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To Caress My Day

Chapter 169: StoneMasons Cottage

Stifling a drowsy yawn, Seth drove up to the cottage Twigs had recommended he rented in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire in the UK. The host had endlessly promised to be there at his beck and call whenever he needed her day or night, but her generosity wasn’t something that was required within the contract his lawyers had drafted up for her to sign. No, the settlement was meant to preserve his privacy by suing her if she didn’t keep tight-lipped about his holiday in their small town. It was an exquisite harmonious place already even at the dead of night, he didn’t wish to see the town become a spectacle from the media teeming through like seagulls to track him down. Seth was relieved when she understood and was more than delighted to sign on the dotted line to allay his fear.

Jiggling the keys in his hands, Seth unlocked the front door to his brick Stonemason Cottage with it’s vines extending along the sides of the home and almost it’s white door. Flicking on the lights to illuminate the interior, Seth closed and locked the door behind him. Venturing further inside, he began to delve into the place that would be his home for the next four days. The small foyer was tiled and had a polished dresser to greet him when he came in with it’s vase of yellow flowers and a small lamp that brightened the small space up nicely. Up on the wall was a photo of the town sitting in the junction between two rivers. Inhaling deeply, Seth couldn’t wipe the grin off of his face. He finally made it. This town was Twig’s territory, and he was finally going to be walking in her steps, breathing the same air she did, and witnessing what she saw everyday.

To his left were white french doors that accommodated his living area, and to the right were the same matching doors that led into his kitchen. Kicking off his shoes, he entered the room on the left first and promptly glided his hand along the wall until he found the light switch to highlight the room. The walls were white and the carpet a light beige. Two dark chocolate leather couches took up most of the room with two mustard yellow pillows nestled each of them, and a small nightstand stood between them with a dark matching lamp. The couch that had it’s back to the stairs leading upstairs had a matching leather footrest. Following along the white walls, Seth spotted a small black wood burning fireplace on a small slab of black granite despite the place having been refurbished with central heating. The TV was a mounted Freeview TV that was leveled for the viewers parked on the couch so they didn’t have to crane their necks. Seth couldn’t lie to himself, he stayed in MUCH better high quality places before in all his years in showbiz. Nevertheless, this was splendid enough for a short term stay. He didn’t need much.

A vibration from his pocket evoked his attention to fishing out his phone to review the incoming text message he had obtained. He smiled when he identified the contact as his girlfriend who had been settling in at her parents house when he’d flown in.

Did you arrive at the cottage yet?

Typing back, Seth helped himself to plopping down on one of the couches.

I sure did. I dig the place so far.

Seth didn’t have to wait long before Twigs sent a reply back.

I’m coming over to see you!

Frowning, Seth returned back.

Wait, can’t I just come over and see you instead?

Her next response had him sighing dispiritedly.

No, you can’t do that yet.

Quick to reply, Seth demanded to know why. He wasn’t that far from them according to her, so why couldn’t he just make the journey to see her and meet her parents already?

Why not? I’m already in town.

Several minutes passed and Seth received no reply from her. Groaning irritably, he shoved the device back onto his pocket as he pondered to himself if Twigs was having second thoughts on introducing him to her parents. How much longer did she plan to keep him from them, for the next four days? If so, that would only prove that she still wasn’t ready for her parents to meet her boyfriend after all. Feeling downcasted that that could be the reason she was rushing on over to meet with him first, to tell him that the plan was off and that he’d never get to meet her parents in person ever in life, Seth heaved himself up from the couch to backtrack his steps to the front door to unlock it for her.

Afterwards he decided to explore more of his home. Heading back to the other white french doors that led into the kitchen, Seth surveyed the same matching tile floors from the foyer, the small cream color kitchen, a square kitchen table, and a breakfast area. The table was made of polished wood and could fit four people, it even had a fancy shaped white bowl placed on the center as decoration. A photo on the wall hung above it was of some kind of castle somewhere.

Returning his attention back to the kitchen, he noted that although it was tiny, it contained enough room for a four day getaway especially since he wasn’t going to be doing any hosting on his end. And if that ended up being the case, right across from the kitchen was even more cupboards and counter spaces he could use if necessary. The appliances were all steel and up to date and so they could accomplish the tasks of cooking well. The backsplash was a more vibrant shade to the tiles on the floor, which weren’t normally in his taste, but the counters were at least a gray granite that went great with the cream of the cupboards.

Swiveling his head to the right, Seth overlooked the skinny white trash can to soak in the breakfast area that consisted of two armchairs, and a matching small table to the kitchen table in between them. Along the wall was a long table that had a speaker system up top and books and magazines stacked on the bottom. That same picture that was above the kitchen table was also above the chairs, except this one was taken in the winter, making him smile in amusement. He pondered on what that castle-like structure was and if it was close by or something for it to be in same room twice.

Shaking his head to himself, Seth returned back to the foyer to tug his single luggage up the upstairs. Along the way he snooped into the two of the three extra rooms, noting that one had two twin beds with an en-suite bathroom and shower. Reaching the masters, Seth hurled his luggage onto the bed and observed his surroundings. It was a simple small room compared to what he was used to. Their bathroom only had a shower and it was laid with the same tile used as the backsplash in the kitchen. Despite this place being less in comparison to what he already owned, it would prove its purpose.

Taking a seat at the edge of the bed with nothing else to do, Seth was swiftly saved from his own thoughts by Twig’s arrival. The sound of the front door opening and closing downstairs alerted him to her arrival...or a murderer with deadly intentions. Creeping downstairs, just in case it was the latter, Seth heard her call out his name. “SETH! Where are you?”

Increasing his speed, he was just coming down the stairs when she entered his living room. Despite the fact that she didn’t want him to meet her parents tonight, he beamed when he saw her again. “Hey, beautiful!”

Grinning back in response, and baring her white teeth to him, she squealed excitedly at the sight of him too. “You made it, baby!”

“Did you doubt that I would?” Seth inquired as he rounded the newel post.

“No! Well, yes.” Twigs stumbled to decide, wringing her fingers together shamefully. Shaking her head to clear her mind, she confided. “I don’t know what I was thinking to be honest.”

Leaning his arm on the newel, Seth gave her a sexy grin as he presented himself to her with open arms. “Well, I’m here.”