for you, baby.”

“You can!?” Seth grinned, barely able to curb his elation.

“Yes, I can!” Twigs giggled at his excitement despite the dread building in her gut on the disasters to come.

“YES!” Seth shouted into the night. He was so overjoyed, he shot off the pool lounge chair with her fastened securely in his arms and twirled her around. Her squeal of delight while she adhered to him melted his heart as he came to a stop. Leaning down, he sprinkled her face with kisses. “Thank you thank you thank you!”

“You’re welcome, baby!” Twigs laughed, turning her head this way and that as she felt his lips make wet contact on her hot flesh.

“I love you so much, Tahliah!” Seth continued to pour acclaim on her before sealing their lips together in a penetrating kiss that disintegrated her bones. “You’re fucking amazing!”

“I love you too, Seth, more than words can ever express.” Twigs replied, cherishing his affectionate attention until he lowered her feet to the ground and advised they head back inside. With their hands linked together, they migrated back to his mansion and passed through the open back door into the living room where her girlfriends were converged by the door with mocking grins on their face. Before she could part her lips, her friends were embarrassing her with their amorous teasing and supportive ovations on the loving couple.