Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 17: Sexual Frustration

Twigs walked into the small dressing room, picked her bag off the floor and pulled out a short black dress. She agreed to a quick dinner appearance for the manager’s special guest and couldn’t afford to be late unless she wanted to lose her bonus. The dress wasn’t long but hopefully not too short to cause a hysteria with the guests. Twigs hopped out of her long dress and into the shorter one, completely forgetting that the long zipper that ran down her back wasn’t in reachable distance for her short reach.

“Oh crap, I forgot it’s one of those dresses.” Twigs mumbled to herself before deciding to give it a try on her own before having to ask a staff member to help her. As she reached behind her to the small of her back, the young songstress managed to zip up the dress almost halfway before the door behind her had closed, signaling a visitor had entered the room. Twigs gasped and locked eyes with the intruder in the vanity mirror she was already facing and couldn’t believe the balls this person had.

It was Seth.

Twigs’s crush was standing in his dark suit with his back against the wall, his eyes roaming over her naked back silently. Seth saw Twigs struggling to zip up her dress the minute he came into the dressing room, and was about to offer his assistant when he noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra. His manners had been robbed from him once again as he took a slow step towards her. Their eyes never left one another’s in the mirror as he came closer. He watched her breath quickened and her full red lips part rather seductively. When Seth had finally stood an inch behind her, Twig’s eyes were already closed as she focused on stilling her body’s excited trembles at the mere thought of his presence. This was becoming torturous as she waited for his touch, but it was also painfully delicious. Twig’s eyes fluttered shut, hiding her lustful pleading orbs. Seth had no choice but to focus his attention at her obvious response to him being so damn close that he could reach out and touch her. His pixie was already responsive and he hadn’t done anything yet. She was trying to stay completely still but her soft panting and random trembles were too difficult for her to contain. Not to mention the constant motion of licking her red lips with her small pink tongue. Seth watched her do it one more time before raising his hands to hover over her shoulders, the heat from his body already seeping into hers, making her whimper softly. Twigs knew he was about to touch her and was both relieved and scared. What would happen if he touched her? Will it be like before, where they were behaving like wild panting animals in heat at the bar, or would it be different? The poor young girl had no idea what travesty would unfold and it was one big cliffhanger for her.

Seth closed his eyes as he allowed his hands to slowly lower down to her soft tan skin, resisting a moan at how warm she felt beneath his touch. Twigs let out a gasp much louder than before, making him open his eyes halfway to connect with her heavy lidded gaze. It was like they were affected with the same drug at once. The area around them, the people, and the risks all disappeared like a curtain being ripped off its rod. Seth let his hands softly mold over her shoulders before gently trailing them down her arms. Nothing could be heard but Twig’s responsive pants and gasps, her head tilted back just a bit to expose her throat. Seth wanted nothing more to devour the sensitive flesh of her neck, but knew that if he did, it would rip them both away from their world and into another place filled with heavy groping, suffocating kisses, and endless fucking in all the positions humankind have cleverly created.

Seth’s stroking finger’s halted once they came across something small, and cold on her lower back. The zipper. Seth’s disappointed eyes slowly opened to reveal desperate brown eyes staring back at his. Twigs had realized at the same time as Seth that he had reached the zipper. The two love birds didn’t know each other inside and out, but Twigs could already tell Seth was the type that would zip up her dress for her instead of simply telling her that they had to stop. Her big brown eyes were begging him not to do it, even though her heart knew he would. Seth gripped the tiny cold metal between his fingers, before completing the task he meant to finish before. He zipped up her dress.

Twigs felt the rejection when she heard the sound of the zipper replacing the sounds of her lustful panting. The pixie lowered her eyes to the dressing table as he zips her up, but looked back up at him when he cleared his throat. He was avoiding her sad gaze as well as taking any glances at her slender frame, just to play it safe. Twigs couldn’t stand being there any longer, believing that he might be ashamed of her, or that what just happened was a mistake to him. Twigs slipped her feet into her heels, whispering an empty thank you before leaving the dressing room in a hurry. Seth didn’t physically try and stop her but he mentally wanted to. If she could read his mind she’d know he wanted her to stay with him, and touch him like he had her, but she couldn’t.

