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To Caress My Day

Chapter 170: Tewkesbury

“You are here right now, aren’t you?” Twigs murmured seductively as she closed the distance between them to lay a hand on his cheek, proving that he wasn’t a deception of her mind missing him out of heartache. Her soft smile pulled into a grin at the feeling of his freshly shaven skin. Staring into his eyes, she breathes. “God, it’s hard to believe you’re here. I never thought you’d make it to Tewkesbury for some reason.”

Setting his hand over hers, Seth grinned right back. “Well, I did. Feel free to take it all in, Pixie.”

“You are. You’re here in my tiny little medieval town at the confluence of the Avon river and the Severn river.” Twigs whispered, greedily savoring the warmth of his hands over much colder ones. “Who would have thought this day would've come? When you would be the one to step into my world.”

Queries continued to pester Seth within his mind, slackening his smile little by little until it was gone. Why didn’t she want him to meet her parents tonight? As much as he tried to depress the inquisitiveness inside, it kept coming back to jab at him. When his eyes dropped to her mouth, he too saw that her grin had dwindled in the same fashion as his. At first, he wondered if she had somehow read his mind by their hands touching like some superhero, but then comprehended he might have just conveyed what he was thinking audibly.

Trailing her hands from beneath his, she gravely asked. “Is that why your smile isn’t as radiant as it normally is tonight? Because you haven’t met my parents yet?”

Sighing wearily, Seth crammed his hands in his pockets and shrugged. “I’m just having a hard time getting past it, is all.” Turning away from her, he moseyed over to one of his couches to take a seat. With his hands clasped together, he leaned forward. “I can’t help but wonder why you brought me here if it wasn’t to meet your parents. As soon as I stepped off the plane I expected to see them.”

Following him, Twigs sat beside him, listening attentively to his words. Frowning to herself, she said. “Wow, Seth, I didn’t think you’d still be this restless to see them once you stepped foot in Tewkesbury. I thought you’d be nervous and might want to settle in first.”

Seth shook his head, glancing at her. “No, and I'm too still surprised I wasn’t either. I assumed that I was supposed to meet them first and so I was 100% ready to go.” Arching a brow, he asked. “That is the reason why I’m here right? To meet them? Or did you change your mind at the last minute?”

“No, baby!” Twigs tried to reassure him, taking his large hands in her softer ones. “I swear I haven’t changed my mind in the least bit.”

“Then why didn’t you want me to come over and meet up with you guys then instead of you coming over here alone?” Seth demanded, not getting why she seemed to be fleeing the unavoidable.

Suddenly regretful for how she made him feel upon his arrival to Teweskbury, Twigs revealed the truth to him. “I may have...projected too much of how I would feel in your shoes than I formerly thought. I knew I’d be dead nervous to the point of convulsing if I were you, and I guess...I concluded that that's what you were undergoing as well."

“What do you mean?” Seth inquired even though he had a faint concept as to what she was hinting to. He just wanted to be certain.

“Remember how hysterical I got when I met your sister for the first time?” Twigs brought up, referring to the Halloween party he hosted for her in his Beverly Hills mansion. “And then at Thanksgiving when I met your father?”

“God, yes! You were virtually a wreck!” Seth cited with a chuckle, shaking his head to her consistent panicked state every time she met someone in his life. He was always frightened her heart would give out right beside him.

“Exactly, and that’s precisely how I felt you would be meeting my parents.” Twigs explained. “I figured giving you this night to just unwind and prepare yourself for tomorrow’s meeting wouldn’t hurt.”

My god, she’s the sweetest being alive, Seth ranted to himself at her kindness. Smiling at her, he began to inquire where she ever got the idea that he would be nervous at meeting her parents when he recalled that he expressed as much at his UK mansion when she first requested him to take a Christmas trip to Gloucestershire with her. He had indeed been distressed at meeting her parents back then. Twig's delay now made perfect sense to him. “Shit, now I get why you did what you did. I’m sorry for doubting you, Pixie, can you forgive me?”

“Of course I can.” Twigs grinned, leaning over to hug him and swipe a speedy kiss from his lips. “And thank you for understanding.”

Shuffling out of her clutch to release his own arms, Seth shrouded her in a loving embrace. “Don’t praise me when I was just being a self-centered ass! I should be kissing you for being such a compassionate beauty for considering my feelings in all this.”

They held each other for twenty minutes before Twigs suddenly hauled back far enough to look into his eyes. “So, have you checked out this place I appointed for you yet?”

“I sure have.” Seth confirmed with a nod.

“And?” Twigs drawled curiously. “What do you think? I know it’s not the Ritz hotels you’re used to, but I thought it would do for a brief holiday.”

“I do agree that it’s not the opulence I’m used to.” Seth coincided with a smirk. “But it’s rigged with everything I would need during my stay.”

“Wonderful.” Twigs rooted, then assessed her surroundings. “It is pretty small and plain compared to both of your mansions.”

That goes for the town too.” Seth included. “But from what I examined online this place is sensational in the warmer seasons.”

“It is a magnificent place even though it can be mundane growing up here.” Twigs replied.

“Will you show me around in the morning?” Seth asked, curious to explore her land.

“And just how would we do that?” Twigs inquired with an opposing frown. “This place may not be as prominent as London, but that doesn’t mean people won’t recognize Seth MacFarlane walking down their street.”

With a playful grin, Seth briefed her. “I already thought of that.”

Mimicking his grin, Twigs tilted her head. “Oh? And what do you have up your sleeve, dare I ask?”

“Just an elementary camouflage is all.” Seth vaguely filled her in.

“Like the same one you wore on our date in LA?” Twigs reflected with a look of unease.

Laughing at the reminiscence of that disguise, Seth ousted that thought. “No, Pixie, not that one.”

“Well, which is it then?” Twigs urged vigorously. “You can tell me.”

“You’ll see it tomorrow.” Seth promised her. “So, will you show me around town?”

“Of course I’ll show you around.” Twigs winked.

“Will you stay the night too?” Seth daringly inquired.

“No, I’m not just gonna ditch my parents soon after I just arrived.” Twigs refused.

Sighing glumly, Seth sulked. “Fine, whatever.” Out of the corner of his eyes, Twigs got up from the couch and strangely steered towards the stairs and started up the steps, Seth turned to watch her over the couch as he asked. “And where do you think you’re going, young lady?”

“Your bedroom.” Twigs notified him.

“My bedroom.” Seth echoed, mystified as to why she’d be going there. When she shot him a provocative look over the bannister, he finally understood her meaning. Getting the sign, he launched off the couch and stumbled right after her.