Seth let out an aggravated sigh as he leaned over the vanity table, his fists clenched in sexual frustration. The more moments they have like this the more painfully hard he gets! Seth has never developed a hard on for any woman that made him want to fall to his knees and beg for sexual relief. Yeah, he could take care of it himself, but it’s much more worth it when you got the person you desire to touch you. Speaking of hard on, Seth looked down at his cock straining against the material of his trousers to search for the one responsible for all the blood rushing down there. Seth let out a whiny groan as he hung his head in disappointment.

Seth had said it so many times already, but this HAD to stop! The billionaire tried everything he possibly could to avoid his young pixie…except one major step. Seth MacFarlane had no choice but to leave the UK and fly back to the United States where the women were gorgeous but couldn’t drive a man to insanity like the women could in the United Kingdom. It was a big step but one that definitely would free him from his Twig’s spell.

Of course he didn’t expect Avery to come with him since she had that charity ball thing going on, and he didn’t mind that at all. But what’s best for their relationship right now was for Seth to leave the country, whether by plane, boat, or a polka dotted floaty. Better to be separated than to cheat on Avery.


Seth had left the dressing room and had headed towards his table to grab Avery and leave this godforsaken establishment. Avery had finally managed to get ahold of herself to stop crying and get her butt out of the bathroom when she was almost ran down by Seth. Her boyfriend didn’t say much as he urged her towards the exit instead of back to their dining table to resume their evening. Normally this abrupt departure would upset Avery, but seeing her lover there with another woman, made her want nothing more than to run far away from that restaurant and never look back.

Within moments of closing the front door of their mansion behind them, Avery and Seth jumped at each other instantly, smashing their lips together and tearing each other’s clothes off as they headed upstairs to their bedroom. Avery was heartbroken and was seeking revenge over being replaced by a much younger woman by the man she loved. Seth was sexually frustrated and could no longer hold back the storm that his pixie had done to him.

Once they made it upstairs in the bedroom, the two lovers quickly joined in a hasten meetings of limbs, lips, hands and teeth. They sought more from each other as they gripped onto one another. Avery sought vengeance at first until it transitioned to the yearning of slow lovemaking. Seth still sought release from his pixie’s tormenting hold on him. They kissed, they squeezed, they fucked, and they came together in each other’s arms. But afterwards they rolled over to face away from one another. Avery’s eyes were filled with tears as she gripped onto her pillow. Seth was staring at the wallpaper on his side of the bed, utterly depressed and sexually unsatisfied. That was the WORST sex they both ever had. Yes, they both orgasmed but it was dull and empty. Avery didn’t fly over the ocean like she always does with Clinten, and Seth’s orgasm didn’t created the second Big Bang like he knew it would had he only been with Twigs.

Avery loved Seth like the closest friend she ever had, but it could never be like it was with Clinten. No man could be like Clinten. Avery wanted so badly to forget Clinten and move on as easily as he did, but she knew that she couldn’t. She tried to have sex with her boyfriend but all she could think about was the man that still had her heart. It’s strange, now that Clinten is out of her life, she’s realizes just how much she loved him and how much she wanted to spend the rest of her life as his wife. It’s true when they say that ‘you never know what you have until you lose it.’ All Avery ever needed was to see it for herself.

Maybe the decision that Clinten wanted Avery to make, wouldn’t be so hard after all.

Seth loved Avery for the last four years, but all that had been doubtful the moment Twigs had stepped into his life and made him forget everything. It didn’t matter if he had to search for her whereabouts just to see her again or if she had coincidentally appeared at the same location he did. Seth couldn’t stop himself from wanting her in so many inappropriate ways and it wasn’t going to go away. He had to face the facts.

He wasn’t a cheating scumbag and has never tried to risk his relationships by sneaking around with other women. He COULD, and probably would get away with it too, but Seth was a true gentleman and knew that when he had something special he shouldn’t take it for granted. For the first time in his life, he wanted to have an affair. Unfortunately, Seth MacFarlane wanted another woman that he couldn’t have and was still refusing to allow his sexual frustration to be the reason his relationship falls apart. Seth had to leave this place, he had to leave his pixie. It’s now or never. Cheat or remain faithful.

Seth slowly got out of bed, grabbed his sweatpants, and headed to his office where his laptop was.

Seth was going to book a one way first class ticket back to California, USA.
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